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which is best kind of electronic music, today?


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Due to psytrance sound all like boring Gms/Skazi noisy,

which is best kind of electronic music, HIGH BPM (140 or +), today?


Assuming you want dance music, there's some good hard techno getting released. Check out labels like Audio Assault and its sublabel ARMS. You can always proceed to the even harder and noisier schranz labels, but there is very little schranz thats even remotely good. It's just hard.

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I dont like high bpm.. hard to dance, hard to trip...


slow bpm = less limit = more trippy





and btw.. boring gms-like trance music is not the only type of trance....

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I think theres not that much (there is :rolleyes: ) music over 140 bmp besides fullon...but you don't want skazi/gms stuff... no psychedelic trance but still electronic...


I would say 'hardtek'... that's how we call it in belgium, in netherland they call it 'tekno' (NOT techno !!)...


the harder evolution of acid...


like hellfish and stuff... it's got the speed of gabber hardcore but is more intilligent and non melodic...


- banditos

- laura grab


put I think maybe 'ukiro' name 'hard techno' is the same it depends on which country you live...

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Definitely Hard Techno, live sets by Chris Liebing, Sven Vath, Carl Cox...etc. Hardtek ( we say that in France too : ) ) is for me the best music for parties, the most solid, the one u can listen to during 5 or 6 hours non stop on parties without getting too bored.

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I go for hard techno too, but not that minimal as Chris Liebing is playing but more psychedelic one, with driving beats all the way. Unfortunately, I only listen to that music in the club or outside and have nothing at home... But there is of course good ol' drum'n'bass with high bpm. I simply love those psychotic tribal deviant patterns those producers are producing.

Yeah, I forgot, best Techno group, especially live must be DEVILFISH...AMAZING ! Pure NRG, excitement, passion !

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There´s no best electronic music style imo, everything gets boring if you get too much of it, so it´s all about balance. Some albums I can recommend:



Alter Ego - Transphormer

Johannes Heil - The world



Chris Liebing - Evolution (different sound than on his EP releases)

Thomas Burkart - Inconstant places

Lars Klein - Until further notice

Carl O´Connor / Peter Sutton - Against nature

Well I kind of lost interest in Schranz some time ago, so there´re not many new releases on my list.



You can head for some Acid Flash compilations, there´s decent Acid on some of them.

Also: Chris Liberator, Dave the Drummer, Junk Project, etc



if you like d´n´b as well have a listen to:


Black Sun Empire - Driving insane

Ed Rush - Wormhole

Technical Itch - Diagnostics

Dom & Roland - Industry, Back for the future or Chronology


That´s it for now, enjoy B)

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Most people here like psytrance it's absolutly natural and i am not exception. For me psy is only kind of music for dance and meditation it's good for both there isn't other music who can do it.

For party as all kind of music is base of trance state( trance is not only psy you know) i thing psy is the best maybe little more minimalistic just bass hipnotic rhythm and crazy sounds it's the beginning of something! And when you are finaly go into TRANCE you will feel the magic of music. If you hear in that moment your fav music it will be sound orgasm!


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