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Found 24 results

  1. This is the set I played at Mossy Behavior last weekend after a unique act by Droidsect! I was asked to play from Droidy towards Ka-Solly music, so this is what I came up with. I wanted to play sexy, muddy and playful Forest, from new to old and top it off with intense Goa tracks. Enjoy!
  2. In The Mix 2019 - DJ Set by Artmox Follow Artmox : Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/artmoxofficial Website : https://www.artmox-music.com Bookings E-Mail : booking@plusquam-agency.net Bookings Hotline : +49 (0) 1573 83 89 153 Plusquam Records : http://www.plusquam-records.net Manager : Thomas Vitali E-Mail : contact@plusquam-records.net Artmox is an progressive psytrance act from germany and was founded in 2004 by Timo Müller. He discovered goa- and psytrance parties in his area in the year 2000, when he was 20 years old, and was instantly infected by its unique sounds and experiences. During the last years was he experimenting a lot with digital and analogue instruments to realize his own interpretation of music within psytrance. He visited audio-engineering school back in 2001 with the intention to start producing after that. His music can be described as pure psychedelic trance with driving bass-lines, screaming leads and atmospheric textures. In 2014 he releases his debut EP called "Cosmic Dash" and in july 2016 his full lengh album "Gentry of the Dusk". He is also presented on nine compilations with other artists such as : "Sonic Entity", "Ital", "Liquid Soul", "Allaby", "Day.Din", "DJ Fabio", "Synsun", "Hardy Veles", "Safi Connection", "Simply Wave", "Klacid", "Space Buddha", "Earthling", "Hamelin", "I.M.D.", "Monu", "Cyklones", "Dark Nebula", "Tikal", "Pakman", "Silent Sphere", "Paste", "Johann Bley", "Nexus", "Cryptexmarble", "Liftshift", "Human Blue", "Erotic Dream", "Jiser", "Ski Fi", "Eleusyn", "Liquid Sound".... on labels like : "Midijum Records", "Goa Crops Records", "Plusquam Digital", "Sin Records", "PsyTropic Records", "Icarus Creations", "Planet B.E.N Records", "Plusquam Believed", "Zombster Records" and he is currently working on his new album. For the mastering and the final fine tune of his productions, Timo intends in the near future to work in collaboration with Hector Stuardo and Shahar Shtrikman. He has already been live on stage with world-famous acts like : "Antix", "Ritmo", "DJ Fabio", "Benni Moon", "Ticon", "Helber Gun", "Materia", "Solaris Vibe", "Kularis" ....
  3. Youtube Link Tracklist: 01 Cypher - Starting To Feel Very Weird 02 Denstrow - Alley Cat 03 X-Dream - Out Here We Are Stoned (Shpongle Remix) 04 Prometheus - One Cell Short Of A Brain 05 Denstrow - Cybister 06 Noosphere - Vector 07 Man With No Name - Teleport (Nick Sentience Remix) 08 Sas,Ban,Tony - Xtra Terresticle 09 Metal Spark - Spring 10 Nervasystem - Scarlioni's Angle 11 Hallucinogen - Thugs In Tye-Dye 12 BUS & Planet B.E.N. - U-Boat (2015 Re-Edit) 13 Doof - Dawn Of A New Error 14 Shpongle - Dorset Perception (Gaudi Rmx) 15 Infected Mushroom - Tasty Mushroom 16 Hallucinogen & Lucas - Pipeworm 17 Denstrow - Brawler 18 Double Dragon - Encrusted Filth 19 X-Dream - Freak 20 M.E.E.O. - Lowrider Mono to Phono 21 Squarking Jazz - Buddha's Whisper (Denstrow remix)
  4. https://www.mixcloud.com/Psyt3k/psytek-lost-in-summer-time-2018-goa/ This is the set I played at the Lost in Summer Time 2018 festival in Belgium. I played from 9AM - 11AM after Charris who played an incredible raw and abstract early Psytrance / Forest set. I wanted to bring a selection of tracks that are both abstract and melodic, with both morning melodies and edgy psychedelic parts. Most tracks are oldskool '90s, but I also included a lot of newer tracks. Some unreleased stuff too. The Lepton Head Remix by Adrenalin Run (M-Run + Steve-O) is one of my favorite tracks ever. Enjoy!! Feedback welcome!
