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  1. Pleiadians - I.F.O. Identified Flying Object (3CD) Re-Mastered, w/ Live Set Mix (Remixes), EP + Comp Singles & Bonus Tracks DAT Records CD 1 - Pleiadians – I.F.O. Live 1. Pleiadians - Intro 2. Pleiadians - Merope 3. Pleiadians - Alcyone 4. Pleiadians - Asterope 5. Pleiadians - Maia 6. Pleiadians - Electra 7. Pleiadians - Taygeta Bonus Track: 8. Etnica - Vimana (Pleiadians Live Mix) CD 2 - Pleiadians – I.F.O. Re-Mastered 1. Pleiadians - Maia 2. Pleiadians - Taygeta 3. Pleiadians - Merope 4. Pleiadians - Alcyone 5. Pleiadians - Electra 6. Pleiadians - Asterope 7. Pleiadians - Celaeno Bonus Track 8. Pleiadians - Time Dilation (Original Mix) CD 3 - Pleiadians – Vinyl Tracks / Singles 1. Pleiadians – The Pleiadians 2. Pleiadians – Boarding Pass To Balangan 3. Pleiadians – Cyberland 4. Pleiadians – Sonic System 5. Pleiadians – Analogue Step 6. Pleiadians – Jungle Track 7. Pleiadians – Zeta Reticuli (Full Mix) 8. Pleiadians – Deep Frequencies DAT Records have Re-Issued, carefully Re-Mastered, and Re-Released what many consider to be the greatest, if not one of the greatest albums in Goa-Trance. In addition to the improved debut, this 3 CD includes live mix (remixes) of the super songs on I.F.O., as well as their rare Vinyl (EP and Compilation) singles produced between 1995 and 1997. Inside is a 12 page booklet featuring the history of the Pleiadians project, how the music was composed, refined, and remixed along with cool artwork and photos, etc. The re-issue is AMAZING. It is easily the best re-release in the Goa-Trance IMO, a milestone in complexity, sound/melody work, mixing/programming, and direction. I never heard roughly 10-12 tracks here (mainly remixes plus some singles). So I'm reviewing many of these for the first time. One of the coolest things for the record, is that the live mixes aren't just live versions of the song's we've heard. They are freekin remixes!!!! CD 1 - PLEIADIANS – I.F.O. LIVE SET 1. Intro (lets jump to the main tracks) 2. Merope (Live Remix) now has a powerful, complimentary introduction unlike the version on the debut and it's fantastic. The extended introduction here adds more depth to the song, and the intergalactic feel of the album. The echoed booms are great, and the famous ingredients now co-exist with more dynamic elements due to improvements made to the original. Hearing this changes my impression dramatically. The artists had time to reflect and re-imagine the song in some ways. The second act adds more energy, supporting synths, and atmosphere, providing the song with a cinematic edge at times while never sounding pretentious. As I listen to both versions back-to-back, I notice huge differences, creative re-aproaaches, and improvements. The live mix (remix) sounds less rough, and yet the melodies sound more juicy, with better production. The atmosphere is pretty surreal too. I'm pretty speechless. You may prefer the original or vice-versa. Either way, this remix offers a fresh angle to Merope. The song offers so much that adds perspective and variety to the original, while appearing just as fluid, congruent, and arresting. Furthermore, its duration is 12:36; I wasn't bored for a second. Excellent remix. A 3. Alcyone (Live Remix) is like a re-imagining in some ways. Beloved ideas exist along with new modifications and ingenuity. Where have all these tracks been hiding all these years?! The first act is elaborately kinetic. Gripping layers make haste towards the electric world of stronger connectivity and synergy. The first peek at 3:57 is exceptional. This follows a sweet, little non-maximal segment that's surprisingly refreshing before the strong 5:20 band arrives. As with its twin part, this remix doesn't disappoint. Even in its final act, the artists find new ways to change up what we've heard. This is one of the best remixes on CD1. I'm impressed. The production sounds as good, if not better than the original, and a bit more refined in some ways. Already I can see some liking this more than the original and vice-versa. They're both strong tracks. Listen and decide for yourself. Whatever you think, comment below. I love the original Alcyone so anything close for me is an accomplishment. Excellent remix. A 4. Asterope (Live Remix) is also different in some ways from the original. It begins with a sample via F.O.L. I don't think it's necessary, but it's early on, so I don't think it distracts much from the intergalactic feel. the first act sounds nature-oriented via birds chirping, etc. It's different, though somewhat atypical of Asterope. 1:06 sees the return of a familiar melody. Gradually we're taking to more cosmic waters. 2:13 introduces the next part of familiarity, but I'm not a fan of this frequency (pitch?) change. It just seems too thin and over-cluttered to my ears. Fortunately, the one at 2:41 works well. The main melody arrives 3:20. Its arrangement sounds great. Again, it's simply that synth bundle mentioned above that reduces the signature lead's power and effect to some degree. On the plus side, the drums that enter at 3:50 are great, and really enhance this version. The interlude involves warmer, more balanced sounds, and is coupled with an engaging synth at 5:08. The middle act is very nice. The returning synths at 6:29 (from 2:13) are my main gripe. Fortunately the song doesn't end there. The returning drums in the seventh minute work well, and at 7:35, a very impressive take on the finale begins., i.e., a delicacy of complexity supported with a lower pitched melody. I love that the artists made remixes of the songs on I.F.O. These songs are so interesting to hear, even if my favorite song on I.F.O. (Asterope) is unfortunately my least favorite of the live mix (remixes). But that's my opinion. What do you guys think? Cool remix. A- 5. Maia (Live Remix) has more soundscape, drums, and textures than the original. The first act is lush and warm, and reminds me of the original. Early on work that stands out includes 2:52 (!) and 4:01 (!), though around that, it's all pretty interesting and engaging. Some very nice frequency changes in the forth (middle act) further distinguish this version from the original, making it more psychedelic and kinetic. The scenery keeps changing, engaging us with each new section of development just like the original. The result is a fluid, imaginative, and beautifully mixed version with greater textures, twang (to certain synths or new ones entirely) and crunch, whereas the original was more elegant, sexy, and harmonious. This remix sports three excellent acts too and some amazing work. The live mix (remix) sounds inspired in a good way, different for sure. This isn't trying to replicate the original, though it retains classic elements. There's moments that remind us of the original (sometime seem verbatim) while generating much that's new to our ears. As with the live mixes of Ayclone and Merope, Maia's live mix walks a fine line between remix and re-imagining. It took some pretty big kahunas for anyone to attempt a remix to Maia (let alone any track on I.F.O.), but they pulled it off, and while the original will always be my favorite, this live mix (remix) is a gem. A 6. Electra (Live Remix) is another critically acclaimed, fan favorite from the debut. I'll get my nitpick out of the way, and that's the opening voice sample, "Is there a moon..." which reminds me of Family of Light (album). Past that, this live mix of Electra sounds close to the roughness and intensity of its sibling, twin sister. The song has just as much drive and liquid touches; the latter that bounce around at 3:25 before a familiar effect emerges from the self-titled song, Family of Light. The less maximal parts via 4:10 (among others) sound great, as well as the fresh evolutions via 4:15. I love the evolved section in the middle third and finale. The only thing I care less for is the occasional F.O.L.-esque samples. The song IMO feels more intergalactic and otherworldly without them. Reminding me of Earth associations here take away from me fully feeling free in the music. For dancing, the samples may work wonders. To be honest, a few shorter ones here sound pretty cool actually. Musically speaking, the essence and delivery of Electra is strong and intact, i.e., the light, the dark, impressive synths, wicked intensity, twists and turns, climaxes, etc. Prepare for a tasty treat at 8:12 too. Another excellent remix. A- 7. Taygeta (Live Remix) begins with a mixture of sound. The original has been criticized for its reoccurring "whirling" sound that some found distracting from the more adventurous music. Some have said Taygeta and/or Merope are the less strong uptempo tracks on I.F.O. Funny considering a less strong track on I.F.O. blows away most songs in the genre. That said, I was impressed to discover that the live mix (remix) of Taygeta here REMOVED the "whirling" sounds. This may seem like it's finally the nearly perfected song we never thought we'd hear two-dacades later, and in some ways it is -- nearly. When its first main synth arrives at 0:56, notice what doesn't? The song feels more immersive to me without those "whirling" sounds. Production sounds better too, more fleshed out. The song now breathes more deeply and is accompanied with dynamic tweaks, crunchy textures, and other [more psychedelic] ingredients. One of my very few nitpicks is that -- comparatively speaking, the main melody at 0:56 is less twangy than the original. It's still the same arrangement, and the leads in general sound more integrated and smooth. Also, with the "whirling" sounds gone, I notice that other effects have been added. I'm not sure how necessary some of them are. There is a bit more that I prefer to the original and vice-versa too, but I'll let you hear for yourself. This is a mature upgrade in my opinion. Maybe you always loved Taygeta, or you loved the song minus the "whirling" sounds. I personally found the original GREAT with exception to the "whirling" sounds that are now gone. Finally! Strong remix. A- Bonus Track: 8. Etnica - Vimana (Pleiadians Live Mix) is the eighth track on this 3 CD package that I never heard before until now. I suppose they never remixed Celaeno due to it not being uptempo. Poor thing. Reminds me of Pluto. Never getting the full appreciation it deserves. Many have heard Vimana, located on Etnica's Plastic EP (1996). I've heard several versions (still can't find the super skipping lead melody one online). Needless to say, I've been impressed with all versions. Vimana is one of Etnica's best, most famous songs. Some consider it to be Etnicas' best track. So again, the bar is high. I really like the opening sample regarding since the beginning, aliens "...have been visiting our planet and genetically altering the development of our DNA" (according to numerous scholars including famous researcher/author, Zecharia Stichin, the Sumerians preserved these higher truths on their tablets via their written language). But I digress. The first two minutes of the song prepare us for the infection to come. The artists are nice enough to give us a taste at 3:08. After a catchy voice sample (works well here!), that infection arrives in the form-less music of some of the best synth work I've ever heard. The delivery is so smooth, delectably blended, and satisfying. This is a total nighttime track, coupled with mood, adrenaline, and sound/melody work that keeps getting better via the fifth minute, the sixth minute (shall we count to ten? ). These artists knew no limits in their prime, upping the "ante". To them, not even the cosmos was the limit, they kept going. The result here? Combine the best of Etnica and Pleiadians, and you have Vimana (Pleiadians Live Mix). It's mature, provocative, and riveting. Both this and the original are wonderful. Stunning remix. A CD 2 - PLEIADIANS – I.F.O. (RE-MASTERED DEBUT) 1. Maia is the classic, cosmic -- with traces of euphoria opening to the intergalactic debut. It really set the theme back in 1997, and helped to redefine cosmic Goa-Trance as previously defined by Astral Projection. These next seven tracks are re-issued verbatim. They have been lightly re-mastered according to the label. I've always loved the sound/melody (synth/arrangement) work in Maia, the touches of euphoria, etc. The song is so fluid, imaginative, engaging, and memorable. The song's storytelling is varied and eventual, coupled with strong leads, seamless transitions, and flawless direction. Maia tells the first chapter in a grand story (space opera), as if evoked and/or channels from the alleged beings in the Pleiadian star system (for real) just beyond Orion, roughly 1300 light years from Earth. After its wonderful introduction and numerous delectable parts, a beautiful main melody arrives, elevating the voyage at 4:47. There is an elegance, a sexiness that Maia expresses with its smooth rhythm, movement, and melodies. The music's return at 5:29 is more crisp than I recall the debut version being (this has to be the re-mastering). There are no samples that distract from the cosmic voyage, just an ever-expanding flow of infectious ingredients and transitional segments (like porthole jumps) to even greater places in the cosmos. The sound selection, sheer creativity, and technical elements to this day impresses me. Maia was so ahead of its time, and is now complimented with carefully "touched up" re-mastering. Beautiful track! A 2. Taygeta was initially my least favorite uptempo song from the debut. The reason was due to those "whirling" sound I always found distracting from the music. The song also lacks an intro and builds from few to many layers off a unique chime sound, beat, and baseline. Fortunately, the blunt opening develops into an infectious ride. Taygeta is harder and more aggressive, whereas Maia was smoother, more elegant. The first lead arrives at 1:00, a catchy, TWANGY, fast-edged synth that is soon joined with a bouncier one (very nice). More acidic layers arrive next to ones more alkaline in that sense, and a collection of well-blended momentum ensues. 3:24 sees the return of the first synth; it compliments the progressing rhythm. The vehicle loses some weight as it approaches its next upgrade, a powerful and relentless lead at 4:03. Enter psy-scape (spinning particles) that create interest between the more intense/layered segments. The relentless wave returns for a second boost before fading, leaving us far from the shores where we began. At 6:02, we see a light; a psy-ambient layer signals new scenery. Jumping into the lush atmosphere is the dynamic "tangy" little lead who came to enhance new changes. In its final act, the song develops greater energy and variety, accumulating sounds. Preparing full speed. Taygeta takes off at 7:32 for the great finale, leaving all sounds unable to keep up in the dust. Taygeta's re-mastering seems clearer, more crisp. See you if notice it. This is a GREAT track that's further touched up thanks to careful re-mastering by DAT Records. A- 3. Merope is rough, intense, and determined, whereas Maia was smooth and elegant; Taygeta was somewhere in-between. Here the leads come fast and hard. 1:42 showcases the first (fantastic!) lead that really carries the vehicle. Another surprise is the key change at 2:36. The supporting sounds are great too. We're given a moment to catch our breath at 3:25 before a buildup that instigates greater complexity and rhythmic synths in the fourth and fifth minute. An effect at 5:55 takes us back into the storm as the artists find new ways to hook us. Merope is like a giant space storm full of fury and debris, and we, the listeners are caught in it. Possibly the only thing Merope lacks is a more memorable final act, though I hesitate to say it needed a climax since Taygeta had that. Merope has climactic energy throughout. Fortunately, the last act is nice, with the arrival of a colorful melody; it [the last act] is simply less masterful in relation to the final acts that surround this track. Merope is an excellent song, and at 19 years old, this is the best version of the original. A- 4. Alcyone is the next chapter in this evolutionary leap in consciousness debut. The opening is drenched in alien goo. Layer after layer are near seamlessly added to the growing ball of energy. A super synth takes over at 1:32. The established sounds shift to support it as new melodies arrive. 