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  1. Hi MeN, I have a question about rewiring flstudio. As slave mode in Rewire with cubase does FL studio use a mix engine from Cubase, or his own engine? What do u think about that? I mean, is there any problems with exporting to 24bit 48Khz audio mixdown? Thanks
  2. U can add compressor only to audiotrack or to any VSTi track, Midi track u can only route to any midi input of VSTi or any external sound module.... or general midi sound bank of your soudcard. Midi says what would be to play. U can add compresor to FX track and route there audio tracks or Vsti ..... or u can group kick and bass or something else have a good time
  3. Hi guys, anyone of people in trance production do this process? What I mean, for example: I have any project in FL studio I have FX channels and I do mixdown with split fx track option. Than I load it to cubase as audio tracks, and there I do some posprocesses like litlle equlaization maybe I can add some effects or something similar. What do u thing about it?
  4. Waves Ultrapitch is very good to make crazy sound from "every" sound. and I have a question about vst. Is any vst plugin like granulizer in fruity. I want something similar to load in cubase. I donĀ“t want to load fruity as slave in rewire. sorry for english
  5. I have Stanton SMX501 mixer, and it is very good, it has not counter, but i think it is better start without bpm counter. It has 3 stereo channels with 3 bands eq, and 2 mono for mics. It has master balanced outputs, master outputs, both outputs and record outputs, send and return channel to fx unit. The sound is clear. And It is not expensive.
  6. Hi, about renosie anyone of profesional producers use renoise? Do u know about?
  7. Hi all, what is better to production dynaudio air 6 or tapco s8 Pls your advice. thanks
  8. And what do u think about Tanoy Reveal series especially Reveal 5a, is it good for psytrance production?
  9. I heard Dynaudio AIR 6, and the sound was good I think, what do u think about this monitors.
  10. hi, and what do u think about m-audio studiophile monitors, is it good for production or is it cheap shit. thanks
  11. Hi all, have u any experiences with A-station. Is it good for modeling sound like psytrance basses? Or what hardware synth in this category has good sound, I have only experiences with softsynths. thanks
  12. HI, i have used FL for many years and I am too go for the cubase. All you need to know is midi theory. There are som good books about this especially about cubase. I have one. It i very good. U learn all about recording, automation, mixing etc. Problem is this book is in my language, but creator of this book use some other book s in English. I can see what books creator used and i will tell u. If u want to use cubase is goot to do a good arangement of desktop. What was simply in fl there it can look more harder, but it is not true. Cubase has more possibilities than fl. Yaroo member of Mental Light
  13. Make folder somewhere on your hdd and there install some vst and vsti plugins. In general options in FL studio select this folder as plugins. Than when u want to add vsti select more in instruments bar and there make refresh. Now u can select vst that u have in the folder. Good luck!
  14. Try to use vb1 or Tau2 as VSTi, ultrafunk equalizer and comp. and maybee waves real bass plugin. It must have good sound with the kick. You must equal a lot, but in final mix the bass sound may be muddy. Lets try cubase as sequencer. Good luck.
  15. Yes, but try to do fullon track without eq an compressor.
  16. Good work, when you want to know something about Fl studio I tell u. I have worked with this about 6-7 years. Now I am trying cubase sx, but I still think that in Fl studio u can make prof. work. Have a lot of fun
  17. Hello all psytrancers, what are u using to make fx sounds and leads, strings to be full in all frequency ranges. Are you using only equaling? or use some special processing units like phase inverters, filters and shifters. Thanx
  18. Hi, I use to do MIDI tracks, than I think it is a good mix or when there is a lot of vsti performance loading I render it to audio files for post-mixing. OR. For live mixing is good to have leader tracks like bassline and kickdrum, percusion loops have in audio tracks and for effects using send channels. Some FX and Leads tracks is good to have in VSTi or External module. Than u have to modify the colour of the sound directly with Master Midi controler. good luck
  19. Hello, I think for the starting producer is the FL studio good way. You can simply do bass with 3xosc when you have not other vsti. First take all osc to saw waveform and reset all crs. Than in isntrument window set the filter to SVFLP2x, than turn down cutoff and increase res. Shift channel down for a 2 octaves. make ADSR envelope and cut Envelope. Use compresor and eq for the channel. If you have any proplem with it I can send you a preset of this bass.
  20. HI all What type of compresor are you using for fullon pumping basses? Are you using a compresor for kick? for hats? leads? etc. are you using multiband compesors? sorry for english thankx
  21. And the bassline in this track is done with taupro?
  22. hi, i suggest to use some effect plugins. Ultrafunk has nice wahwah filter, or native bundle from tc-works has good filtrator plugin. Put there some flanger, phaser etc.
  23. It doesn't help I tryied it, it send a signal to reaktor 4 but no sound on Ableton Live no sound too. On Fl studio it played good. I have tryied it on various soundcards.
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