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Don't ask me why and how.. But I can choose between one of the headphones at this page:



So I need you people who knows more about headphones then me to help me choose. I am going to use the headphones to

1. Listen to music on my discman/mp3 player

2. make music on my computer


Yes I know.. I should take the Sennheiser HD-25 .. But because of the high price, these are not a option.. Or else I wouldnt ask for your help would I? ;)


So what do you say?

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Take the sony's.


There is an argument as to the bass being punchy and other BS... but the sound is solid and if you DJ, or plan on transporting these around, they will hold up well.  Unless you sit on them.


mmm... I heard the Sonys are good for DJ'ing.. But not recommended to produce with. <<<<<<and they tend to break at the connection spot fast.

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I don't recommend wearing headphones for making music. What sounds good in your head (wearing headphones) will often sound shit through speakers. This is why studios use monitor speakers.


Headphones are great for listening to other people's music but not good for composing.


BTW. If you want amazing headphones for gaming then buy rumble/vibration headphones. They shake your head and give a true recreation of bass frequencies. They also sound amazing with music as well.




You will never want to use ordinary headphones again!

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I have some problems with my neighbors living in the apartment under me, they're quite sensetive about sound I must say. Therefore I can't use speakers while making music and have to use headphones, which is really annoying when you listen to your stuff on speakers: it'll surely sound crazy and you'll have to ajust everything all over again.


But there are a couple of headphones that are quite accurate actually, I would recommend these:




* Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

* Sennheiser HD 250 II


They may be expensive, but they are the shit amongst headphones (:

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take those headphones Sony MDR-V700DJ (wired price :P never saw this kind of money )


my advice for you is to search for more headphones

the best company for headphones(that i know) is AKG

AKG rulz in the world of headphones (buy headphones from them and you wont be sorry about it :) )

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Go for the Sennheisers !!!!!


Studio quality sound with the new closed back system for djing! Plus the cable is replaceable when you eventually get a connection break!


I use them when I spin, and when I'm producing beatz and my babe is trying to sleep!


I broke my pair and Sennheiser replaced them free! I love those crazy German guys!




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