  5. Mozza DJ set at Tribodelic (Sumadija Fest Promo) Party, Kragujevac, Serbia (26/08/2017) Tracklist: Imaginarium, Earthspace - Glitches Of Perception (Digital Om Productions) Tristan, Outsiders - Liquid Sky (Sacred Technology) Faders - Molecular Formulas (TechSafari Records) Earthspace - No Rest For The Blast (Nano Records) Reversed Logic - Leave Your Logic (Digital Om Productions) Djantrix, Modual - Back To The Rituals (Own Spirit Records) Magik - Bitting Point (Sacred Technology) Killerwatts - Hooked (Nano Records) Djantrix, Rezonant - Lemuria (Digital Om Productions) Ajja, Nirdal - Happy Daze (Sangoma Records) Earthspace - As Within So Without (Nano Records) Dickster - Elastic Dreams (Nano Records) Tristan, Aardvarkk - Daws Of Perception Imagine Mars & Volcano Remix (Nano Records) KoxBox - Color Rain Dickster Remix (Zero1 Music) Middle Mode - Extension (Antu Records) Imaginarium - Speed Of Light (Transcape Records) Circuit Breakers - Commies Avalon & Laughing Buddha Remix (Nano Records) Tristan, Mandala - Mimosa Dosa Tristan Remix (Future Music Records) Galactic Explorers - Lysergic (Galactic Records) Download:
  6. Hello Psynewsers! This is the dj set I played at Mossy Behavior - Forgotten Forest Tales (2017-09-15) in Belgium where they invited Schlabbaduerst Rekkords. I recorded it back at home since it didn't get entirely recorded at the party. It's a mix of darkish Oldskool Goa, early '00 Psytrance and Oldskool Forest Trance. I tried to make the set easy enough to step into, but also psychedelic enough to be worthy of leading into the Schlab team. It's probably the most representative mix on my Mixcloud as I mostly get booked at night and these are the genres I play the most. Hope you'll enjoy! Comments more than welcome! https://www.mixcloud.com/Psyt3k/psytek-mossy-behavior-forgotten-forest-tales-2-2017-09-15/
  7. Recorded live at Koh Chang Island, Sremski Karlovci, Serbia (02/07/2016) Artists: Aardvarkk www.facebook.com/aardvarkkmusic Atoned Splendor www.facebook.com/AtonedSplendor Avalon www.facebook.com/avaleon Black Noise www.facebook.com/TheBlackNoiseProject Braincell www.facebook.com/Braincellstudio Burn In Noise www.facebook.com/burninnoise Dickster www.facebook.com/dj.dicktrevor Djantrix www.facebook.com/DjDjantrix Dust www.facebook.com/Dust.LMrec Earthspace www.facebook.com/earthspace.live.br Humanoids www.facebook.com/therealhumanoids Imaginarium www.facebook.com/ImaginariumMusicOfficial Lunatica www.facebook.com/lunaticapsy Martian Arts www.facebook.com/martian303 Middle Mode www.facebook.com/MiddleModeMusic Paratech www.facebook.com/paratech.psytrance Peyotes www.facebook.com/Peyotes1 Radical Frequencies www.facebook.com/radicalfrequencies Reversed Logic www.facebook.com/ReversedLogicMusic Rezonant www.facebook.com/RezonantMusic Shekinah www.facebook.com/shekinahlivebr Tristan www.facebook.com/djtristanfanpage Labels: Transcape Records www.facebook.com/transcape.records Goa Productions www.facebook.com/GoaProductions Zero1 Music www.facebook.com/zero1music Digital Om Productions www.facebook.com/digital.om.productions Looney Moon Records www.facebook.com/LooneyMoonRecords Blacklite Records www.facebook.com/blackliterecords Nano Records www.facebook.com/nanorecords Sourcecode Transmissions www.facebook.com/sourcecodetransmissionsmusic BMSS Records www.facebook.com/BMSSRecords TIP Records www.facebook.com/tiprecords Sangoma Records www.facebook.com/sangomarecords Boom! Records www.facebook.com/boomrecs DJ Mozza: www.facebook.com/dj.mozza www.soundcloud.com/mozza www.mixcloud.com/mozza www.hearthis.at/mozza Listen: https://www.mixcloud.com/mozza/mozza-dj-set-at-elysium-island-festival-2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jr27ZWQHfV8 Download: https://soundcloud.com/mozza/mozza-dj-set-at-elysium-island-festival-2016
