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Luomuhappo - Pog-o-Matic Pogómen 3000000

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DeathPosture    15

Luomuhappo - Pog-o-Matic Pogómen 3000000


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Artist: Luomuhappo (Finland)

Title: Pog-o-Matic Pogomen 3000000

Format: CD (jewel case)

Label: Freakdance Records (Finland)

Cat. #: FDCD05

Date: 1 November 2004


Track listing:


01. 09’05” Greatest of Blessings

02. 04’42” Vonka

03. 07’10” Sossumassi Jam

04. 07’41” Dixie Bitch

05. 08’34” Luuloterve

06. 05’57” Linnahomo

07. 04’51” Nainen

08. 06’42” Ghetto-Zen Dub

09. 05’21” Rauhaa Veljet

10. 08’00” Haapaneitty

11. 03’26” Line Out






Luomuhappo is 23 year old Jere Häkkinen from Funland and this is his second album on Freakdance Records, which he’s also a founding member of… This is the label’s 5th release following the mega-weird album by Puoskari called The Audio Hustler


Luomuhappo roughly translates into ‘organic acid’ and I’m guessing Jere had more than a single zip of grandpa Häkkinen’s cough-medicin when he sat down and composed this… But, before we dig deeper into the music, let me just take a second to talk about the cover art, which is among the coolest I’ve seen in a long time… Designed by Jere himself, this is quite the eye catcher with its rustic appearance, simplistic style and naïve old-school cartoon-approach – I like it!


Let me take you thru the tracks…


#01: “Perhaps you got the taste of madness?” Things kick of in a relaxed pace, but soon it gets faster and faster Bolero-style… And before you know it, it’s full-blown Finn-tango-psy… I really dig this track here – though it’s fast, it’s not fast for the sake of being fast… It’s just fast, ok? Also the guitar-action kicks ass! Kinky, but nice…


#02: TV static, breaks, electronic sound forgery, Atari-bleeps, rolling synths, filters, filters and filters… To name but a few of the many elements here… Faster-harder- Luomuhappo!


#03: Brace yourself! Fusion jazz mixed with electro-dubby, single note sound-excursions… Scores high on the old what-the-fuck-was-that meter… But hey, it’s an interesting track for sure!


#04: On this track, Jere takes after his famous family-name brother Mika Häkkinen ‘cause this track goes faster than a formula 1 car… Ripping acid lines, demented steel drums, darkish soundscapes and plain hardcore mayhem… Check out the cool flute! Sweet!


#05: Hard-trancey… Stomping… Organic… Blasting… Hypnotizing …Organ-trance party music! ;o)


#06: This is the oddball track of the album – if you can actually talk about oddball tracks with this kind of music… It incorporates the sound of an eerie laughter and uses it for most of the track – pitched up and down and run thru all kinds of filters… The laugh-track so to speak!


#07: And now we’ve crossed the border into the ‘other part’ of the album – my fav’e part: The more chilled part… This track is kinda chilled w/naïve melodies alongside breakz and random sauna-gibberish… It’s actually very harmonic, and very nice!


#08: Reggae-dub-ska-punk-saiko-grunge! “Most civilized people are out of touch with reality because they confuse the world as it is, with the world as they think about it, talk about it and describe it.” This is the way I prefer to take my Finnish delights – chilled and über-cool!


#09: Laidback Finn-dance sauna-beats… In Finland ambient is faster than anywhere in world – or at least when it’s done by members of the Freakdance posse! Would go well hand in hand with Schlabbaduerst ambient… Nuff said – just close your eyes and imagine yourself on an air mattress floating on one of the thousand Finnish lakes… Sheer beauty!


#10: Electro-chill-dub with wicked percussion… Though very simple, this is so frikkin’ psychedelic… This kind of stuff kicks the shit out of any popular music from Vittula!


#11: Enter hardcore-dub–with-lazy-guitar-territory… Jere is putting the finishing touches on this album with this harmonic little beast…


It’s no secret that after my listen, I liked the latter part of this album best… I’ve often had a hard time digesting larger portions of perverted Finnish trance, and some of the faster tracks were a bit too… ehhm …fast, for my taste… But after repeated listens the first part has grown on me, and I’ve almost grown equally fond of both parts of the album… There are some very interesting ideas unfolding here – some of which work better than others, but for the most part it’s very well done…


It’s an added bonus that we’re also treated to some tracks here that are a bit more chilled – and they outweigh the 150BPM tracks nicely as a striking contrast… I do like this more than the Puoskari album and I’d recommend this to any open-minded fan of out-of-the-ordinary Finnish vodka-trance!


