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Found 3 results

  1. Drumatik Illegal Space Activities Reloaded Temple Twisters Records Tracklist: 1. Cosmic Prayer - Drumatik & Airi 2. Time Out (Edit 2014) 3. Magic Tragic (Remix) 4. Tranceformers (Edit 2014) 5. Great Escape (Edit 2014) - Drumatik & Airi 6. Scary Doors - Drumatik & Airi 7. Mirage (Edit 2014) 8. Lost In Storms (Edit 2014) - Drumatik & Atomental 9. Illegal Space Activities (Edit 2014) 10. Restricted Area (Edit 2014) 11. Inner Activities - Drumatik & Airi From what I have been able to gather, "Illegal Space Activities" was originally released in 2013, tweaked & edited in 2014 and now re-released here for 2015. I'm not sure of the back story, if Drumatik was not pleased with the original (although that version does sound very good this "Reloaded" edition does sound better, much more space in the songs, all the layers aren't bunched together here,) or maybe he felt it deserved more attention than it initially received. Whatever it is, this version of "Illegal Space Activities" is fantastic! It comes with two tracks not available on the original (three if you're fortunate enough to get the version that contains song 12 "Go With The Flow (Edit 2014)." Don't miss it if possible!) and for many of these moments, as promised with that awesome and imaginative cover art, it is a wicked full-on and twilight romp through the outer limits. There are no tracks here that are instant classics, nothing that you will likely recall the morning after, but while it is going you cannot hope for much better. If boiling energy and full-on intensity are attractive traits than do not look beyond Drumatik & Airi's stellar pairing on "Scary Doors" and "Inner Activities." Too, Airi makes a great co-producing appearance on the wicked good full-on opener, "Cosmic Prayer." That track is the best one here and solid proof that when Drumatik & Airi get their heads together magic happens more often than not. (Though that "not" part does occur on "Great Escape," one of a couple of mid-album tracks that feel less than the rest.) From tracks one through four you are provided with some stellar full-on. You get the great "Scary Doors" nestled between two not-so-great tracks right there in the middle but beginning with Drumatik's pairing with Atomental on "Lost In Storms" the twilight music is deliciously overwhelming and sends this awesome collection off to its bombastic conclusion. For fans of full-on and twilight, I highly recommend this one. It's a helluva journey and, apparently, more than a bit illegal in certain parts of the galaxy. () Also check out the review for Drumatik's "Sacred Places" EP released earlier in 2015: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/70111-drumatik-sacred-places/
  2. Bill

