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Found 3 results

  1. Artist: Various Title: Retrodelic Vibes Vol. 5 Label: Avatar Records Date: March, 2012 1. Z To A - Next Stop Oblivion 2. Earth Nation - Alienated (Earth Mix) 3. Laughing Buddha - Andromeda 4. Technossomy - The Joker 5. Mandra Gora - Wicked Warp (Remix) 6. Crop Circles - Different Species 7. Morphem - Montage 8. Jaia - Mai Mai 9. Domino - A Star Is Born "I don't like uncomfortable silences." Obviously. How about just plain old regular silences? Would that kill you? That would explain why you're prattling on over what would otherwise be a decent track. Everything old is new again in our community and it seems every label has jumped on board this train. I'm not complaining; the goa trance from back in the day was wonderful so new mastering or a fresh coat of paint will always be appreciated. Avatar is one of those labels and this is the fifth chapter in their Retrodelic series. Police Academy, Nightmare On Elmstreet, Saw, Friday the 13th...all once proud franchises that had the life squeezed out of them until there was nothing left. Will this be the curtain call for Retrodelic? I dunno. You're looking at me like I got the inside scoop or something. The market's hot right now for the old goa so normally I'd say nope there is probably more scraping we can do in that nutella jar. But this came out 4 years ago. Been awful quiet for almost half a decade. The tracks here though are great. Well aside from the opening audio vomit. I don't know about mastering I only know what sounds good on my rig or headphones. And this sounds fine. Space Cat did the mastering and I gotta believe that guy knows what the f*ck he's doing. Classic goa that hasn't been beaten to death and shown up on every compilation touting old school bliss. The boom of The Joker, the melodic madness of Crop Circles and the silky smooth trance sounds of Jaia. So get rid of the bookends and you've got a pretty special trip down memory lane. Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
  2. Artist: Side Effects Title: City On Mars Label: Iono Music Date: March, 2010 1. City on Mars 2. Ace Ventura - Serenity Now (Side Effects rmx) 3. Paranoia (Side Effects rmx) 4. Thunder In Paradise 5. Landscapes of imaginations 6. Liquid Soul - Push (Side Effects rmx) 7. Dream On 8. Fantasy (feat. Lyctum) 9. The Second LSDeep (Sideform rmx) Ouch. This one's gonna ding the average. If I'm Iono I drop these guys like a bad habit before he brings your whole gpa down. I'm surprised at you Iono. "We don't know what we're dealing with here!" I'm with you on that one. This isn't the dreamy, floaty stuff I'm used to from the Side Effects duo. Or from Iono in general. It's more aggressive and has that annoying commercial sound found in most full-on. There are loads of stupid samples, triplet bass lines, and plenty of the overused tricks that infect today's progressive trance. Which is kinda sad because I've heard way better stuff from these guys. Look me in the eye and tell me you didn't mail this sh*t in. Don't think you can do it. There are parts of the tracks I really enjoy, but you gotta get through the not so great stuff to find them. And there is a lot of not so great stuff. Normally I'm on board with whatever Iono throws at me, but I just couldn't connect with this. There is much better progressive out there. Someone get the light when you close that door to Mars Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
  3. Artist: Various Title: Extreme Noise Terror Vol. 1 Label: Terror Lab Industries Date: March, 2010 1. Neurological Mechanism - NEUROSENSE 2. Hunter-Killer - BRAIN HUNTERS 3. Semtex Overkill - ZINX 4. Kick up the volume - DAMAGE 5. Extreme noise terror - TERROR MENTAL 6. Hypocracy - HIYARANT 7. I feel like dancing - IRONSTEIN 8. Believing in nothing - NEURAL RECTIFIER SYNDROME 9. Fat of the land - DAMAGE VS ORCA "I guess you gotta face the demons sometimes..." Some face them and some conquer them, That's what you get for stealin' my mac n cheese b*tch. I apologize for neglecting those who are fans of the over the top imagery and mosh pit psytrance that this label brings. Usually when I see an album cover like the ones that frequent this label my palm goes to my forehead and I wonder why these guys have never grown up. These are the same type of people who would put naked ladies on the cover to entice young men into buying this. But let's not judge a book by its cover. Sure their covers are way over the top and the music sometimes falls into the cliche traps that the twilight genre suffers from. But if you're in the mood for some heavy hitting psy that trucks in boatloads of acid from chemistry lab, then this is for you. While the stops and starts will annoy some, in certain situations they are combined with samples and done quite well. I don't really need the samples implying man rape, but you know, whatever you're into. Groove is plentiful here as are leads that scream for you to move. And it's good that there is a lot of that here, because this music isn't designed for those looking for melodic layers. You're not going to discover the meaning of life with this release, but the cover should've told you that. If that's you, then this isn't for you. It's for those who've had a hard week at work and want to blow off some steam and break sh*t. It gets insane and getting through a whole album of this style might prove difficult for some. Samey? Surely. But it's good, and some of the insanity that left a label such as Timecode has found a home right here. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore - best price Mdk
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