2:53 introduces a highly animated lead. It's so in our face and addictive that it nearly bounces off the page (track), and at 3:33, the signature lead enters with great arrangement, carrying the vessel for nearly a minute before unhooking itself. To pick up the baton, a non-maximal (very cool, adds variety!) segment via 4:40 to 5:20 takes us to the next upgrade. Turns out, this next part is an electrifying, a super-charged synth equipped with sharper weaponry (supported psy sounds) until a calm (interlude) where the song's energy re-collects. The energy can't be suppressed for long though. The pressure builds toward combustion, and at 7:20, Alcyone climaxes. This song is one incredible lead after the next, accompanied with infectious supports, engaging segments in-between, absorbing atmosphere, and much more that captivates throughout. Superb track. A 5. Electra is another fan favorite, along with Maia, Ayclone, and Asterope, and its clear why. This thing is like a super-imposed, highly energetic snake just broke out the gate. All hell breaks loose. The brief introduction via psychedelic rattling sound, and the elegant (sexy) synth work at 1:30 works incredibly well. The development grows infectious as the music intensifies. The beat disappears for an interlude around 4:30. Sonic textures fly by as our vehicle reaches new scenery. Worth noting are the sustained, moody notes in the second act that blend together, resulting in a smorgasbord of leads. Dozens of layers fight for supremacy, yet work together towards the greater whole. The result is a revolution of rhythm. Have you ever heard an abrasively beautiful track? Now you have! Electra is daring, full of rough (stylistic) edges, aggression, and energy. This is one of those tracks you show your friends, play at an outdoor dance party or jump off a plane listening to without a parachute. Even in its last two minutes, the song impresses. The climax at 7:34 is wonderful. The re-mastered version sounds more realized, with sounds more fully fleshed out. Electra is an intense, exciting, and infectious ride from beginning to end. This is another superb track. A 6. Asterope is my favorite song from the debut. Those diving/rolling synths enter around 2:15, and are supported with magnetic ones at 2:41. Some artists are fortunate to have one beautiful lead. Asterope has several. Yet THE one that takes the cake here is at 3:07. It's one of the most memorable leads I have ever heard and elevates the song. The journey re-collects energy during a calm moment. New scenery emerges at 5:10 and by 5:36, we're surrounded. This section gets progressively catchier past the sixth minute, until the signature lead returns at 6:30. I love how the main lead is utilized; it reprises like a wonderful chorus. As if Asterope couldn't get better, the song evolves at 7:38 . Here the song's complexity morphs with intricacy. The song is elevated higher, finding a perfect balance and somewhat of an ascensional, absorbing groove. Complimented with atmosphere, warm ambient notes and heart; heart is what I felt was lacking from Electra, which was otherwise intense, dark, and vivid, like a cerebral ice palace. Asterope on the other hand is full of feeling, heart, and cosmic adventure. Gorgeous song! A 7. Celaeno was my least favorite track on the debut. I always felt distant from it, that it was too slow, moody, and robotic for its own good, and not as catchy as the other tracks. I love the few Down-Tempo Goa songs by Pleiadians, i.e., Seven Sisters, Deep Frequencies. For years I alienated myself from Celaeno, seldom giving it a listen, unsure of why the song is composed the way it is. Maybe one day I'll see the light I imagined, since it's a part of I.F.O. The song is unique for sure. Other Pleiadian songs take off early on, but Celaeno gets off to a slow start. My take on Celaeno is this: We're surveying the terrain of an unknown planet (Celaeno) with little to no life. The song begins with a psy-insect synth scouting our position before the entrance of a slow beat and bass line. I always found the first 1-2 minutes dull and plodding, though the two-minute mark is nice. Fortunately, this behemoth grows catchier as it progresses. The song provides a pleasant coming down after such an extraordinary roster of rockets. At 3:03, a stronger synth arrives, lifting the tempo. The strong beat and synth work elevate the solemn mood to confident. The middle acts grows engaging, more evolved; it appears to reflect great change and/or tribulation. Maybe the race was wiped out; their energy traces remain on these desolate lands. We enter a clearing (interlude) at 5:23. The movement slows as we take in the surroundings, exploring the vast, ancient landscape. The sixth minute reveals a change of scenery, or the realization that we need to make haste. I infer this from the tone and buildup at 6:25, and at 6:55, we're off. What happens next can be described as a boss fight in an old, classic NES Metroid game, but through the artistic vision of artists. More to Goa, this section is like a moving painting full of psychedelic images (rhythm) emerging and unraveling, as if the painting is bleeding out textures. It's beautifully composed to the thumping beat, a terrific moment. I simply wish that it lasted longer and developed more, considering how long it took for us to get here. So my gripe is that the catchiest part of the song barely lasts a minute! After 7:44, we slowly descend, returning to the ambient-influenced downtempo similar to the intro, a homogeneous closing. In the end, we are left starring at this massive planet. The vastness of the Universe surrounds us along with the inherent desire to explore further into the great beyond. A- Bonus Track 8. Time Dilation (Original Mix) is a continuation into the vast exploration of the Universe. This is the definitive version of Time Dilation to my knowledge. The introduction is heavenly. Lush ambient merges with harmonious synths, like an ascensional sunset beaming out across the universe, soaking up the higher vibrational energy through every pour of our being. Talk about emotive, engaging intros that aren't cheesy! It's wonderful. Next up the beat, coupled with melodies that blend, enhancing the senses as we move through various states of consciousness via our multi-dimensional Universe (the songs depth and how I'm perceiving its positive approach). At 3:11, the song takes off -- thanks to a beautiful main melody with strong arrangement to boot, and complimented with lush ambient. They provide a heart and feeling to this dynamic (spiritual) vehicle that may or may not relate to ascension, considering our perception to time becomes less relevant as our vibrational frequency increases. Anyway, an exciting, dance-friendly lead breaks out around 7:15, taking us higher. The song is so smooth, with ear-friendly sounds mixed into seamless unity. The old-school work of Pleiadians is marvelous! The vibrationally-raising (positive!) approach here is non-maximal (it doesn't have to be), and it does wonders, magic. Even in its final moments, the artists re-work the arrangement, keeping their high expectations up, and in return us more than satisfied. The ambient-esque closing is wonderfully appropriate. I'm a little jealous, or rather so appreciative that music this catchy can be made. This is a beautiful track with excitement and heart. I really love it, these artists contribution to music and their agreement with DAT Records to release these tracks. Thank you so much. This is a gorgeous track full of love, inspiration, and vision. Well done! A CD 3 - PLEIADIANS – VINYL TRACKS / SINGLES 1. The Pleiadians is fast and energetic. It grows increasingly psychedelic, like a band-wave being adjusted in hyper space. A foundation of synths are built, but it's the lower pitched one at 1:40 that grabs my attention. It's soon accompanied with a second one at 2:05, and the rhythm grows catchier. We're given a moment to catch our breathe at 3:50. Being halfway through, there's not much in terms of evolution or memorable leads. After a brief interlude ends at 4:10, a new melody enters arrives with nice development. Also returning is the lower pitched tune supported with numerous sounds. This segment is pretty good! But it's not until the song evolves in its final act via 5:11 that I feel like more fulfilled. The climax at 5:11 is exciting and refreshes the song's impression, thanks to spontaneous sound/melody work, new arrangement, and variety. Initially I felt like this song was too thin (speed over substance) via one trick pony. Now I see it like a missile gone astray, collecting energy along its trajectory until exploding in an attractive display of melodic bliss mayhem. The song is a unique, fun burst of energy that nicely leads up to the more substantial, ambitious numbers. A- 2. Boarding Pass To Balangan has more variety, texture, and range than the previous song. There's more for me to sink my teeth into here, substance wise. It seems to tell a story whereas the previous felt thin on plot, with style over substance. The sound selection here is very nice, and showcases more of an exploratory element over the previous zippy energy pill. The slower approach is pretty atypical of Pleiadians. It develops gradually at near-mid tempo, reflecting thought and contemplation. An uplifting segment at 3:53 provides some light to the darkness. Also interesting is the emotive arc. The song is very downbeat, mood wise. There are some nice atmospheric elements, crunchy sounds, and textures. At times I'm reminded just a little of Celaeno, though this sounds completely different; I find it more accessible. I like how it remains consistent in tone, never breaking out. The song is not really eventful; rather the event is the ride and vice-versa. Boarding Pass is solid and moody, a brief excursion to the mysterious, fairly darker channels of space. Many Pleiadian songs walk a fine line between light and dark, utilizing both energies via duality in addition to spiritual/Universal discovery and higher consciousness. But not this. No. This could be perceived as a train ride to the intergalactic dead zone. A- 3. Cyberland begins with a very catchy, unique, metallic synth. It sounds as if vibrations or water droplets are bouncing off metallic objects. Each one was (in theory) then altered, echoed, and meticulously selected for arrangement. Welcome to the first layer. This creative material-esque synth is soon joined with a more synthetic one at 0:14 before the beat arrives. A catchier synth arrives at 0:41, and yet another at 0:55. Meanwhile, those echoed, metallic droplets bounce across the ears, producing an intricate, bubbling fusion to the growing stew. The current result is an intelligent, detailed, and articulative rhythm that's as unique as it is engaging. Next up is an ambient-esque interlude, a wave of immersive calm followed by an exciting buildup beginning at 3:42. I really like this part, especially the increased tempo and release at 4:09 (my favorite part of the song that will later reprise) via a climactic lead takes the music to new levels. The forth and fifth minute are terrific, showcasing new work and a return to climax. The metallic sounds return like accents to compliment. The song began like a computer quickly arranging metallic fibers before blossoming into an complex, self-aware, and rewarding, fun dance number. Also note-worthy is the arrangement in the seventh minute. My only nitpick is that the song seems to take off in its last fifteen seconds. So it ends a little abrupt, though efficiently. Excellent track. A 4. Sonic System has an interesting, grinding sound that much of the song is built around. Similar in concept to Cyberland, though approached differently, is the concept of mixing metallic synths with smoother ones. Pretty cool rhythms ensue, though I find healthier sound variety in the previous track. Initially I didn't like this song. I thought it recycled its ideas too much, was fairly repetitive and similar sounding. If I focused on the song too much, I found its general sound began to wear, even grate on me. Yet other times, doing activity without my direct attention, the song seems catchier than ever. It's interesting how our brains work, our preferences to sound, taste, etc. The song's synth-heavy approach can be pretty trance-inducing, or zone setting. Whereas the previous song was more articulative and intellectual, Sonic System's power seems to work in more subtle ways. I like the warmer synth at the 2:00 that reprises at 4:45. For me, the song felt too mechanical without its presence which adds balance. My issue is that the second half, to some degree sounds similar to the first half. The song develops, but not with a whole lot of evolution (unexplored terrain). The final act has some nice changes, adding variety. I'm still not quite sure what I think of this one, but I'll let it further grow. B+ / A- 5. Analogue Step is simpler than what I'm used to from Pleiadians. The synth that becomes more noticeable by 0:25 grows catch in addition to one at 1:09. They integrate well before being swapped out for new sounds. A nice, groovy rhythm is formed by the third minute. The less layered, more minimalistic (for Pleiadians) approach works, though the song seems a bit simplistic in its second act. I don't think the sound effect at 4:20 was necessary. Same with its return in the end via 5:27 to 5:45. This effect is a little distracting and doesn't blend well with the other sounds. Fortunately as it finishes its bars at 4:27, the song plateaus in a burst of energy. It's catchy and the best part of the track. One perspective with the song overall is not a whole lot happens. The approach is fairly tame and uneventful, maybe a bit too simple for its own good coming from Pleiadians. Another perspective is that it's interesting to hear different approaches to their style. The LESS ambitious/complex/layered approach allows listeners an easygoing break around the more involved songs. Sometimes I really like this song. Other times I find it lacking in some ways. Just don't focus on it too hard. Some tracks are meant to explore, and this seems designed to kick back and/or dance too, even if some may consider this a rare example of Pleiadian-lite. The song lacks "wow" factors, but offers something different and remains pretty solid for the most part throughout. B+ 6. Jungle Trax is a fun, danceable number. A catchy voice samples enters at 0:42, beginning a forefront for more energetic, dance-friendly ground. An exciting lead arrives at 2:00, complimented by a lower pitched synth that provides balance to the growing craziness. The song breaks out in the second act, upped by intensity and climax. There's some gripping sounds to boot too. The fifth minute sees the most engaging work yet. The overall song is coupled with minor transitions to bigger, more energetic, dance-friendly segments. It's no wonder Jungle Trax is a fan favorite of their singles. There's a touch of Eastern/Indian melodies in the last act. It works nicely considering the song isn't going for the intergalactic approach. The synth work just keeps getting better and better thanks to a well crafted vision that comes to fruition in the final act. This is a total outdoor forest party, dance track. It knows what it is and it knows the crowd wants. The ending lifts into all-out climax, incorporating key changes, and an terrific effect akin to ascension. When compared