  8. HERE IT IS NOW ON YOUTUBE!! Synthetic Rhythms by Shifter Senses, Featuring my latest mix set. I hope you enjoy! Video by Shifter Senses Studio. https://youtu.be/iWTOI-BEl0M Soundcloud (Free Download) Shifter Senses Links: https://soundcloud.com/shiftersensesd https://mixcloud.com/ShifterSensesDJ https://facebook.com/ShifterSensesDj https://twitter.com/ShifterSensesDJ https://atomsrecords.co/artist/shifter-senses/ Contact and Bookings: shiftersensesdj@gmail.com sandrog_1980@hotmail.com
  9. For the lovely party "Divide by Zero inv. Skuttie: BlijeBakkesBijeenkomst The Sequel", I cooked up this special set, exploring different facets of goa trance and beyond. A blend of sunshine melodies, driving acid lines, dreamy passages, powerfull stormers, etc. Since I had to play quite a bit longer than expected, there was a fair amount of improvisation involved, but I feel it came together quite nicely. Enjoy! Tracklist: Transwave - Adoration To The Aum DJ Warlock - The Energy Mushroomman - Cloudwalker (Remix) SFX - Butterfly Trip (Energy Sweep Mix) Mushroomman - Babelonia Denshi-Danshi & The Amtinaous - World In Between (2K15 Remix) Weirdo - Photic Zone Cybernaut - Califrae Bassline Baby - Altered States Bassline Baby - Stud Stunner One Man Game - Mistic Morning Chi-A.D. - Astral Warrior (Remix) Amanite FX - Trance-Mission Amanite FX - Secret of Mana Wasabe - The Legacy Yahel - Intelligent life Afgin - Old Is Gold (Part 2) Indica - Fly Me Over The Rainbow Shani Yantra - Fractal Memories Digicult & U-Recken - Into The Heartland (Astral Projection Remix) Avigmati - Hikoseki Ypsilon5 - Chronica RA & Menkalian - 12th Hour Cygnus X - Synchronism (Human Evolution Remix) SFX - Y-Salem (Astral Projection Remix) Brainchild - Symmetry (P-Mix) Asura - Totem
  10. This year (2015) Jean Borelli and Kristian celebrate 20 years anniversary as Sheyba (Flying Rhino Records). At the ZNA Gathering (Portugal) they joined the stage together playing a back2back (for the first time) 4 hour DJ set. Playing music close to their hearts from the past and present. This set is not enabled for download as there are unreleased music in the track-list. Enjoy Recorded live sunday morning on the 2nd of august at 9am - 1pm. 1.Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles (Original Mix) 2.Art of Trance - Cambodia (Tunnel Vision mix) 3.Orion - Beat The Bomb 4.Rigor Mortis - La Sirena (Elysium Remix) 5.E-Rection - Smoke My Dang-A-Long 6.Koxbox - Insect & Insect Bite (Split Mix) 7.Union Jack - Longhorn (Club Version) 8.Transform - Transformation (Original Mix) 9.Spectral - Bizarre Planet 10.Hardfloor - Acperience 1 (Original Version) 11.Arcturis - 1000 Planets 12.Ayahusca - New Moon 13.Sheyba - Monkeys (Live Remix) 14.Electric Universe - One Love 15.Ege Bam Yasi - Sponge (Elysium Remix) 16.Orion - Zebra (Zebra Remix) 17.Naginata - Aura 18.Koxbox - Fuel On 19.Genetic - Transmission (Cops Don't Knock) 20.Overlords - God's Eye On Goa (Bionizer Mix) 21.Rise - The Single (The Goa Pyramid Mix) 22.Medicine Drum - Slipstream 23.Elysium - The Root (Original Mix) 24.Orion - Zig Zag 25.Undercover - Mission 1 (Live Remix) 26.Moondust - Are We Alone? 27.Dig a Jig (Dragonfly Kundalini Trance Mix) 28.Orion - Dark Side Of The Spoon 29.Elysium - Triphology 30.Sheyba - Into The 4th Dimension 31.Disco Volante - Moonraker (Morning Mix) 32.Spectral - Celtic Alchemy 33.Biot - Radiation 34.Koxbox - Acid Vol. 3 35.The Overlords - Sundown (Ionizer Remix)
  11. This set was recorded live on the 11th of march 2017 at our party Lunar Sunrise 3: Moonlight Rituals, after a great dj set by Gnome and before the amazing live perfomance by Jaïa. As usual, it focuses on the melodic side of goa trance. Enjoy! Tracklist: Encens - Spiritual Transgression Possesed - Vitual Dreams Future Prophecy - Vertigo Future Prophecy - Aperitif Aeon - Neurone Power Source - Skywalker Nuclear Ramjet - La Chevauchée Fantastique Gangnia - Cubic People Imperial Project - Serpent Rider Imba & Hisia - Elysium Island Clementz - Lost Spirit Dimension 5 - Caprica Hunab Ku - Dreamstar Dreamweaver - Messengers From The Sky Aneewa - World In Your Eyes Asia 2001 - Vertige (Paradiso Mix) Warlock - Capta Goa 6 Climax Absolüte - Torrero Halluciné E-Mantra - Land Of the Fairies Ephedra - Citric Storm Hunab Ku - Dominion Hunab Ku - Magick Mirror Dimension 5 - Synthonic Switch