Only 700 copies pressed, so you might not want to wait too long before ordering this… If you’re the kinda pervert into this! ;o)


Favourites: 1(!), 3, 4, 8(!!), 9, 10,



Posted Image


External links:

Freakdance Records: http://www.freakdancerecords.net/

Luomuhappo: http://www.mikseri.net/artistit/?id=16816

Saiko Sounds: http://tinyurl.com/5jvy2 (Audio samples available!)

StreetBeat: http://tinyurl.com/4k8o2

Chaos Unlimited: http://www.chaosunlimited.co.uk/ (…soon!)

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Lemmiwinks    35

hehe the cover art is refreshing all right... When everyone's trying to make cool and slik computer graphics, this comes along... I'm sure that if you stroll through the CD collection of your local psyshop (in case you still have that priviledge our days...) and see this cover, you'll probably wonder if the shop clerk didn't put the CD in the wrong section ;)


So my feelings on the CD... well quite frankly I'm amazed to see how much wierdness comes out of Funland. I mean, you'd excpect that the Texas Faggots made a wierd style and that everyone would make a similar random style but which would sound more or less the same. But it's never the case!! ALL finnish artists sound wierd but each in their OWN way!! Some tracks tend to give you a headache from all the wierdness, others sound very nice (I could actually imagine Luuloterve being played in a "normal" full-on set!!), and yet others sound odd at first but eventually grow on you...

Indeed the last half of the album is more ambient and sounds more conventional (or is it just that the human mind is more used to accepting wierdness when it comes in low BPMs?)


Anyway, just like the other finnish stuff it's a love-or-hate thing and appreciation is EXTREMEY subjective, some people might find this the most creative release ever whereas other will label it as "random shit". I tend to agree with both remarks!! (yes, listening to finnish stuff does wierd things to your brain ;) )

I would recomend this album above other finnish releases this year if you're into wierd chill-out, if you're more into wierd full-tempo stuff, I'd still go for Mandalavandalz though....

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Late    0

Ho hum.


As for me, I`ve been a huge suomisaundi fan since the "sörkkä sonic" days, and just when I was ready to say that "urgh, copypaste suomisound is abound" out comes this. Highly original and danceable, IMO. This reminds me of "Omituisten otusten kerho" and "James reipas" with added dubby echoes and the acoustic guitar.


best freakdance release so far, the Puoskari album was not that hot, IMO, kinda like a mediocre squaremeat clone.


For this I`ll give a 9/10

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chris    0


i was surprised by this album!! i have been listening to a lot of suomi sound in the last 2 years but this is definately the best jet. all the different styles from chill to funky fast and crazy. these guys definaltely have talent. it reminds me of a mix between pelin pala, texass faggot and mandalavandalz!!

get this piece of art.

Favourites: 6 and 10

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synapsi    0

This album has been re-released!!!


It's out now, another sold out Freakdance cult-classic licensed and re-issued by Faerie Dragon Records in Hong Kong, a special gift to all trancers celebrating 5 years of Freakdance ;D



Special Faerie Dragon digipak re-issue with enhanced layout and a booklet included. A real collector's item! :)




Posted Image




A few quotes:


"All in all, a staggering release – and with the half-dancefloor, half-chillout makeup this album’s got some life in it. But get in there quick – these 700 will sell out, and Freakdance releases have changed hands for daft money on ebay: rightfully so." Score: 8/10 -Damion / Psyreviews (UK)



"These finns are well known pioneers of weird electronic dance musik. On this disc they meet their requirements as usual. A fat share of funk embedded in endless musicality with influences from lots of styles to be found here - in brisky tempo as we know from the north. Some would create three albums out of this variety of ideas. The album ends in four smooth chilling beautiful goodies. Check track 6, warranted fun!!!"-Mushroom Magazine #116, February 05



Available NOW from:

http://www.freakdancerecords.net -> mailorder











PS: Join our mailing list at www.freakdancerecords.net to stay updated on Freakdance news and to get informed when the CD's arrive to our shop! We promise not to spam you ... too much.

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abasio    227

Listening to this now for the first time.

Just got throught the 1st half which was fantastic :D

Loving this!!!

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healium    8

Short review - excellent twisted Finnish album - some trax I don't care for, but the one's I do care for I love - highly recommend this release!

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filitico    1

I have been a huge fan of the Luo music :) Can't pigeon hole it. It stands out from the finnish stuff and that funky groove keeps me bobbing

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Yeah I really like his sound aswell this re-release is good news I'll definitely pick it up.

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