to I.F.O. or the remixes, Jungle Trax may seem fairly simple. For a stand alone track however, it's great. The song is filled with strong ideas and delivery. Most of all, it's fun! A 7. Zeta Reticuli (Full Mix) is in actuality a wide binary star system close to the Pleiadian and Orion star systems. It is also home of the Alien Grays most associated with abductions according to many claims who recalled trauma or whose subconscious remembered in hypnosis therapy. It seems that the artists incorporated the concept of hostile and/or projecting fear forces via atmosphere to set the tone. The song wobbles and shakes with volatile energy. There is a really nice buildup/climax in the third minute. But its the dark under-current tone that adds to the intrigue, character. Chock full of smart delivery, tempo changes, and a dark vibe, Zeta Reticuli is also among the fan favorites. It takes risks that often pay off, peeking in the seventh and eighth minute where additional its gears shift. The seems dance-friendly too. The only part I feel mixed about is the melody at 9:48 that sounds almost circus-like, too cute to be in the song. Was its purpose to make us feel like we're being toyed with by darker forces? I'm not sure. I imagine its part serves a purpose to the story. The good news is that it's rarely used and doesn't hurt the song, though it doesn't seem to compliment it. Zeta Reticuli (Full Mix) is another great track that resides on the darker side throughout. A 8. Deep Frequencies is like a planet being sculptured, articulately designed in the hands of its creator to the point life begins to grow. The song grows increasingly more infectious and dynamic, from skipping hymns drenched in ethereal atmosphere, to progressions in the melody/sound department that beautifully construct a world, possibly a star system, maybe even a Universe. The increase in energy at 6:42 is excellent. The song gets more moody and personalistic (with a spunky little attitude) at 9:40 too. At nearly fifteen minutes long, I'm not bored for a second. Naturally, one needs to be in the right mood for deeper, more contemplative, home-listening tracks. The artists continually come up with little nuances, new alterations, melodies, sound techniques, and arrangement to take us deeper, further hypnotizing our senses, and detaching us from our everyday distractions. I really like this song, and at times I want it to keep going for twenty, thirty-plus minutes. It can be pretty zone setting in the right mood. Deep Frequencies is a wonderful, exploratory track for home listening. Put in your earbuds or headphones, shut off the lights, take a deep breath, let go, and immerse yourself. The song is creative, intriguing, and engaging, and an appropriately strong ending. A CONCLUSION I.F.O. deserves an award for imagination, complexity, programming, mixing, and sound/melody (synth) work. This is one of the few albums that really raised the bar in electronic music, Psychedelic Goa-Trance. It defines intergalactic Goa-Trance. Many scholars consider I.F.O. to be the magnum opus of the genre, though you'll occasionally hear a few others mentioned, i.e., Hallucinogen's Twisted, Astral Projection's Trust In Trance, etc. All superb albums of course. I.F.O. is the only one I'd describe as labyrinthine. Of all the albums in electronic music, I have returned to I.F.O. the most. Maia, Alcyone, Electra, and Asterope are some of the most engaging songs I've ever heard, with Taygeta and Merope not being far behind. Thanks to the re-mastered version, live mix (remixes), singles, and bonus tracks, the replay value and lasting appeal for this release is through the roof. All three albums are packed with superb, phenomenal work. Once in a while you hear a less superb track and then you're blown away (or likely impressed) for 3-5 more songs in a row. Virtually every track is a world in itself, showcasing amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail, articulation, innovation, and infectious appeal. I wouldn't be surprised if much of I.F.O. was channeled by the real Pleiadians to Carlos when he supposedly (somehow with a broken arm according to the inside booklet) created most of the album in a month. There's more in the booklet but I won't spoil it all. I initially thought an album of I.F.O.'s complexity took 1-2 years, so however this came to be in such short time is stunning (even if ideas were channeled to him, and thus he felt inspired in our conscious Universe according to a growing theory since everything is connected). The remixes of Alcyone and Maia are excellent, followed by Merope, Taygeta, Electra, and Asterope, though the latter is my least favorite of the remixes due to a frequency change made with some of the synths. Nonetheless, it's so interesting to hear new (previously unreleased?!) versions to the super songs on I.F.O. The rare vinyl (EP and Compilation) singles are excellent (some are outstanding!) too. Some are new to my ears. Some took time to grow on me. FYI I find this work to be so much more satisfying, comprehensive, and immersive on a good pair of earbuds or headphones. But it's great to hear when out and about regardless. THANK YOU DAT Records and Pleiadians for your love, commitment, and dedication to making this happen. Special thanks to DAT for the Re-Mastering plus the live mix (remixes), many songs I had never heard. THANK YOU Pleiadians for your amazing contribution to music. Your work encompasses the spirit, love, and energy of its creators, and has taken electronic music to previously uncharted (unknown) levels. Without all of you, this wouldn't have happened. And now more people can experience and appreciate a comprehensive collection via improved versions, the previously unreleased (?!) remixes, etc. How does something so good stay hidden for so many years? *cough* Atlantis. Intra-terrestrial civilizations er.. allegedly . This triple album is a DREAM COME TRUE, the definitive version of what is IMO the greatest album in Goa-Trance, the best electronic [uptempo] album I have ever heard, and it just got upgraded. What more can you ask for?! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED HIGHLIGHTS / FAVOURITES CD 1 - 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 CD 2 - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 CD 3 - 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 A Orders / Buy Online Shop (Direct Sales) http://www.datrecords.it Discogs Entry https://www.discogs.com/Pleiadians-IFO-Identified-Flying-Object/release/7000604 Bandcamp page for whoever wants to only buy digital http://datrecords.bandcamp.com/album/pleiadians-i-f-o-i-dentified-f-lying-o-bject
  2. Artist: Etnica Title: Live In Athens 1996 Label: DAT Records Date: December, 2012 1. Intro 2. Plastic 3. Floating Universe 4. Antidote (Etnica rmx) - Blue Planet Corporation 5. Nice Toys 6. Vimana 7. Lunar Civilization (Etnica rmx) - Crop Circles 8. Time Dilation (Etnica Morning mix) - Pleiadians 9. Mankind 10. Electric Shower 11. Rotating Fields 12. Fluorophilia Camps Bay 13. Blinded Moon 14. Jungle Trax (Etnica rmx) - Pleiadians 15. Mental Puzzle 16. Phthalic Vibes You said Key. Where do I start with this one? This is a release that thanks to label head Draeke had every goa trance fan salivating. Whether you call them Etnica, Pleiadians, or Crop Circles these Italians are legendary in this genre and arguably responsible for the greatest goa trance tracks ever. I.F.O...classic. Alien Protein...classic. Tetrahedron...you guessed it, classic. So thanks to an act of theft (some guy actually recorded their live set to DAT) we have one CD of their performance in Athens. So what do you get? You have one disc with the recording of their live set in Athens in 1996 and another of unreleased goodies. The booklet contains a bunch of cool info about how this release came about and also the stories of the unreleased tracks. Highlights? They had to carry all their equipment with them to every show. Everything. What a pain in the ass. Now a pimply faced kid only needs to bring his Sony Vaio loaded with ProTools and he thinks he's Paul Van Dyk. Oh how the times have changed. As far as the artwork goes, I can take it or leave it, but one things for certain...you know it's Etnica when you see it. Live In Athens 1996 Intro- This monumental release begins with an intro that they played during all their sets. Maybe to set the mood or to f*ck with the seriously stoned, I cannot say. It is what it is...a slow percussive intro. Now on to the good stuff. Plastic- Plastic... Ewww. I wonder if silicone comes out when she blows her nose. First thing I noticed when comparing it with the EP is that this version is almost 2 and a half minutes shorter. Seeing how this disc is partially mixed perhaps they took out the bits that might've slowed the momentum. Again, I wasn't in the room, but you've got that signature melody that builds like a tsunami so no worries. With a constant thump the sparkling acid flickers like they were using a blowtorch. I wasn't a fan of the transition into Floating Universe, but that's minor. Floating Universe- Just an absolute stormer. Leads that are searching like the dendrites of an axon with lightning fingertips. There is no respite as it backs down in places and then regroups. You get the entire track that sounds great with the energy of a live wire. Antidote (Etnica Remix)- We've all heard the Pleiadians remix of the BPC classic, but I've never heard this one before. It's got a nice bottom end complete with a growl that's just waiting to erupt. Let the knob twisting commence! And boy do they. Guttural and squelchy at times this one leaves scorch marks when the leads aren't getting all twisted up like a nasty DNA strand. At almost 11 minutes this one is quite the ride. Nice Toys- This is another one I've never heard before. There is a reason this was released in time for the holidays. Ouch. Santa needs another AA meeting. Rest assured mine made it in time, so that above must've been the afterparty. More cloud bursting leads that twist and turn making the people below look like ants. Feel like the Silver Surfer as that bass growl is my surfboard. I wouldn't recognize the melody, but I sure do love the ride. Vimana- Oh boy we're in the meat of things now aren't we? And that melody is like getting wrapped with barbed wire. So sparkly and spacious, my twisting controls have been on auto pilot for a good while now. Lunar Civilization (Etnica Remix)- With a smooth transition we're onto the Etnica remix of a classic Crop Circles track and it doesn't take long for the twirling to begin again. THE melody comes in at 4 and a half minutes and the smile that you had to start has just been widened. A happy smile doofus. Not like somebody just cornholed you. It's a cluster of melodies from space thrown together in a shower of stardust. This is the holy grail people, this is what goa heads have been searching for. Time Dilation (Etnica Morning Mix)- According to the booklet this track was built around a beautiful sample and you hear it right from the get go. At over 15 minutes I don't have to tell you this is the longer version and it's worth every second. That voice is heavenly and makes me think of an ethereal Lord of the Rings wispy vocal. But in space. It's a softer track (their words) and was only played during morning sets. Takes a while to get going and it builds along the way. Like the booklet said even though this one is not as aggressive, you can tell it is form the minds of Etnica. Best of Unreleased Mankind- The bass and pads make this seem other worldy and like all their tracks it builds with each measure. Halfway through Mankind takes a storming posture as if daring you to look at it. The shimmering wall of color is there, probing, showing you the way. I like this one because while it's also big, it reveals the guts in places. Know what I mean? Like that drum n bass rhythm? So did they because they built the track around that. Electric Shower- That would electrocute you...right? Might as well throw a toaster in the bathtub. Whoa whoa...don't do it yet. You gonna eat those pop tarts? From 1998 this track marked a time when the way they made music had changed. They took a bunch of samples (From the first ever sample CDs) and put them together and well, manipulated the hell out of them. Hence, electric shower. It's noisy and not their usual layers of melody and probably my least favorite of both discs. Rotating Fields- "Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight? I ask that of all my prey?" Made entirely by Maurizio in Milan in 1998 after their first trip together in Brazil it's an acidic chunky b*tch. Groovy with lots of effects he dedicated it to someone special at the time. Very psychedelic with the six million dollar man effect when he does something bionic. Remember that? Remember, remember when that was... *sigh* you kids weren't even alive. It started off strongly, but lost steam on the way down. He mentioned that he wanted to make some changes but never got around to it. Fluorophilia Camps Bay- Made in 1997 by Carlo and Maurizio in South Africa after they released I.F.O. it bubbles with intensity and finds its legs halfway through. Forest sounds or effects made to sound like the forest are present throughout. There is a lot going on while it surges and recedes. Pretty good track with numerous melody changes. Blinded Moon- Well no wonder it's a blinded moon, there's a f*cking muppet dancing on it. Based on a techno track (Trans Pact) back in 1997 this one is of a darker nature. But that said, it's very melodic to my ears with several leads and a true outer space vibe. This is great Etnica stuff with more shimmering synths and unfriendly extra terrestrial life. If this was on Alien Protein it wouldn't be out of place in my opinion. Jungle Trax (Etnica Remix)- Ah a remix of the Pleiadians classic. According to the insert they used to make a bunch of different versions of a track (which probably means there is more gold in them thar hills!) and the main thing I notice about this one is that it doesn't have that key change found on the original. Which is good cause I didn't like that. Otherwise it's a churning track that seems to go on for awhile, wrapping you up in its spin. Sparks fly after 5 minutes culminating with a solid finish. Mental Puzzle- Quite possibly the rarest of the rare this track was heavily damaged and required some serious restoration. Like if you peed all over the Mona Lisa I guess. Not quite, but kid's got a future. Made back in 95 it crushes the competition with its relentless pace and varied melodies while keeping true to the bubbling goa sound. 15 minutes. That's f*cking insane. Do you have any idea how many galaxies you can visit at light speed in 15 minutes? Like...3 I guess. Sparkling, intense, and an old school gem to be sure. It seems unending with it's many spirals of sound and if I had to put it in layman's terms. This track is a Labrador retriever plowing a kid over in a flooded field. What? Phthalic Vibes- Ah the final track in this unbelievable journey. And what a f*cking track it is. The last one composed by Etnica as a quartet it was meant to be released on a Fluorophilia album that never was. It's a killer with more bounce than a chick with double D's. Forceful and a fabulous way to end this trip. Holy f*cking Cow. That was something else. I imagine this review is going to read more like a promo with correct English than a review, but what do you expect? It's Etnica from their golden goa period. Did you think Draeke was gonna waste his time uncovering turds? Work his ass off for something mediocre? I could've written this review in one word. Awesome. The vast majority of the tracks are stellar and what goa trance should be. Melodic, driving, trip inducing...It sounds great and a perfect way to close a chapter in goa history. Unless they have even more gems that they are waiting to release at a later date. Congratulations to these pioneers of the genre and congratulations to Draeke and his label for bringing these wonderful tracks to light. DAT Records Psyshop Beatspace Saikosounds GoaStore Mdk