  12. For the fans of melodic goa trance! Created especially for the Gaëtane, the Lunar Sunrise elven queen, this set is a trip packed with melodies, fairy dust, long entrancing breaks, shout-inducing euphoric passages, blissfull sunshine and a trancy finnish. Let's flutter and dance. This set was played on the 3th of december 2016 at our party Lunar Sunrise 2: --The Rise of the Wicked Elves--, after a great live perfomance by Skarma and before the classic trance closing set by dj Anoebis. Tracklist: Crossing Mind - Life Forms Nova Fractal - Trough Our Senses Hunab Ku - Children of the stones Binary Bliss - Testosheron RA & Menkalian - 12th Hour Morphem - Hypnotone (rebuild by Cydonia) SFX - Y-Salem Union Jack - Red Herring Innerzone Feat. Judaika - Camel E-Mantra - Distant Signals (Artifact303 Remix) Crossing Mind - Hydrophobic Visions (E-Mantra Remix) Centavra Project - Space Flight Imba - Cosmos In Her Eyes Xervana - No Real Ones Transwave - Land of Freedom Timofey - Black Swan Lydia DeLay - After All (Imba remix) Deep Blue - Water Skazka - Happiness Astral projection - Axis V0.99 Xervana - Behind the Hidden
  13. Hello everybody, This is the dj set I played on january 24th 2016 at "Amanita Muscaria & Tricky: The Flight of the Sacred Rhino" at 6 am, after a live set by Darshan and before the closing set by dj Anoebis. I tried to create a story by building up from Flying Rhino style psychedelica to morning melodies. It was mixed on 2 x CDJ1000 and a DJM800. I hope you like it. https://soundcloud.com/bandagor/accessing-dawn-surge-rituals-1 Tracklist: Syb Unity Nettwerk - Limited Access To The Files Slinky Wizard - Slick Witch Slinky Wizard - Cosmic Energy Sound Pollution - Double Click Encens - Spiritual Transgression Zero To Nine - Jericho Miranda - Concorde (Transportation Mix) Jaïa - Orphee Aeon - Terminus Aeon - Osho Gene joke - Storm Hyperion - Sunflower Man With No Name - Own The World Deep Blue - Water Future Prophecy - Indra
  14. Hi "Goa-Heads": A brand new DJ Inada set has been uploaded. For those who know the legendary series "GOA HEAD", well, this is a special tribute to this most wonderful compilation series. As they were my first encounter with GOA TRANCE, I had to make a special set in their honor one day It is the same dj set that appeared a few dayes ago on a live radio show. "Don't panic & keep psychedelic" (dj Inada - manager Cronomi Records) LINK: https://soundcloud.com/dj_inada/dj-inada-cronomi-rec-tribute
  15. https://soundcloud.com/coza-triptrance/coza-dj-set-old-school
  16. http://www.mixcloud.com/120_Cell/120-cell-psy-mix-april-2013/ Time Traveller (Original Mix) By Symbolic & Vertical Mode Higher Dimentional Space (Original Mix) By Inner State, Sonic Sense Greece 2000 (Original Mix) By Lyctum Flashback (Astrix Remix) By Easy Rider & Symbolic Deep and Pumping Sound (Day Din Remix) By Audiomatic Bang Original Mix By Manmachine Dark Horizon (Original Mix) By Space cat & lish Limitless (Original Mix) By Coming soon Odd Moves (Original Mix) By Kularis Buzz On (Original Mix) By Coming soon Virtual Sequence (Original Mix) By Shanko from Mixcloud: Hi there, I'm Michele, I've spent many years playing with synths, sequencer and truntables, exploring every face of the electronic music played in the Italian Rave Scene; now it's time to add some colours and continue my journey through the psychedelic lands. This is my first Dj Set recorded in my Studio.
