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  1. well i like your sound psytrance its not for sure but this one good well i cant feel your kick you shuld put some harder kick thats all nice melody i like this style
  2. hey m8 first of all you should buy some sound card with low laitency and high qualety bit rate.... second you can work without midi keyboard...but if you want so buy some keyboard... 3rd ok only 30$ its not big money... but this shit is for loosers... reason 3 is much better it will cost you like 350$ or somthing like that... you also can try FL studio 5 it can be good start... im using cubase sx 2 but this one is pro.... about the mixer...--------------->if you wanna record multichannel sounds like 4 guitars in one time so ok you can buy 8 channel mixer....something from beringer well about the monitors...this is the most importent part... near field monitors that what you need... you can try ESI for monitors and good sound card.... i hope i helpd you sorry about my english
  3. heya i think that ur track is so boring... nothing interesting...nothing new...
  4. man this is pro not for home studio about the Waveterminal im using it too i got Waveterminal 192x this is an high qualety sound card and its cheap also if you using laptop and you wanna take your studio to any plaice so you can cheak this website of ESI they have nice usb sound cards in the best qualety in the lowest price ESI-Ego System Inc
  5. this flute sample sound nice where can i find this sample???
  6. you can find some good products in this website zzsound you can read some reviews in this website about products sonicstate hope it will help you
  7. if you want ican try to make some example for you.... to be hunest its been a while seans i make trance music... but i can try it any way... jost say "yes" and by the way i think that the best bass vsti is novation bass station... this one is the best for real!!!
  8. this is the point. the bassline is only to make the track sound more deep and full try to turn off the bass in the song (not only in trance) and the song will be empty without taste... well when you make some complicated bassline its no longer fullon... but im sure you can make some complicated bass line and it still sound fullon its jost a matter of time you need to practise...
  9. hey if you want to record multy channel so try : cubase sx or nuendo 2 if you jost want to record one channel you can try : wavelab 4... or sound forge 7 (my favorite) and you can cheack cooledit
  10. what is the right way to use cubase sx .... only vst plug-ins without converting to audio or to convert each line to audio... like...----->write bass line and convert it to audio then drums and convert it and so on..... what is the way that you are working ???
  11. cool enterance!!! nice sound but i think you should down a little bit on the mix the bass... and ur bass sounds like you cut the sample in the middle i mean its like you dont have the all sample so maybe change sample for the bass but nice track
  12. im loading reaktor vst not fx and its not getting any sound of it and yes i can see the red light in the top turn on so i know its get signal ... but when im using it in fx moad so i can hear sound and i see the signal and no problem at all but i dont get it what you mean when you say how can i choose which channel to send it or which channel gets the information???
  13. i like your sound and your melody pritty good but their is some parts in the second track that not match each other its like goes one part and then without any connection comes other part i think you need to work on your filler good luck
  14. you got cool groove but its too monotonic for me try to make your melody more interesting and changing every few seconds this is my opinion:)
  15. nice track i really like the part when you hear this sound of chorus (good sound where can i get this one?)
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