  3. Dave Saragosi aka. KAILUM aka. Electronics Fusion is playing a retro-liveset in Israel on the 11th of July 2020. Check it out if you have the possebilety! ⭕
  4. Artist: Virtuart (and Friends. He had a lot of help) Title: Virtuart & Friends (see, right there in the title) Label: DAT Motherf*ckin' Records Date: December, 2016 CD1 1 Virtuart & Chronomyst - Vashisht 2 Virtuart & Franky - Wakatoom On The Road 3 Virtuart & Kshoo - Esprit Libre 4 Virtuart & Chronomyst - Sacred Drop 5 Virtuart & Nagar Bhatti - 2068 6 Virtuart & Kshoo - N2 O 7 Virtuart & Maël - Neverending Party 8 Virtuart & Manitù - Red Spirit CD2 1 Virtuart & Chronomyst - Prospector M 2 Virtuart - Light Lifter 3 Virtuart & Chronomyst - L'Karnaj 4 Virtuart & Manitù - Indian Summer 5 Virtuart & Nagar Bhatti - Svadeshi 6 Underhead - Orejuna 7 Virtuart - La Sorcière Des Sables & L'Homme Libre (Sandoz Mix) 8 Virtuart - L'Annee Des 13 Lunes (Galactic Time Mix) Can we get a DAT Records appreciation festival? F*ck a thread, a festival. Just take all the artists who have released on Draeke's label and put them in front of a mountain or sea backdrop for a three day weekend. This is the view from my backyard. I have 2 acres and would volunteer the space. Waitaminute...I've seen what you guys do to a patch of land when the festival is over. Also I'm the youngest in my hood by a generation so you'd probably give them a heart attack. Besides thanks to our Cheetoh in chief (he's such a disgusting douche bag) you probably couldn't get into the states depending on which country you're in. Offer rescinded. But seriously, DAT just keeps on going with quality release after quality release. While I wasn't super impressed with Analog Dreams the rest of them have been home runs. This is an interesting release. Virtuart is Oliver Abitbol and like the title says he enlisted a lot of his friends to make this happen. Originally on the first disc was properly released back in the 90's and only 100 copies were made. The second disc was apparently out there also, but homie just gave it away. So this is nice to have a 2 CD set of music that was super hard to find. But that's what Feds does doesn't he? Oliver made several mixes of these tracks so for this release he compiled the best of those remixes and voila you have disc one. It is old school that churns and evolves with awesome melodies. The layers are thick with atmosphere and thanks to the mastering you can really hear them. I find the whole thing delightfully dark and mysterious and not too polished as to sound artificial. Sacred Drop is the only one I've heard and it reminded me a lot of Colorbox. Disc two has the hard to find tracks and Draeke said he tried to stay true to the tracklist that disc 2 was comprised of when he gave it away to his friends. Oliver's friends. Not Draeke. Draeke doesn't have friends he just bangs supermodels. This music is deep. Full of nice, long tracks replete with twists and turns to keep you interested. Driving rhythms. Let's see...a Pleiadians 3-disc set, a two-disc Etnica set, a Doof 2-disc album and now a 2-disc Virtuart Opus. Can you be my president? Bring your supermodels with you. DAT Records Psyshop Beatspace
  5. Hello everyone, since there isn't any review of the compilation, I will post my own view of it. I will also share the stories on how this one came to be and how complex was to release it. I am very proud of it, since we worked very hard and the result is really brilliant. I won't speak of mastering as for me this series is really very well done with the audio marvels of Colin OOOD that took the tracks and gave them new life, balancing every aspect and making them sound the best they could. CD1 - Unreleased The opener, Questions by RA, is a real killer, it comes from the original demo of the band, that never saw the light of the day, and although not credited on the sleeve (by mistake) was also produced by Lars Lind. We amended this on the entry on discogs. We then have Jubilation by Dharma 7, a really mystical tune, composed in the heydays of goa trance, and it sounds rough but polished and has a very haunting feeling to it, I really love it. The melody that kicks in also is very well done and takes the track to another dimension. Next we have Alkaloid. This is Sam from the UK (now relocated to Spain) that produced this track a long time ago. But the quality of the music is really there, it has a mega psychedelic apex in the middle, that makes you think you are listening to Etnica and their mayhem of layers, vintage '96. But it is not them! So that is an indicator of the quality of the music, as they are pretty much some of the best producers that ever made music in this genre. It also was found on a DAT tape in the hand of a New Zealand party goers, who had it next to Etnica - Shadow Dance, curiously named as Etnica - No Name. So, I wasn't the only one making this connection with its sound. Shiva Chandra's Atmosphere, was a track found on a tape in possession of Max Etnica, and was grouped together with other tracks of Daniel. The original DAT title was just Daniel - Atmosphere (misspelled as Outmosphere, who knows what the real title was!). Daniel confirmed it to be his tracks, but wanted the title changed to Atmosphere as he could not recall making up that other name. Great track of the past, a bit rough in some parts maybe but that surely deserved to be included. Little Blue Men. Here we go, this is a true bomb. Very fast, hyper psychedelic and I can guarantee that when I played it in a DJ set in Belgium people really lost it. It's absolutely stellar in every possible way and we have to thank the Swedes for allowing us to release this very old track, long forgotten by the authors but highly sought after by many DAT collectors! It took us a while to find a good master copy of Dr Snuggles Dilemma as the band had no tape of this. Dr Snuggles was originally a cartoon character. Magus. Well, who hasn't dreamed of seeing this track finally released? It is a dream come true. If you know the Greek psychedelic scene you also know that this mythical band was playing some of the most intricate, dark, crazy, mind exploding psychedelic tracks ever made. They were real geniuses in the use of mad samples and combined humorous vibes with swirling acid lines. It's an absolute storming track and we have to thank a Greek friend for helping us in getting the authorization from one half of the band. The other half was happy to help, and was already a contact of mine, so it was half easy, half hard. But I am so glad it could finally come out. I want to say that even if the track is called Black Holes (Remix) it's actually a Re Mix, meaning the original mix was just weaker and they rearranged a few elements to make a better final mix, but there is not really an original version of the track, as the other one is very similar but less finished. Opale - Lord of the Minds. Greg is a real psychedelic warrior. His tracks are absolutely stellar. They are dark and very energetic, and this one features a samples taken from Lord of The Rings. He always likes to use samples from movies, and other tracks he has all feature samples from Hollywood productions. But that's just the starting point, he then creates great atmospheres around the tracks filled with acid driven mad lines, curtesy of his collection of analog synths. And we are glad to have him on board with this tune. Wizzy Noise - Pleione. Well, if you were trading unreleased tracks back on mIRC, ICQ, Napster, Soulseek and WinMX in the late 90s you will surely remember how hard was to get your hands on Wizzy Noise tracks. Often called the Pleiadians of Greece they were creating some absolutely mind-blowing tracks and we needed the help of all the Pantheon to be able to release this monster track. Wizzy project is frozen since 2008 and just a miracle and a pro-charity compilation could make it happen. I was really jumping for joy when I heard the good news, everyone should enjoy this jewel as a sacred offering. It probably won't happen again. Blade's Anthropophagi refers to some tribes who practice cannibalism. The concept is of course dark and obscure but the track is absolutely wonderful in terms of creativity. It has some strange solutions in it but we found it pretty original and unique. I want to add that this musician from Montecarlo made his way into various DAT tapes of the 90s as even XP VooDoo was playing his music in his sets and I think this one surely deserved to come out. Mystery Machine is a British project, and this track was liked by Danny Rampling who played it into a radio show. It only got that single air but yet people were looking for this track for a long time! I remember some blokes from up north writing me to thank me because they finally could enjoy this track, complete and in full quality. I also found the sample pretty interesting and even if it sounds a bit trancey I think it has some defined psychedelic moments in it. CD2 - Vinyl Only tracks Kharma - Harmony. This was a project where Blade from CD1 took part, together with some friends they created a track that is absolutely goanish even if it was released into a progressive trance vinyl on a label that was not specifically related to the goa scene. Back in 94-96 in Italy and in many other EU countries we had this scene that was called "progressive" without any other words next to it and in many clubs DJs were playing a mixture of tracks that more than often were on the verge of being goa, alternating them with more commercial and melodic tracks such as Children by Robert Miles that was one of the most famous anthem of the genre together with X-Form, Florian F, Enere and many others. So this track comes from that era and that genre, reminding me of when I was clubbing in '96 on the Italian coast. Awesome times for sure and this track capture that essence perfectly. Doof - Let's Turn On (Tuned-In Mix). This is probably the last vinyl-only track by our dear Doof that was so kind as to license almost every track he has ever made to DAT Records. We think that this mix deserved to come out as it is less known than the original and the recently released 'Desk Mix' which is a magnificent 9 minutes stormer. But this one is not less interesting, it is very hypnotic and a favourite of DJ Solitare who used to play this back in the days in his sets more than often. I also consider this to be a gem of a mix, which can work very well on the dancefloor, surprising a few peeps as it is very little known. Try it, I like it a lot. Ushuaya - 3 Months. I was thrilled when we recorded this one from the tapes. I immediately understood something was different and then I checked. It's the speed and the pitch. We ripped 3 copies of the vinyl and in all of them the length was different, it was a bit off-tune and so we sent this version to Tim himself who confirmed this to be the real deal, that's how the track was composed and how is supposed to sound. So, back when the vinyl was pressed, something went wrong and they released a track which was not at the right speed/pitch. No worries, it was the 90s and it worked wonders anyway, but here for the first time you get the correct speeded track with a fantastic remastering, a real treasure! Hux Flux - Time Slices. Notably one of the best tracks ever made by Dennis. Seriously, just listen to it, it is absolutely crazy. That ghostly effect it's out of this world and the track is a marvel, it is intense, fast and groovy, a real treat. I am so happy we could finally get this baby to CD and although we could not find a DAT master, we ripped several copies of vinyl and the sapient hands of my friend DJ Sunborn, restored and cleaned this track spectacularly. Then the remastering gave it new life and we really have a jewel here. Deviant Electronics - Catacomb. The last vinyl only of the band really deserves to be here, it's a 10 minute majestic composition. It has a cool vibe to it and makes me want to run and jump. It is very well produced and I was really happy to be able to use it for this compilation. I don't know if Zion604 had any plans for it, but we asked and they were happy to let us use it for this compilation. We thank them for this. I am sure you will be happy about this one as much as I were when selecting it. Cosmosis - Emanations. What's there to say? It's Cosmosis!! There is really no need to say much, the master of psychedelia hailing from the UK has done it again with this track and just as in his other famous tunes there are all the elements of a winner track. That feeling that you immediately understand is one of his tracks is present. It's really unmistakable and sooooo aciiiiiid. I really love his sound, it's brilliant and amazing at the same time. Thanks for this one Bilbo! Semsis - Soundvandal. Originally, we had voted for another track, but since the authors could not be found anywhere, we went for the next in line, which was this great track by Semsis. Everyone knows the flip side of this EP and few ever mention this track to my knowledge. However my good friend DJ Solitare used to play it in his set in the 90s and was very happy we finally picked it. Iain was really awesome and so kind to donate this track for the release. Hiscore - Identify. "Do you identify this object?" Now tell me this isn't the craziest track you've ever heard, pretty mental right? I think it is an absolute stormer and although I usually play it a little pitched up for mayhem effect, it works perfectly also at his original speed. I was happy we could find a deal with the band and with the help of a friend I could acquire this song and donate it to the compilation. The sound that emerged with the mastering is really outstanding and we have a true killer here. Gangguru - X-3. I call these guys the French Etnica as their sound is really somehow similar to the sound of my friends back in 1996. The kick they used is also somewhat similar and the melodies are all there, very special project this one. And I am very thrilled to say much more will come from these guys, as I have been speaking with them and we are preparing a full length release. Anyway, this particular track, is really cool and it is mysterious for me how they could not release something back in the 90s as they clearly were much better than a lot of artists who were produced and released. Mysteries. But it's not too late, we will give this music a new life now and this track is a superb example of their technique. Encens - Howl. A super fun track by Marcello who was super cool and donated the track to the cause last minute as we couldn't get the authorization for another track. But hey, this is a real winner, a fabulous track and I love the sample in it. It really is a great track and I am sure a lot will enjoy this vinyl only track that perfectly closes our compilation. Ideally all these stories would have gone into the booklet, but believe it or not we had no time to go through this phase and the graphic solution I invented, hopefully was appreciated by all of you. The photos were taken by me and my friends, and all the vinyl off my collection scanned and retouched as to look like they were 45RPM 7" singles. I hope you liked this idea and that you enjoyed the hard work behind the whole compilation. Now please, support the cause and buy the cd original, the sales will help this charity: http://www.mangotreegoa.org/ To buy the CD it you can conveniently go here: DAT website: www.datrecords.it Bandcamp (CD only): https://mindrewind604.bandcamp.com/ Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/Various-Mind-Rewind³/release/8136678 Please note the release is available only in physical format at this stage. We are not sure if we will be able to sell files too, maybe in the future.