    VA - Rolling Stoners

    VA - Rolling Stoners Label: Digital Om Tracklist: 01. Groove Addict Vs Treavor Moontribe - Shiva's Melt 02. Ital - Fresh Vibes 03. Spinal Fusion Vs Mad Monkey - Nirvana Sky 04. Space Vision - Dank 05. Eclipse Echoes Vs Woodstech - Freak Revolution 06. Mental Broadcast Vs Technology - 2 Worlds 07. Earthspace - Modulated Pathway 08. Mental Control Vs Nevermind - The Green Spell 09. Beyond Repair - Trichome Army 10. Samadhi - Rolling Stoned 11. Ajja Vs Jovis - Dopaque 12. Gaspard - Sacrilicious 13. Dust - Mantra 14. Whiptongue Vs Smokeship - Back To 50's 15. Headworks - Doodlebug 16. Drumatik Vs Airi - Scary Doors 17. Electric Mirror - The Human Form 18. Bubbleguns - Earth Kid 19. Entropy - My Pink Salad 20. Babagoon - 420 Not sure I'm a fan of the album title - likely a drug reference or maybe a play on the old adage of "a rolling stone gathers no moss". Not so sure I'm a fan of the album art, either. But where it matters I happen to be quite happy with the results. Beginning with some pleasant early evening psytrance and working its way later in the collection to some peak-hour full-on and igniting brightly with some twilight sounds, this lengthy 20-track compilation offers up quite a few sturdy tunes, a couple of genuine gems and only a minimal number of duds. Of the sturdy tracks, of which there are many, Ital offers up his typical brand of above-average full-on, Eclipse Echoes vs Woodstech offer up a rowdy rumbler, Beyond Repair is blissfully beyond funky and Electric Mirror is, well, electric. Mental Broadcast vs Technology offer up a great one, Mental Control vs Nevermind are spellbinding and Headworks is rock-solid. Of the duds, Samadhi samples The Doors in ways that are overused and cliched at this point in psytrance history, the usually great Ajja is quite underwhelming and, in a complete travesty, the best sounding track on the album, from Whiptongue vs Smokeship, is annoyingly undone by cheesy Jerry Lee Lewis samples. With the gems, "Rolling Stoners" (still don't like that title) starts off on the excellent work of Groove Addict vs Treavor Moontribe who fascinate with catchy tribal vocals and delicious early evening psytrance on "Shiva's Melt," a track layered with just the correct levels of progressive. Great track! Space Vision's "Dank" is beautiful and trance-inducing, like a gorgeous lightning storm stretched out on the horizon. Dust is his usual, excellent, super-well-produced full-on self on "Mantra." Earthspace makes a triumphant return to full-on, rediscovering every great element that made his Ovnimoon Records EPs so damn good, leaving behind him, perhaps only for now, the misguided psygressive style he has until recently been focusing on. With "Modulated Pathway" this very gifted producer celebrates and delivers every characteristic that makes full-on great - wicked good tempo, slick and invigorating effects, hard and funky melodies. This one crackles! My vote for top-dog in this solid collection goes to Drumatik Vs Airi for their twilight brilliance on "Scary Doors," a track that moves with frenetic energy and fascinates with delicious atmosphere. Of several great tracks, this is the one that deserves to be heard above all else. Sure, I dislike the title (if a "rolling stone gathers no moss" where does that leave the forest freaks? Or, if it's a drug reference... really? Rolling stoners? That's the best you could come up with?) and I'm still waiting for the album cover to grow on me but I'm afraid it may not. But to use a different adage, it's best not to judge this book by its cover. There's a lot of exciting tunes to be missed by doing that. Props to Jafar for compiling this massively good compilation.
  3. Drumatik Sacred Places Sangoma Records Tracklist: 1. Unlocking Mysteries 2. Parvati Diamonds 3. Nebula's Quest 4. Side Chains 5. Sacred Places A rock-solid EP of rollicking peak-hour full-on. And extra points for that ridiculously good cover art. This is peak-hour in-the-forest full-on, the type of music that gives full-on a good name, as opposed to the generic in-the-club variety prevalent through today's psy scene. This is full-on designed for the discerning listener. "Unlocking Mysteries" is a superb opener, unveiling many layers of delicious energy, layers of great effects, truly inspired work. "Parvati Diamonds" is a continuation of all that is great with the EP opener, full of imagination, awesome taste in musical directions and thrilling dance-floor pleasing peaks. "Nebula's Quest" loses a bit of steam from the first two tracks but does no less than soldier on and the longer it plays out the more hypnotic is the spell it weaves. In the end, the track works some very fine magic. "Side Chains" makes little to no sense. Fashioned in the popular psygressive style, my thought is "why the hell is this here?" It is a dramatic direction change from the very tasteful full-on everywhere else on the EP, it is also a very tasteless track. Generic and heard way too often by way too many psy artists, not a good style for this talented producer. The natural concern going into the EP closer is that more psygressive blandness may be in store. Alas, Drumatik changes direction again, getting back into the rhythms and vibes built up by the first three tracks. "Sacred Places" is a bombastic finale, exactly the type of boiling, fiercely energetic curtain call that this great EP deserves. Great job on this EP by Drumatik. Four-out-of-five of these tracks turn out to be gems and that cover art, oh, that cover art. It is a sacred place unto itself. ()
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