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  1. yikes... Smasher, Smashing, Smash. Not much blows me away anymore, maybe its my old age or the fact that nothing has sounded fresh to me since 2003. Too many people chasing the same ideas and we have a lack of innovation.. Let go of the past, I like that old P sound so maybe i'll go whip out the quad LP of Alien Protein and blast out my ear drums while drinking a nice cold beer. Don't get me wrong... I still listen and enjoy a lot of the newer stuff, but how much of it gives you goosebumps? Judge the P track when you hear it. Innovate, evolve, push it... If you hang around doing the same old thing your hair will fall out and you'll gain 50 pounds before you know what hit you.
  2. Take the sony's. There is an argument as to the bass being punchy and other BS... but the sound is solid and if you DJ, or plan on transporting these around, they will hold up well. Unless you sit on them.
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