  6. Artist: Morphic Resonance Title: Trip To The Stars Label: DAT Records Date: May, 2017 1. Pleiadians - Alcyone (Morphic Resonance Mix) 2. Pleiadians - Maia (Morphic Resonance Mix) 3. Pleiadians - Taygeta (Morphic Resonance Mix) 4. Pleiadians - Moon In Your Window (Morphic Resonance Mix II) 5. Crop Circles - Full Mental Jackpot (Morphic Resonance Mix) 6. Crop Circles - Different Species (Morphic Resonance Mix) 7. Etnica - Phetalic Vibes (Morphic Resonance Mix) 8. Pleiadians - Taygeta (Morphic Resonance Mix II) 9. Pleiadians - Moon In Your Window (Morphic Resonance Mix) Undisputed king of goa trance Cristian Fernandez has attempted to produce an album in the face of overwhelming odds. The odds of seeing the bloated orange president's taxes seem like a sure thing when compared to remixing arguably some of the greatest goa trance tracks of all time. Music from the Italian's projects (Pleiadians, Crop Circles, Etnica) is sacred and I suppose if we had commandments in the goa scene most of their music would be on it. The tracks are special and some would argue that you should just leave perfection alone. What he has presented here are remixes, his interpretation of tracks that meant so much to him. It took him over three years to do this and he did it without any files to provide a roadmap. As a musician I'll tell you it is incredibly difficult to copy an original piece of work with such detail. But he did what a remix is supposed to do and that is to create something fresh while keeping the spirit of the original work. The sound quality is stunning, just stunning. The tracks are f*cking blistering, evolving, relentless masterpieces. At no time did I think his work was subpar or that he failed to capture the glory of what was done in the past with perhaps one exception. Maia. That track in its original form is just a beast and at least to my ears what goa perfection sounds like. That said his version didn't make me want to stop listening. Far from it. I just took it as something different and a great goa track to be added to my library. This entire album is superb, melodic goa trance and I'll go even one further. His 2nd remix of Taygeta and his last remix of Moon In Your Window is better than the originals. This quote by gfp1 in the Artist News and Label Announcements thread is something I agree with: "All in all, the challenge undertaken to create Trip to the Stars was massive and I have to respect that. It is a difficult proposition to win. Simply recreating the originals would just make people want to go and listen to the originals, while altering the core of the tracks too much might turn off people who enjoyed the originals. Morphic Resonance found a healthy balance between the two." Bottom line for me is that DAT Records has once again delivered a powerhouse and if you are a goa fan this is a must have. I linked to Psyshop and Beatspace, but you should purchase it from DAT if you can as the two downloadable add on tracks are brilliant. Great Job Cristian! DAT Records Bandcamp Psyshop Beatspace
  7. It's finally the time. http://www.arabesquedistribution.com/components/com_artistavenue/media/large_images/datcd012.jpg The triple album of Gangguru is something completely unexpected, a treasure from the past teleported right to the present. This music was preserved on DAT tapes by the band, and a couple of years ago the DAT Records team digitized it and with the help of the producers identified and sorted a multitude of storming Goa Trance tracks. These have been remastered and tested on dancefloors during this period and itís now time to unleash them to the future for everyone to have and enjoy. These tracks are potent DJ tools and were played all over back in the 90s, at least one DJ remembering the band's early productions being played in Goa in 1996. DAT Records is proud to present a spectacular selection of the best of the best from over a hundred tracks that the band produced in the 90s, and we are sure that many will remember these tracks from their partying times and others will delight in hearing these creations for the first time. The tracks have been wonderfully remastered and are ready to be played out loud at events for years to come, so have fun and enjoy the trippy and magical music of Gangguru! Be sure to get your original copy so you can read the incredible story of the band and the behind-the-scenes tales that emerged during an extensive interview. http://www.arabesquedistribution.com/index.php?option=com_artistavenue&task=singleCd&id=3843&Itemid=99999999 Release in September :)! PS: The first track is called Ramawai and not Ramawao, on the artwork of the release the title is correct, not sure why on Arabesque there is this mistake.
  8. Artist: Etnica Title: The Juggeling Alchemists Under The Black Light Label: DAT Records Date: April, 2018 CD1 - The Juggeling Alchemists Under The Black Light 01. The Gili's Voyage 02. Infinitive Dream 03. The Gili's Voyage (Ketu Remix) 04. Vicky's Dream 05. Moon Influence 06. Spheric Koncept 07. Mystical Appearance In Goa 08. A Tribute To Goa 09. Intense Visitation (Visitation Of Energy Mix) CD2 - Mystical Vibes 01. The Gili's Voyage (Early Mix) 02. Mystical Appearance In Goa (Remix) 03. Asian Code 7 04. Still Botta 05. Evolution - Alien Phenomenon 06. Synthesis (Shadow Of The Moog) 07. Fractal Gates 08. Acid Shell 09. Chemical Trance (Original Mix) CD3 - The Early Years 01. Fingers 02. Gollum 03. Big Dust In Chapora Fort 04. Whales 05. Bali Island 06. 38° Parallelo 07. Pacific Love 08. J.H. Sound 09. Tribe - Gilligan's Island 10. Evolis 11. Big Dust In Chapora Fort (Piano Remix) Have we finally...and I mean finally extracted all that we can from the Etnica/Pleiadians sweat soaked goa towel? I'm prepared to take a position I know will be unpopular, but enough already. I love what they have done and I of course love Draeke and all at DAT Records for bringing us so much stuff that was previously lost. This album was like the holy grail of infinitely hard to find goa trance and in typical fashion Draeke and co. go big with 3 discs to satiate your Etnica appetite. I think it was in the album promotion thread where he said that there isn't mush left to release from the 95-98 golden era and that he is more focused on the "proto-goa" as he called it. That's his prerogative and I support him no matter what because he's earned that level of loyalty from me. Well unless he starts exploring The Faith Tones discography. And even then...maybe. First off let me say that the sound on this is incredible. I had the download (like a lot of you) and it was ok, but the mastering on this is superb. Even tracks that I can't stand sound fantastic. Hold on a sec... *puts on flame retardant suit. Hangs head* "F*ck!" *struggles to take off suit, falls down, flings boot across room and knocks over lamp, limps to bathroom and pees* *puts suit back on minus one boot* As I mentioned I think I am on Etnica overload. For me Alien Protein was the end all and be all of goa. Take that, LSD, IFO, and Dancing Galaxy and that is how you show an alien what goa is. So TJAUTBL was not even a close second when it came to awesome goa. But you know it's Draeke and the track record of DAT Records is unimpeachable so like I said I support their efforts. What you get is that release of course (which sounds brilliant) and then a whole bunch of early sounding goa and stuff that they never released. I'm not going to bad mouth it because it took a lot of hard work and time to get all this stuff together for a proper release. Three CDs of music from one of the greatest if not the greatest goa acts in history. One flaw that I will bring to your attention (if you don't already know) is that track 5 on the 2nd disc isn't Etnica at all, but Evolution with their track Alien Phenomenon. Apparently the Dat tape was mislabelled and it was too late to make the change when the CDs went out. Some people might lose their sh*t over this. I prefer to mail mine directly to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. So the music is not my cup of tea, but the release is. Let me explain. Although I don't really care for most of the music on here, I cherish that it is now part of my collection. Variety is the spice of life and sometimes I don't feel like listening to thousand layer melody heavy goa and want something more rudimentary just to change gears. Hearing the early stuff also helps one appreciate where you came from. And that's who I think it's for. People who want to have everything that Etnica ever produced and people who are completionists (like me), and people who enjoy the early sound of the not ready for prime time Etnica classics. This is not even close to my favorite DAT Records release, but I'm glad I have it. Besides...we'll always have Live In Athens. Looking forward to seeing what DAT pulls out of their hat in the future. DAT Records Bandcamp Psyshop
  9. https://www.mixcloud.com/draeke/dj-draeke-zna-2017-remixed/ ZNA 2017 Remixed Here is the set that I have played this summer at the global retro goa trance gathering that is the ZNA Festival. I have had a splendid time and I have decided to share the set I have played, remixed and recorded again for this purpose. The original mix played at the party featured some unreleased versions of some of the tracks that I play here and that should not be published online yet as they have been licensed and will be released on upcoming DAT Records releases. That said, I do hope you'll enjoy the mix, I surely did playing it at the festival. Draeke
  10. All for trade and trading only! Not separately! Sleeve / Disc DJ Junya - Reloaded VG+ / VG+ Doof - Let's Turn On S / S Growling Mad Scientists - Chaos Laboratory VG+ / NM Masaray - Cosmic Trancer NM / VG+ Opale - Anaconda's Dance M / M Orion - Futuristic Poetry VG+ / NM Planet B.E.N. - Test VG+ / NM VA - Analog Dreams NM / NM VA - Explorer VG+ / VG+ Vedama & Spies - Photonic EP M / M Zirrex - Ritual Dance S / S Don't hesitate to contact me if your interested or have any questions!
  11. Artist: Crop Circles Title: Lunar Civilization EP Label: DAT Records Date: June, 2013 1. Lunar Civilization 2. Antonomasia 3. Full Mental Jackpot (Pleiadians Remix) 4. Ghost Circles Crop f*cking Circles. Rising faster than an old man's erection on Viagra is the star that is DAT Records. This is a label run by Draeke that resurrects music from the golden age of goa trance that was unreleased or only put out on vinyl and then gives it the production values of today with new mastering. His 2 CD release of Etnica Live in Athens was one of the greatest gifts you could give an old schooler, but instead of standing on his success he continues to reach higher with his next offering. What do you get when you add Etnica + Lotus Omega? Crop f*cking Circles. Now this isn't his first date with this project. Remember the "lost" album Tetrahedron back in 08? So full of thick melodic layers he's been going strong ever since. And now we've learned that no task is too herculean. So it stands to reason that his long standing relationship with this Italian supergroup would continue to bear fruit. Like most of you I didn't have these vinyl EP's released back in 07 and even if I did what the hell would I play them on. So I had to make do with mp3's that I found on the net and I was happy to have them. But now I have the CD EP from DAT Records in its little cardboard sleeve cover and the planets seem to be back in alignment for this collector. The original vinyl EP from Auricle Records had just the tracks Lunar Civlization and Antonomasia. Awesome tracks full of spiraling melodies and complex layers to be sure, but then the CD version came out and it included the mind blowing remix of Full Mental Jackpot by the Pleiadians. But Draeke does you one better with the addition of a track I've never heard called Ghost Circles. It falls right into line with their crazy Italian style. Fast, multilayered melodies with tons of 303 goodness. To close this is another triumph for Draeke and DAT Records. He has succeeded in bringing some of the greatest goa trance tracks back into the light. The music sounds spectacular and keeps the genius that was Etnica alive. No longer do you have to shell out ungodly prices for this hard to find piece of goa history cause now he put it within everyone's reach. And you don't even need a f*cking record player, whatever the hell that is. Draeke you've got your had so deep in my pocket people are going to tell us to get a room. DAT Records Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  12. 01. Pleiadians - Alcyone (Morphic Resonance Rmx) 02. Pleiadians - Maia (Morphic Resonance Rmx) 03. Pleiadians - Taygeta (Morphic Resonance Rmx) 04. Pleiadians - Moon In Your Window (Morphic Resonance Rmx II) 05. Crop Circles - Full Mental Jackpot (Morphic Resonance Rmx) 06. Crop Circles - Different Species (Morphic Resonance Mix) 07. Etnica - Phetalic Vibes (Morphic Resonance Rmx) Samples: http://www.arabesquedistribution.com/index.php?option=com_artistavenue&task=singleCd&id=3684&Itemid=1 To be released on 12th May!