  17. 2013 is the year that I have been dj'ing at parties for 10 years. To celebrate this I poured all my experience and love for this music in a special 2 hour mix. I can't put into words how much this music has changed my life, but I hope to spread these sounds even further and allow others to find this hidden place too. A big thank you to all the suomi saundii artists, label owners and party people, and a special thank you to Pavel and Huopis from Trancebum productions and Freakdance Records for giving me the opportunity to DJ for them! Tracklist: shiwa 2000 - Story of Long Nose Pavel Svimba - Magnetic Fields Kyril & Eskobar - Unicorn Fields Puoskari - The Wave Okta - Long Live The Vinyl! Pavel Svimba - Cheese Garlic Story The Sebastians - Gunilla And Gunner Mandalavandalz - Petomanz Peflet Omituisten Otusten Kerho - Worried Walrus Sattle Battle - Dotman EvsY - Just Looking For The Best Pieces of This Puzzle Ex Uus - Wakanda Egosentrifug - Schizotope Huopatossu Mononen - Spring Solen Shiwa 2000 - Didgie Hero (Egosentrifug Remix) Mandalavandalz - Dance Flying Scorpions - 3 Brotherz Mandalavandalz - Kaapiaiden Aarre Texas Faggott - Osaka Cleaner Tea Chairz - Beverages Shiwa 2000 - Merkababa Texas Faggott - Love Ice Eraser vs Yöjalka - Huan Ona Luomuhappo - Luuloterve F-virus - Happy Happy Joy Joy Gruuvit Muuvit - Passing Lanes Calamar Audio & Okta - Sesto Sunshine Antiscarp Warriors - Gallona Snyper - Multitek Now Huopatossu Mononen - Paluumatkailija Enjoy: https://soundcloud.com/ain-soph/ain-soph-road-to-aarnivalkea
  18. Hi Psy people I'm Uforik I discovered Psytrance Goa and psychedelic culture in 1993 with Ramamurti Gresbek, Dj German who lived in Switzerland at the time and my life has changed. In 1995, I started DJing since I played in festivals in Europe and organize several party in Switzerland. I like to organize with friends or familly small free party with a human mind and friendly. In 2011 I became co-founder of Tribe Of Surya 13 Dj set free download Progressive Psy & Psytrance, enjoy Good listening, comments welcome http://www.house-mixes.com/profile/uforik
  19. Hey guys, Here is a new set for you to enjoy and kick-start your weekend Style is Full On Psychedelic Trance https://soundcloud.com/sibren/sibren-vegter-psychedelic-winter Feel free to leave me some feedback here or on soundcloud. Tracklist: 1. Loud - All Rights Reversed (Avalon Remix) 2. Patchbay & Yage & Cosmos Vibration - Patagonia 3. Altruism - Beyond Illusion 4. Avalon Vs. Dickster - Into the New World (Sonic Species Remix) 5. Altruism - Intera 6. 2012 vs Ital - Technical Problem 7. Gido & Triphonic - Multi Dimension Reality (featuring Triphonic) 8. Hyperion - Break it Bad 9. Predators - Mystery Signals 10. Avalon - Play it Bahia 11. Zen Mechanics Vs Headroom - CBR (S-Range Remix) 12. Ital - Piedra De Luna 13. Gesh - Koru 14. Rinkadink - Control the Future 15. Aphid Moon - Go For Orbit 16. Wrecked Machines Vs. Panick - Spotless Mind 17. Aphid Moon & Helios - Sugar Cubes 18. Laughing Budddha - Threadone
  20. Hi, This is my last Full On set. Wanted to throw a full power/hi tech set so here it is! Download and tracklist in Soundcloud. If you like it, please follow, share and give feedback! Thanks
