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cool tack!!!!!!! :D you make good work on this one!!! :) really proffesional work...:)

but i would change something in this track...

i think you should make the start of the song longer like some spaice environment

i guess you understand what i mean :)

nice track ...

but i think that you should turn alittle bit the hi tunes in the EQ in the master channel :) (sorry about my english)

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You said brutally honest, so here we go... the start is promising. Then not much happens. Too repetive... But it has a professional quality about it. Keep it up!

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And the bassline in this track is done with taupro?


well, originally it was taupro but then i changed it to vb1, i think it's vb1 in the version you have heard. but now i've reverted to tau pro and fiddled around a bit. don't you hate it when you think a tracks finished and then you're still fiddling two weeks later. :blink:


http://www.zebox.com/hydrophane "delysid"

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great great work, man! wonderful story, sequence, groove, all!

you are surely on the right track, and with a good style too


best of luck!



Swan X-1


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