  13. Note: This interview was initially published in2015 by goatrance.hu which has now disappeared. Draeke updated his answers and submitted to Psynews.org for preservation purposes. "On A Quest For Old-School Goa – DAT Records" DJ Draeke, the founder of DAT Records has long been working on preserving the rare gems of old-school Goa tracks for the next generation of fans. We have made an interview with him on the history of the label so far and on his most recent release. Goatrance.hu: You are renown amongst old-school Goa fans and DJ-s for having probably the largest collection of Trance records. Your collection on Discogs contains over 6000 items. Where does your passion for Goa Trance come from? How did you fell in love with this music? Draeke: Hello Hungary! First of all thanks for this interview, I am really happy and honoured to be able to answer for your website and your scene. I have to tell you a little story to answer to your question. In the 90s I wasn’t so expert in this genre of music and my only contacts with the Trance world occurred by listening to the radio and going clubbing. I did travel a lot back then but yet I never had discovered real goa trance music until the summer of ’97 when a friend of mine copied me a tape cassette of rock guitar heroes (as we both were playing the guitar back then) and at the end of this tape he placed a track by Quatermass, a UK goa project. After repeated listening to that track (Kali), I asked to my friend where he got this track and he handed me a copy of VA – Pulse, This Is Psychedelic Trance (1996). I then asked to a few other friends and with the help of the internet a new world appeared in front of me. I started to collect like crazy, and in those years was relatively easy to find rare discs. I profoundly fell in love with this kind of music, especially when in 2000 I moved to London and it was like being in paradise. Hundreds of hours spent in records stores there helped to build the core of my collection. Since then I have never stopped buying records and I now own what I like to call my little Goa Trance museum on the history of Trance music in all its forms. I know about some other great collectors out there too, and even of some that don’t have their collection listed on Discogs, such as a Texan friend that probably has as much as me. Goatrance.hu: How did the idea of forming DAT Records came to you? Draeke: Besides buying released music, I also got quite interested by the fact that there were people having some tracks that had not been released, and thanks to the Internet I started to make my first contacts during the end of the 90s, thus starting my quest for unreleased music. Thanks to some fortunate coincidences, such as meeting with band members of Etnica and Lotus Omega, both from Milan, I started to create more connections and friendships. But it was only thanks to another channel, the 604 mailing list, that I met some incredible people, who shared with me special music. I have to thanks the first two people who believed in me, Gabriel of Altar Records and Mark Ainley (DJ Solitare – DAT Records). They had been in touch with the Goa world much earlier than me and had a lot of incredible music. So fast forward to 2008, by then I had collected so many unreleased tracks from DAT tapes that I felt it was about time to start a label to release those incredible tracks and I think that I was literally the first to press a CD with music made in the 90s, during the late 00s. That is where the idea came from, and of course the name had to be DAT Records, the tapes I had collected for 10 years at the time when I started my label, a name chosen as a tribute to their magical sound. Goatrance.hu: Your first release of the Crop Circles album ‘Tetrahedron’ has created quite a buzz in the scene. How did this collection of rare old gems come together? Draeke: I did collect a lot of DAT tapes but there was one mysterious release that was very close to me, the mystical Crop Circles album. I knew of its existence through my good friend Mark but nobody seemed to have a DAT tape of it, I could only find a track here and a track there. Most of the traders I met online only had mp3s of it, but the real deal was nowhere to be found. This music was so exclusive and secret, that not many had it or copied it for anyone. Obviously the first search was in London circles and I went to pay a visit to the Auracle Records label. When I went there in 2000, the owner of the label Tom was not there, but I met his mother who gave me his cell phone number. When I phoned him, he was really difficult to deal with and he did not want to help at all. He shared a bit of the story behind the album and his label and mentioned he had lost a lot of money since the album had been paid for in full but never released for frivolous reasons and ultimately denied to give me a copy of it. Then I spoke to the band members, because I had to obtain an authorization to release their music. The first step was to meet with Lotus Omega, they were in Milan and able to help with a couple of the tracks that they produced, but they did not have the whole album. Then I met with Andrea and Carlo, ex-members of Etnica and they agreed to the release but had no tracks of the project either, since they had almost no DAT tapes in their hands. So finally, I had to go to Ibiza and visit Etnica in their studio. At first a bit suspicious, they heard the full story and saw how far I went to get their music and valued the fact that it was since 1998 that I was looking for their album. So they agreed and Max opened his sacred vault and nothing less than 350 DAT tapes were to be found there, his entire collection from the 90s. At that moment the world stopped before me and I was crying for joy, I had worked for 10 years and in that moment a dream came true. So in September 2008 I got all the album tracks in original quality, convinced all the 6 members to allow me to release the album and the only thing left to do was to open a label! However in the meantime, the word spread and a little bird reported to someone in the UK scene that the Crop Circles was going to be released… So I contacted some friends in London and I came to the understanding that a friend of Tom of Auracle wanted to beat me and release it, without even asking an authorization to the band because the music had been paid 10 years ago and claimed to have a signed contract. I felt the pressure of this happening but decided not to care about it and went on with passion with my quest. After so long *I* had to release it. So I quickly opened my label, found a great graphic designer, Miro Moric and a pressing plant that would make gold layered CDs to create my crown jewel release. It cost me a fortune to make this release, but what a blast it was!! I remember the first time I heard it, finally pressed on an original CD and before everyone else on my stereo in Milan. I felt my life was complete, I had achieved something that was unimaginable for most, or dare to say anyone, at the time. Goatrance.hu: Your next release was yet another classic name, Blue Planet Corporation. ‘A Blueprint For Survival’ had 2 CDs full of rare old releases never before complied on an album. How did you decide on putting those tracks out and how did the release come to life? Draeke: This double CD was a very different project. You have to know that soon after I successfully released the Crop Circles album, a long time collector and friend came to me and said, look, I have been working for a couple of years on this project but I am now about to give up and close my label, and since I see you have just released some old music, maybe it would be interesting for you to release this. So I jumped on this wagon as quickly as possible and continued his work. I still have to thank PKS for all the work he did initially on the project, but I was also left with half-mastered tracks (some of which contained bad errors) and unfinished graphics, so I had to contact other people and finish the release on my own. I am very happy to have released that compilation, it was really necessary to complete this project and have it out, for the preservation of this beautiful music. Speaking of Blue Planet I also caress the idea of repressing his original album, and I have already spoken to Gabriel about this, but it needs a little more time. Goatrance.hu: You not only concentrate on old-school acts but you have also released the new French talent Crossing Mind’s debut album ‘The Holographic Paradigm’. How did you discover him and his music? Are you constantly on the lookout for new talents? Draeke: The Crossing Mind album was an experiment. I have to tell you that for me his music was not new, but old, and comparable to the other unreleased tracks that I had. The tracks that I published on his first album were all composed between 1998 and 2001. I had them as mp3 files and I was searching for the man that was behind this mysterious project. Nobody knew who Crossing Mind was. It was a difficult research and finally, after purchasing an obscure compilation from Japan where he had a track released I could discover what his real name was. Then, thanks to a French friend, I could get in touch with him. Luckily he was still interested, after many years, in releasing his old music. Together we selected the best tracks he had from the early years and DAT published the album. The music is very complex and psychedelic but a great part of my followers and supporters told me the production quality of the tracks was not on par with my previous releases. I still believe I did good in releasing his album because I gave him a chance and with that he could restart his career, perform live, create and release more music and so I am happy for him and for his career in this music scene. Goatrance.hu: Your next release was again a double disc with the live set and unreleased tracks from the legendary Etnica. This time however, it was not only released as a CD but also on vinyl. How difficult it is to release Goa Trance on vinyl in today’s mp3 dominated world? Draeke: This is a very interesting question. The Etnica vinyl was another adventure, not as hard as releasing the Crop Circles, but almost. I already had the authorization of the band but I knew releasing a vinyl cost so much money and I had to look for some help. So I thought, well, why not a crowd-funding project? I knew my brother was daily using Kickstarter and Indiegogo and he explained me how people could advertise their ideas and get help from others around the world to get financed. And so did I! I started a massive campaign online to promote my idea and thankfully, even if I did not reach my goal, I could get the support from a lot of people that at that point liked my vision and work. I reached half the funds I needed after one month and decided to invest the rest out of my pockets, risking it. But I was rewarded. I sold so far around 200 of the 300 copies produced and got almost all my money back, but to anyone who wants to try to release vinyl’s, your music has to be THAT good if you want to get your money back. Pressing a vinyl album costs easily over 5000 Euro, so be sure of what you want to press on it… I also have to tell to anyone who wants to release a vinyl that there are insane waiting times with pressing plants. Everyone realized it is a profitable business and the few existing plants make you wait a minimum of 6 months now, to press your records!! So I hardly recommend this to anyone in the goa trance scene. Goatrance.hu: You have also came up with a great incentive for charity in the form of your compilation series ‘Mind Rewind’. How did you come up with the idea? Draeke: The ‘Mind Rewind’ series started as a celebrative compilation for the Discogs group of discussion named “Goa / Psy-Trance” that was founded in 2005. After exactly 5 years discussing Goa Trance someone said it would be cool to celebrate this with a compilation, as most of the people there are CD collectors we decided we could try to gather music from different artists to make it happen. Then I stepped in and said that my label could be used, as it seemed a very nice project but I wanted to make it something unique and gave the idea of creating a pro-charity compilation. For some time we discussed this and the original 30 contributors gave some ideas and inputs. And so we started to gather the funds to make it happen. Since we were releasing Goa Trance I started to look for charities in Goa and it seemed for me the best possible idea to find something to help people in need over there, so when I saw Children Walking Tall, helping kids getting a basic education, I was moved and thought it would be the best choice. Artists and contributors were happy about this decision, To be extra sure about the organization I asked to a friend in India to visit the organization and verify that the people were serious and helping kids in the best possible way, and when he confirmed everything was good, we proceeded. I was so happy to have donated around 5000 Pounds to them in October 2011 with the almost immediate selling out and it felt so great to have helped some less fortunate kids. We decided to have a bi-yearly compilation as it takes time to make things right and in 2013 we released volume 2, in 2016 we released volume 3, both quite successful and once again all the proceedings were donated to the same organization that is now called MangoTreeGoa, because they re-located and have more space for the kids. Have a look here: http://www.mangotreegoa.org/ Last year we finally asked to all the artists involved in volume one if we could repress it because it was sold out and they all agreed, so we did it, also to kill the market of people selling the first compilation for crazy collectors’ prices. So right now both volumes are available and it would be so great if people could buy them, as we donate money to the charity every six months. You can read about the total donation so far here: http://www.mangotreegoa.org/NewsIndex_2016Q1.htm Goatrance.hu: After a number of EP-s and another great compilation (‘Analog Dreams’) you are coming out with what’s probably the most anticipated album of the year, the re-release of Doof’s classic ‘Let’s Turn On’. How did you manage to convince Nick Barber to get back into Trance once again after 15 years? Draeke: “Nick Doof is an incredible person, but who really helped me realize this, and the one you really have to thank is Mark Ainley. They would see each other at parties and were very friendly with each other, so that was the focal point. I tried to contact Nick back in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and never got any answer, but through Mark it was different.” He first approached Nick in 2011 and told him about the pro-charity compilation that we were doing at the time, Mind Rewind (now repressed for whoever has missed it), and he was interested. Because of the nature of the compilation, he agreed to donate one track, an alternate mix of Mars Needs Women that Mark already had in his DAT tapes and that used to play in his DJ sets. Nick agreed. It was a miracle and I was overwhelmed with joy because of this. After that, Zion604 contacted Nick and he also licensed to them a previously released track that was only available on vinyl. I found only logical to think that maybe the time had come to see if more music could be released from this mystical project. In 2013 I said to Mark, man we REALLY have to ask Nick for the “Destination Bom (Live Mix)” that you heard back in 1996. Mark was always talking about this track as being an incredible killer track but nobody on earth seemed to have a copy of this, and trust me, by 2013 I already had ripped over 500 DAT tapes myself, so there’s that, but yet no traces of this mystery track. So we thought we had to ask. Nick said he would look in his shrine of tapes and there it was, the forgotten lost mix. He sent it to us and we could not believe it, it was as magical as Mark remembered it. I thanked Nick and asked (a bit insistently) if he had more remixes/alternate/live mixes around, and he searched for more. When he started to send us more tracks I realized we almost had an entire version of the “Let’s Turn On” album that was different from the original! Knowing that the old TIP CD was rare to be found and that the repress of 2000 contained a pressing error, I thought it would only be logical to re-issue the original album together with the remix/alternate album. But Nick said he certainly did not have any other version for all the tracks and especially of “Angelina”. I said to Nick that I knew that back then every producer recorded different mixes of the same track, so to excuse me but that I could not believe he did not have another session/mix of it. So he got the master DAT tape of Angelina and listened to it from the beginning to the end, and there it was, not even mentioned on the DAT cover, an alternate mix of Angelina! My reward was there, the next day, awaiting on a wetransfer link, a track that as Nick said, nobody has ever heard because he did not even remember making it in the first place! My mission was complete, we had alternate versions for all the tracks. And so I started to work actively on the album. This whole process happened in 2013 but because so many things that happened in the meantime, including the production of the triple vinyl, the album got delayed, but fear not, we are almost there now! (and now it is