  21. Stimudelic - Universe At Blue Beach (DJ Set) http://soundcloud.co...e-at-blue-beach Style: Goa, Psy Trance Duration: 52:36 Size: 120.35 MB Format: mp3, 320 Kbps Tracklist: Druk Verdeler - Universe Kularis - At Beach Utopia - Mudra Banda Sedam - Voda Aminate FX vs. Alysium - Hypnotic Goa Life Psygone - Camaro Kanitou Trilithon - Cyber Train Transmotion - Blue Psychedelic Tranceforce - The Starter Synchron - Spacetrip 262 Color Box - Grey Spook (Westside Mix) TMM - C-Mos K (Live At The Beach Trance Party) / Stimudelic - Fractal Consciousness (DJ Set) http://soundcloud.co...l-consciousness Style: Goa, Psy Trance Duration: 28:30 Size: 65.25 MB Format: mp3, 320 Kbps Tracklist: Trinodia - Epic Feel Lunar Dawn - The Run Grand-Cheff - Dirty Trance Trinodia - Annunaki Hybrid FX - Higher State Of Mind SETI Project - EVP / Positive feedback or constructive criticism, comments are welcome.
  22. My latest mix "The Near Death Experience", 2 hours of Dark Psytrance @ 152 BPM... Streaming & Download link: Soundcloud Get my app to listen to my mixes on your iPhone or iPad. Visit my website www.djcelteric.com for more mixes!!! PLUR, DJ Celteric
  23. DJ Hydra playing at KIN 3D with G.M.S. With an unreleased remix of Nirvana's "Heart Shaped Box" produced by Animalis, this journey has 16 tracks released last year and 3 new ones. Admittedly psychedelic and a blistering pace of 145 beats per minute it is the latest compilation of artists and songs I enjoyed the most in 2011. This compilation opens with a merger between Ultravoice and Azax Syndrom - Ultrazax. I highlight two songs from the new Mekkanikka album - "In Spiral" and "Always Ticking" - and the unreleased track "En Fuego" from Earthling. The line up end with "Gate To Nowhere", an unprecedented co-production between Xerox, Hipnotix and Volcano. This best of 2011 also features songs by Peacemaker, Black & White, Avalon, X Noize and co-productions between: Block Device vs. Wild Monkeys, Mad Maxx vs Space Tribe, Mad Maxx vs Mekkanika; Orpheus vs Point; Bionix vs Mesmerizer and, Orpheus vs. Dual Core. HYDRA "Best of 2011" DJ Set
  24. Hi There ! My new dj set is a showcasing of psy-trance artists of the label Track List : Free-Spirit Air Lines http://soundcloud.co...pirit-air-lines 1- SHALYS : Indishanti ( Shalys is the solo Psytrance project of Laurent Alain from France ) 2- HOLOGRAPHIC BRAIN : Eternal Life ( Holographic Brain is the collaborative project between Ralph K (Braincell/Solar Spectrum/Crocodile Rangers/Rastaliens) and Ivan Pereira (Holophonik/Existence/Techyon) ) 3- MONASTIC QUID vs JOURNEY : Physical Reaction ( Monastic Squid is the solo project of Rob Nichols one of part of M-THEORY ) 4- JOURNEY vs HOLOPHONIK : Phonik Trip 5- TWELVE SESSIONS : Vibes ( Twelve Sessions is the psytrance project of Pedro Thiel A.K.A. RPedro,DJ, from Porto Alegre, Brazil ) 6- THE COMMERCIAL HIPPIES : If you can't stand the heat JOURNEY RMX 7- JOURNEY : Deeksha ( Journey (Jay OM / Omsphere / Crocodile Rangers / Star~Trip) is the psychedelic solo project of, Milan born but now London based, Giampiero 'Jay' Mastino, label manager of Free-Spirit Records.) 8- SHALYS : Memory Failure 9- JOURNEY vs MONASTIC SQUID : Itaca 10- BRAINCELL : 8 hours of madnes For Bookings : bridget@free-spiritrecords.com shalys@hotmail.fr
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