actually released – psymon) Goatrance.hu: How do you see the old-school Goa Trance scene today in Italy and around the world? Draeke: In Italy? Non-existent. I know of a few people who listen to old-school tracks but beside me, nobody really DJs it here as far as I know, and almost nobody ever did in these last 15 years. I was very passionate in the early 2000s and wanted to make old-school parties in Italy but people smiled to me and said: playing old music? You are crazy, nobody would come to your parties!! So I didn’t do anything as I didn’t really like most of the party people that I met in my country, with the sole exception of the Contact Trance Family from Milan that is made of good people. I also don’t consider myself an Italian, but more of a citizen of the world having lived in the last 10 years mostly abroad in different countries. The old-school scene, that I think I have helped to re-create together with Suntrip is now mostly active in Belgium, Israel, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, UK, Brazil and Germany. I have heard that there are events of this kind of music also in Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia and Ukraine, as I know there are a lot of producers from these countries and I’d be happy to see it someday. I also want say that is very interesting to see how after DAT Records opened, other people launched their label focusing on the old-school sound, but I tend to think that I was the first with Suntrip. Goatrance.hu: What were your most memorable gigs from recent years? Draeke: In recent years I was not very active. I DJed a lot during the years 1998-2003 but after seeing that nobody wanted to hear old-school in those years, I stopped promoting this sound as it was pointless and there were no old-school parties near me anyway. But after launching my label I was finally booked much more and I went to play in Belgium many times. Also this year, being my 20th anniversary of DJing I have been invited to play at Old is Gold XX in Belgium, at the Balkan Goa Festival in Croatia in July and at the ZNA Festival in Portugal in August, a real honour!! My most memorable party is without any doubt the Fractal Gate outdoor party in Belgium, year 2011, THAT, was an incredible experience. As a final note I want to add that I don’t do or ever did any psychedelic drug, and it is for me an absolute love just for the music. I do not support the the use of drugs, I’d rather spend my free time with a lovely girl. Goatrance.hu: What are your plans for your next release? Is it going to be another old-school name or maybe a new talent? Draeke: I am about to release the Morphic Resonance – Trip to the Stars EP that features the remixes of Etnica, Pleiadians and Crop Circles classic tracks with the approval and support of the band and after that I will reiusse a 3CD of Etnica – Juggeling Alchemists Under The Black Light and much more! See you and thanks for the interview J
  14. Hello everyone, it's with pleasure that I can finally announce the upcoming release of the Virtuart album. It has been a while since I discovered about the existence of a second part of the mythical and ridiculously limited Virtuart & Friends album. I have been chasing the original first volume for years until I've got a copy sometimes around 2002. I came in touch with Olivier sometimes around then and we have been speaking for long about releasing his wonderful psychedelic music. And now it's the time.... so with no further delays, let's announce this wonderful double album: Virtuart - Virtuart & Friends [2CD] CD1 1 Virtuart & Chronomyst - Vashisht 2 Virtuart & Franky - Wakatoom On The Road 3 Virtuart & Kshoo - Esprit Libre 4 Virtuart & Chronomyst - Sacred Drop 5 Virtuart & Nagar Bhatti - 2068 6 Virtuart & Kshoo - N2 O 7 Virtuart & Maël - Neverending Party 8 Virtuart & Manitù - Red Spirit CD2 1 Virtuart & Chronomyst - Prospector M 2 Virtuart - Light Lifter 3 Virtuart & Chronomyst - L'Karnaj 4 Virtuart & Manitù - Indian Summer 5 Virtuart & Nagar Bhatti - Svadeshi 6 Underhead - Orejuna 7 Virtuart - La Sorcière Des Sables & L'Homme Libre (Sandoz Mix) 8 Virtuart - L'Annee Des 13 Lunes (Galactic Time Mix) The tracklist of Virtuart & Friends 2 was changed a little because Zanchin and Madagascar have both been released, plus Olivier himself wanted to properly compile the second album (rightfully). There are a few more unreleased tracks by Virtuart that will see the light of the day later on. Furthermore I want to also stress out how the mixes on the first CD are the best he has done, as for each of the track, there were many takes and back when he was burning the copies of V&F and sending them around, he used different versions of them, so not all the copies out there have the same version of the tracks, but here and for the first time we gathered all the final and best versions of the tracks that were never properly pressed on a CD before. Mastering will be courtesy of Jaro @ Analog Dimension and Artwork by the amazing Miro Moric, who re-interpreted the original art that was made by Olivier in '98. Cheers!
  15. Artist: Vedama & Spies Title: Photonic EP Label: DAT Records Date: December, 2015 1. Vedama - Photonic 2. Vedama - Scanate 3. Spies - Ceremoniak 4. Spies - Backwash 5. Spies & Space Dimension - Ritual Rise 6. Spies - Backwash (Space Demon Remix) DAT Records have had an awesome run with nary a misstep haven't they? They just keep bringing back music that people clamor for and most times making it even better. Yeah I.F.O. was great...but a 3-CD I.F.O? NSFW *choir sings Hallelujah! Hallelujah!* Draeke could probably release his nephew's 6th grade piano recital and rack up sales. Not saying that he would, but *yells at nephew* "B flat! That's a B flat f*cker! We'll stay here all night! All f*cking night! You don't think Antic can't tell the difference between a B flat and an A sharp? Think again!" So I bought this EP with the Pleiadians and Opale (f*cking awesome by the way) EP and I'd never heard of these projects. Of if I had it went to the memory graveyard swimming in a pool of bong water or Doritos crumbs. Did I need it? Did I even give it a listen? Nope, but it's DAT so your just do it. Where the Opale EP was powerful melodic stuff that could've come from the mind of the Pleiadians or old Astral Projection, this is more of a crunchy style. Somewhat dark that blurs the line between goa and psy. Perhaps experimental where chances are taken with quality results. Backwash throws some tribal elements into the mix, but it gets truly psychedelic with the ever changing Ritual Rise and the Backwash Remix. While not my favorite DAT Records release (how could it be?) it's a solid psychedelic journey and might appeal to those who need a break from the classic goa sound. DAT Records Psyshop
  16. Hello Everyone! With no further delays it is time to announce the tracklist for Mind Rewind 3. I also want to tell everyone that to wait for a couple of DAT tapes to be found, we had to postpone the release to late January. We did not want to use tracks ripped from vinyl, unless necessary and we could manage to track down all we needed from many different sources. Thus, with no other delays, here is what will be in the 3rd pro charity chapter of our adventure. Mind Rewind 3 CD1 Unreleased Alkaloid - Influx Blade - Anthropophagi Dharma 7 - Jubilation Little Blue Men - Dr. Snuggles Dilemma Magus - Black Holes (Re Mix) Mystery Machine - Psychedelic Concentration Opale - Lord of the Minds RA - Questions Shiva Chandra - Atmosphere Wizzy Noise - Pleione CD2 Vinyl Only Cosmosis - Emanations Deviant Electronics - Catacomb Doof - Let's Turn On (Tuned-In Mix) Encens - Howl GangGuru - X-3 Hiscore - Identify Hux Flux - Time Slices Kharma - Harmony Semsis - Soundvandal Ushuaya - 3 Months The funds from the sales of this release will once again be donated to the Charity helping kids in goa get basic education, called Mango Tree Goa. http://www.mangotreegoa.org/ Merry Christmas Everyone!!
  17. Artist: Symbiote Title: Symbiote EP Label: DAT Records Date: April, 2014 1. Phantasmagoria 2. Tiara 3. Abstraktd Draeke (Federico if you're nasty) is the head of DAT Records and has played an integral role in today's goa trance most notably in making the old new again. The results have been nothing more than spectacular with releases from old school masters like Blue Planet Corporation, Crop Circles, and the massive Etnica double CD. He's like the six million dollar man making old music better. Stronger. More awesome. Every conversation I've ever had with him has been polite and enjoyable. He seems to really enjoy what he does and is probably having the time of his life. If I lived in Europe and didn't have these anchors known as children perhaps we'd travel the highways together in a van solving mysteries. We would make money by him playing festivals and I of course would play robin hood, taking advantage of the burgeoning organ black market by swiping kidneys from criminals and rich a**holes to give to poor orphans. Ah, but that's a story for another time. Symbiote is Samuel Cote from Quebec in the state north of my country that doesn't realize it's only a matter of time before it becomes assimilated into the borg. Originally made in 97 (I smell classic) Draeke gave it the DAT treatment and voila we have another EP in the arsenal. And another withdrawl from my bank account. So did he strike gold again and become the 50 ft tall jewel encrusted golden giant? Well, yes and no. Phantasmagoria is everything you could hope for. Ridiculous layers, absurd length fostering the creation of said layers, and the whole thing crackles with an intense energy that sears everything it touches. It's insanely driving music that I have never heard before. It reminds me of this one off track. Delicious! Tiara is even longer, but lacks the intensity of the first track. It's veeeeery repetitive and has more in common with dream trance than goa. Nowhere near as interesting. Which brings me to Abstraktd. The final track that drones on for almost 15 minutes at a slower speed increasing in volume to an almost abrasive level. My least favorite here. So for me this wasn't up the usual DAT standards. But hey Michael Jordan never met a shot he didn't like, but that didn't stop him from taking them. And we all know how that turned out. I don't know if he is still making music, but it would be interesting to hear what he could do with improved technology. Even though I didn't care for this EP, Phantasmagoria is a track that you should hear. Nay...a track that you must hear. DAT Records Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
  18. Artist: Crop Circles Title: Full Mental Jackpot EP Label: DAT Records Date: June, 2013 1. Full Mental Jackpot 2. Different Species 3. Full Mental Jackpot (Etnica rmx) 4. Effortless - Cosmic Creative Rays Crop f*cking Circles. This is the other EP that was released by those crazy Italians and may be more massive than Lunar Civilization. I prefer to look at them as a whole however. A conglomerate of powerful and melodic masterpieces. The title track lays the smack down with numerous twists and turns each more twisted than the last. 11 and a half minutes of pure bliss. Different Species begins slower, but is no less involving and alien sounding. Sharp 303 ripples and spiraling leads tumble from the sky. Now we learned with the Live in Athens 1996 album by Etnica that it wasn't uncommon for them to make several remixes for a track. With the FMJ remix it's more subdued than the original...well at least to start. But this is Etnica we're talking about here so you don't have to wait long before it goes all Full Mental Jackpot on you. Is it better? That's like asking if the first piece of chocolate cake is better than the second. The most interesting track is the final one that due to a labeling error on the DAT master was originally credited to Crop Circles. In actuality, it is by Cosmic Creative Rays which is a Lotus Omega side project and easily the most chaotic and intense track here. Hallucinogenic with melodies that aren't as pristine or accessible, it is still layered goa to the bone. Purchasing these two EP's is a no brainer. These tracks are absolute classics that every goa head knows and loves. The sound quality is superb guaranteed to please. So it you love goa and don't want to take a second mortgage out on your house to buy the original EP's... get cracking. DAT Records Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  19. Hello everyone, it is with great pleasure that I can finally announce the tracklist for VA - Analog Trips. I am sorry it took so long but, we wanted to be 100% sure about all tracks, since we ran into sound troubles and we couldn't find a perfect rip for one of the tracks. I am positive you will all be thrilled about this release as we were creating it, me and Mark aka DJ Solitare. It's the second of a series of three, that has as a theme the Analog sounds/vibrations and from Dreams we shifted towards Trips this time, denoting the music here is quite trippy in itself. All the tracks have been tested and carefully selected by yours truly together with Mark and we are sure you'd like the diversity but also the consistency and the quality of the music contained. With no further delays, here is the front cover and below, the tracklist: Tracklist: 1 Medicine Drum - Angelic Force W&P By Andy Guthrie, Chris Deckker 2 Elysium & Yaco Vam - Tears In The Rain W&P By Kristian Thinning Andersen & Yacco Vijn 3 Gus BUS Till - That Sounds Swell! W&P By Gus Till 4 Earglobe - Spherelobe W&P By Simon Posford, Nick Barber 5 Excess Head - Expo W&P By Graham Wood 6 Opale - Krakoa W&P By Greg Bailay 7 Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Lost & Found W&P By Dick Trevor, Matt Coldrick & Andy Smith 8 Etnica - Human Geometry W&P By Andrea Rizzo, Carlo Paternò, Maurizio Begotti, Max Lanfranconi 9 Doof - Giving Godhead W&P By Nick Barber Hopefully released sometimes in June, as soon as it is pressed and delivered to the distributor, i will know an exact release date. The release will have a wonderful 8 page booklet with histories about the tracks and how we found them, all nicely packaged as usual. The graphic came out real nice and we wanted to dare a bit , with a lovely model that allowed us to use her portrait for this angelic compilation. Cheers!! Draeke
  20. Artist: Opale Title: Anaconda's Dance Label: DAT Records Date: December, 2015 1. Anaconda's Dance 2. Kundun 3. Twister Sound 303 4. Hackers Is it possible to love a label more than DAT Records right now? Like the rest of you it was Christmas, Han...Chanu...Kwanzaa all rolled into one when my brand new copies of the Pleiadians arrived. It's been a long time coming, but the piece de resistance was finally realized. The biggest question I had was how is DAT going to top this? IFO is arguably one of the greatest goa trance albums of all time and the 3 CD version from DAT? Well I don't mind telling you that I may be a little bit gay for Draeke right about now. Now I ordered the two EP's that were ready at the same time because there was no extra shipping and I also wanted to support a label that has given so much. Didn't really know who they were or give much thought to it. Like Tom up there I think I'm in love. Opale is Greg Bailay from France and was apparently a music producer in the mid 90's. This music was made in the early days of goa trance, but you would never know from the sound quality. According to Draeke the mastering was so good they just left it as is. Remarkable. And the music...twisting melodies and leads scream through filtered strangulation. Anaconda's Dance opens things up with shimmering melodies and cochlear popping leads. Kundun builds the tension until the last moment while the 303 gasps for air. Twister Sound 303 has the full throated madness that sounds like Daimon's Codex from Suntrip's Temple of Chaos, but with more layers. There's a weird part near the end when it sounds like a new track sprung out of the mix. Don't mind it, but it's really noticeable. The last track Hackers is another rapid whirlwind of melodies full of fury. It's a great EP from an unknown artist from back in the day. Perfect for those who love their goa trance to be of the storming variety. I hope he is still producing goa trance so that we might see a full album one day. So...don't worry about your Pleiadians hangover. Your boy Draeke has the remedy. DAT Records Psyshop Beatspace
  21. Vedama is a secret project that was developed in France in the late 90s, born as an innuendo to outer space creatures. The music was kept religiously on DAT tapes for almost twenty years and was traded by avid collectors and DJs in the known who wanted to have some special treats for their listeners. The project was born by the sapient minds of Holeg Spies together with Alexandra Mercier and DJ Havok, all pioneers of the French psychedelic trance scene and very talented producers. This edition also contains the original Ceremoniak bw Backwash EP originally released on Transient in 1998 and two other unreleased tracks of the time, all curtesy of Holeg Spies for this tribute project EP. The music has been gently mastered, taking extra care in preserving the dynamics of the original recordings, and will be a perfect addition to your collection of rare tracks for your next set! Samples: http://www.arabesquedistribution.com/index.php?option=com_artistavenue&task=singleCd&id=3603&Itemid=99999999 Coming soon!
  22. Ladies and Gentlemen, directly from France and from the forests of Goa, the most aggressive psychedelic madness release ever to come out on DAT Records: Opale - Anaconda's Dance EP The title track was forever sought after by me, since I've heard it in a Goa Gil set in year 2k for the very first tiime. I always thought that it had to be a track by Toi Doi but when I asked him in 2002/3, he said it wasn't his. Since then I asked to many, but nobody seemed to know this monster tune. It remained a mystery until a DJ from Amsterdam, in 2014 recognized it and told me he had the track on his dat tapes as Opale - Anaconda. I was thrilled and the search re-started as I had a lead and a possible, yet unconfirmed, track name. After a while, and with the help of many, I could finally track the Artist down and much to my surprise he was thrilled that someone wanted to release his music, almost 20 years later! The tracks in this EP were done between 1995 and 1998 and are incredible gems of madness and acid swirls. They were tested on the dance floor in 2014-2015 by me, and even at ZNA Gathering by DJ Solitare who reported the response was brilliant. Hear for yourself, samples here: http://www.arabesquedistribution.com/index.php?option=com_artistavenue&task=singleCd&id=3604&Itemid=2 The artwork was done in cooperation with the Artist by Vladimir Trillobeat with art direction, edits and revisions by myself. Release coming soon
  23. Artist: Various Title: Analog Dreams Label: DAT Records Date: August, 2014 1 Hallucinogen - LSD '93 2 Space Tribe - The Great Spirit (Original Mix) 3 Doof - We Are Free (Desk Mix) 4 Slinky Wizard - Funkus Munkus (Original Mix) 5 Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Ring Of Fire (Extended Mix) 6 Total Eclipse - Free Lemonade (Live in Paris 1995) 7 Etnica - Full On (Original Mix) 8 Prana - Voyager 2 9 Nervasystem - Whirling Dervish (Kaleidoscope Mix) "Let me show you something. That'll make you feel young as when the world was new." DAT Records is back with its latest compilation and the hype levels were off the charts. And why wouldn't they be? Look at that tracklist. Ain't seen that sh*t since Destination Goa. Draeke takes what is old and makes it new again, building it better. Faster. Stronger. Yeah that 55 Chevy looks great, but it's stunning with a new coat of paint and a souped up intake valve. As a special bonus the album comes with an 8 page booklet that provides welcome insight to the tracks. Love that. LSD '93- This is one of the greatest goa trance songs. Ever. It's full of power and mystical possibilities. Blows my mind that this was made 21 years ago. This version however is weaker and loses some of its gravitas. Think of the track as the elder statesman of the goa trance age. Don't take away his Viagara. The Great Spirit (Original Mix)- Olli's brand of goa always felt lacking and incomplete to me. Let's face it he ain't in the top ten when you discuss the masters of the genre. I remember album covers more than tracks. But I liked this one. Not a stormer, but a subtle guide with good attention to detail. It weaves hypnotically with a tribal feel. We Are Free (Desk Mix)- Not a fan of the repeated samples, but the crunchy lead synth running through its cycle is delicious and juicy. Funkus Munkus (Original Mix)- Very acidic with dark, tribal overtones. Ring of Fire (Extended Mix)- Kitty like original better. Free Lemonade (Live In Paris 1995)- I've never liked this song to begin with so the fact that it was recorded live in Paris is not going to change my mind. Unless it includes round trip airfare tickets then of course I'm on board. Full On (Original Mix)- Say what you want about this track but I really liked it. The sounds were crystal clear and all the layers were nice and bubbly. Voyager 2- You hear how sneaky that lead is? Dancing. Mandatory. This is what old school goa trance was all about. Foreign and exotic, opening up doors with magical possibilities. Trance state achieved. Whirling Dervish (Kaleidoscope Mix)- The album closes with a mysterious almost downtempo goa song heavy with ancient shaman sensibilities. At first there was euphoria with climax inducing praise. As you got farther into the release thread you would've thought this was a dud. Wrong. With regards to criticism about the mastering let me tell you for home listening this doesn't appear to be an issue for me. Sounds great on headphones or my speakers. I will say that on some tracks the kick sounds muted and others it's right in front in the mix. But guess what? These tracks are old. Some older than you. I imagine that they weren't in the greatest condition and a balance had to be struck when mastering the album. Didn't take any enjoyment away from me. I like hearing different versions of well known tracks. They're not all going to be hits, that's why the famous ones are the famous ones and the other aren't. Prana ain't Prana because they released Kollage. Someone said that we are reluctant to criticize our favorite labels and that may be true to some degree. But not because of some blind loyalty. Maybe we're afraid that they'll stop doing what they do. And we enjoy goa trance way too much to have it goaway. (See what I did there?) Making an album and releasing a CD seems like hard work. Harder work than I want to do. Especially if it's trying to resurrect older material. You're not going to please everyone. Sometimes you hit a home run and sometimes you put your uniform on backwards. While nowhere near as epic as Live in Athens this album is a worthy addition to your collection. Why? It's like listening to a piece of history that has only recently been discovered. Sometimes history ain't pretty and can leave you with more questions than answers. Sometimes you might not like what you find. Like you I love what DAT Records does and hope they keep doing it as long as the passion is still there. They have my full support and I will continue buying their music. Having missed out on this great era once I have no intention of repeating that mistake. DAT Records Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
  24. Citing Mark Ainley: "Both Draeke and I have a strong connection to Doofs music, having admired his releases and heard him live in our early years in the scene. I was at his album launch in November 1996 and had heard him two months previously at an epic all-star Return To The Source party in New York. I had the opportunity to see him at several parties in the UK and Japan, yet one special occasion bridged my strong connection to his sound. Tsuyoshi had asked me to DJ at his London home prior to his moving in August 97, and a few tracks into my set Nick came up to me and said that he had a live mix of Destination Bom that would go really well with what I was playing, if I was interested. Of course I was! We cued it up on the DAT player and although mixed as part of a live set, I managed a seamless mix from the previous track, and out came the one of the most beautiful tunes Id ever heard, more of a morning track than the released growling nighttime stormer. As the track drew to an end that I had not yet heard, I managed smooth mix out into the next track, the DAT came out of the player and went back into Nicks DAT bag, and that was that - one of the most magical experiences I have had as a DJ, one that I could never forget. Years later, back in 2011, Nick kindly agreed to contribute a previously unpublished mix of Mars Needs Women to DAT Records charity project Mind Rewind and wrote a wonderfully insightful story into the tracks history. A while later, I reminded him of his having loaned me that Destination Bom mix at Tsuyoshis; he said he couldnt remember the track but would look. He responded not long after that he hadnt been able to find it. I said that unless he had thrown out some DATs he must have it, and perhaps he could check again. The next morning, an email from a file transfer service was in my inbox, with the message, This may be the droid youre looking for. I excitedly downloaded it and this was indeed that marvellous track from 16 years earlier: soaring, magnificently structured, seamlessly phrased... every bit as beautiful as Id remembered. We already had in our possession a couple of other alternate Doof mixes, and Draeke had the idea that if there were alternate mixes for each of the tracks from the classic Doof album Lets Turn On, it would make an outstanding release. Nick doubted that there would be, but said hed investigate his archive. Lo and behold, a few days later he had indeed found other mixes hed forgotten about - some of which he thought were better than the issued versions. A parallel album of alternate mixes was compiled, and we had the idea to issue the remixed album together with the original as a special collectors edition. DAT Records is therefore please to announce Doof: Lets Turn On - Remixed and Remastered CD1 - Remixed 1. Lets Turn On (Desk Mix) 2. Mars Needs Women (Live Mix) 3. Yoof of the Galaxy 4. Double Dragons (Alternate Mix 2) 5. Sunshrine (Mix 2) 6. Secret Sun (7th Sun Mix) 7. Angelina (Alternate Mix) 8. Destination Bom (Alternate Mix) 9. Star Above Parvatti (Original Mix) CD2 - Remastered 1. Lets Turn On 2. Mars Needs Women (96 Mix) 3. Youth of the Galaxy (Final Demand Mix) 4. Double Dragons 5. Sunshrine 6. Secret Sun (Sunbeam Mix) 7. Angelina 8. Destination Bom 9. Star Above Parvatti (Bijli Mahadev Mix) This remarkable track list only begins to hint at the beauty of the contents. Fans of Doof and newer fans of the genre will be blown away by the wonderfully fluid melodic and harmonic wonders found herein. Full-bodied and big-bassed while also lean and sophisticated, the previously unreleased mixes found on Disc 1 provide a wonderful complement to the familiar classics on Disc 2 that will sound fresher and more alive than ever with up-to-date mastering. So, this autumn... get ready to tune in... and Lets Turn On, once again and for the very first time!" So this is something I was working on secretly for quite sometime, together with the Etnica LP, the VA - Analog Dreams and other things, so this year was very very busy and the schedule, although a bit delayed, is being respected. You will hear these monsters tunes soon enough folks! Draeke
  25. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/etnica-live-in-athens-1996-lp Hello Everyone! I am trying to do something massive here, a special edition on triple LP of Etnica - Live in Athens 96 I need your support now, more than ever, if you want this release to be real. 5k eur may seem a lot but for the project I have in mind... it's needed, more or less. I say more or less because the minimum amount for which i'd consider go through with it, it's really 3k. I would add the extra funds needed and make something that would be like this: A1 Etnica Plastic7:06 A2 Etnica Floating Universe 8:16 B1 Blue Planet Corporation Antidote (Etnica Remix)10:52 B2 Etnica Nice Toys10:01 C1 Etnica Vimana10:08 C2 Crop Circles Lunar Civilization (Etnica Remix)10:05 D1 Etnica - Fluorophilia Camps Bay9:34 D2 Pleiadians Jungle Trax (Etnica Remix)9:01 E Pleiadians Time Dilation (Etnica Morning Mix)15:47 F Etnica Mental Puzzle14:33 Only made in 300 copies, 100 of which will be black, 100 blue and 100 green (transparent both). Eventually if I were to sell more than 200 copies on the funding project I'd adjust and maybe make 400 or even a 4LP but that would really depend on the support/interest I raise. So I'd need you all to advertise this as much as possible, on other forums, facebook, anywhere there may be people interested in vinyls. Also if you have other ideas for perks, let me know, what would u like to get extra, imagining you have a lot of money to invest and want something special? I may do a perk including a t-shirt maybe, but that would be considered ONLY if there will a huge success and a lot of money collected for this idea. Signed copies may also be happening, even if it would be a bit tricky and I'd have to go to Ibiza and Milan coordinating with the 4 members of the band to meet and get a signature so that would be 2 trips that would have to be financed by the project (or at least one of the 2). So... vinyls... THEY REALLY KICK ASS. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/etnica-live-in-athens-1996-lp
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