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Found 243 results

  1. www.psybient.org and Gagarin Project are happy to present you Cosmic Awakening episode 4 - Neptune. Cosmic Awakening mixes are broadcasted at di .fm/psychill and www. psyradio.com.ua. Original vocal samples are prepared, recorded and integrated into each mix. --------- MIX => https://soundcloud.com/gagarinproject/gagarinmix-27 --------- Gagarin Project - Cosmic Awakening 04 - Neptune title: Cosmic Awakening 04 - Neptune mixed by Gagarin Project type: mix style: Psychedelic, Psybient, Psychill, Ambient, Psydub, Cosmic tags: experimental, calm, intense, ambient, liquid, fast-changing, Psybient, Ambient, Cosmic time: 70:53 min date recorded: 20-04-2013 release number: GAGARINMIX-27 Tracklist: 01. Gagarin Project - Cosmic Awakening Episode 4 (intro) 02. Scann-Tec - White Sun (live edit) 03. Ishq - Leaf 04. Gagarin Project - small, thin, yet visible brush strokes, open composition, depiction of light in its changing qualities, effects of the passage of time, movement as a crucial element of human perception and experience, unusual visual angles. Be an impressionist of your life. 05. By The Rain - Mystical Water 06. Androcell - Seahorse Dreams 07. SeaMoon - Outbackfrogz (Gagarin Project Remix) 08. Gagarin Project - Neptune, Poseidon, Varuna - God of rain and sea 09. Gagarin Project - Creativity, idealism and compassion, illusion, confusion, deception - colours and lights, waves and tides... 10. D. Batistatos - In The Bottom Of The Ocean 11. Aes Dana - Horizontal rain 12. Echo System - Bosphoressence 13. Gagarin Project - In many cultures, societies, and religions, there is memory of a distant past when humankind lived in a primitive and simple state, but at the same time one of perfect happiness and fulfillment. 14. Gagarin Project - In those days there was an instinctive harmony between humanity and nature 15. Iool - Chromosoma 16. Khooman - Slide! 17. Slackbaba - Drink More Tea 18. Gagarin Project - Neptune, Poseidon, Varuna - God of rain and sea 19. Scann-Tec - Hope (live edit) 20. Gagarin Project - Cosmic Awakening Episode 4 (outro) Much love and gratitude to all the artists and labels presented in this mix. The full copyright for the music in this mix is owned by the respective artists and/or publishing/recording labels. We make no commercial use of this music and mix it only for our and our friends pleasure. Please support the artists by buying their music or donating to them directly.
  2. www.psybient.org and Gagarin Project are happy to present you Cosmic Awakening episode 1 - Mars. Cosmic Awakening mixes are broadcasted at di .fm/psychill and www. psyradio.com.ua. Original vocal samples are prepared, recorded and integrated into each mix. ------------ MIX => https://soundcloud.com/gagarinproject/gagarinmix-23 ------------ ------- How often do you look into the sky and notice the endless marvels of the universe above? Have you ever felt the influence of the moon, sun and other planets? As the basic patterns of the universe repeat everywhere, in a fractal-like way, we have a strong interrelation and similarity with something bigger than we are, particularly with the planets. Being limitless and divine by nature, human beings have the innate power to create and explore. Join us for a year-long journey through the sound of solar system to look deeper into our souls and feel the cosmic energy flow inside our bodies. While exploring the universe from inside and outside we will access the sacred knowledge of our wise ancestors, reconnect our bodies, minds and souls to Mother Nature and its Cosmic Energy. After this year of transformation towards a more spiritual and conscious state of mind, it will be time for a profound Cosmic Awakening, exploring ourselves and surrounding realities. It is time for further changes since change is an inevitable element of our evolution. Reality is a creation of our mind. By changing ourselves, we change the world around us. .............. Tracklist: 01. Gagarin Project - Cosmic Awakening 02. Tor.Ma - Close Your Eyes (Gagarin Project Edit) 03. Resonant Dawn - Le's Fly (Gagarin Project Edit) 04. Vonoom feat. Baba Gnohm - Night Driver 05. Vibrasphere - San Pedro 06. Sephira - The 3rd Drink (Gagarin Project Remix) 07. Kanc Cover - Cosmic Silence 08. Bluey - Ricochet 09. Wombatmusic - Artificial Earth Satellite 10. Taff - Third Trip To Mars 11. Jaia - l'Ivresse des Profondeurs 12. Gagarin Project - Mangala (vocal version) Much love to all the artists and labels presented in this mix. The full copyright for the tunes we mix is owned by the respective artists and/or publishing/recording labels. We make no commercial use of this music and mix it only for my and my friends pleasure. Please support the artists.
  3. Hello Frieends, actually i got inspired to write this topic in parallel thread**. As downtempo and trance radiostation are usually separate, i would like you to ask which radiostations are your favourite for downtempo ambient music*? * basically eveything psychedelic slower then 115 bpm. It can be psychill (psychedelic chillout), psybient (psychedelic ambient), psydub, dub, psydubient, psystep, psybreaks (psychedelic breaks), downtempo, ambient downtempo, world, ethnic, temple bass, chillgressive (progressive chillout), ambient, ambient dub, psydm, idm, trip hop, glitch, electronica and meditative. ** theread for trance radios => http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php/topic/67278-internet-radio-which-ones-do-you-like-best/
  4. Hello, would llike you to introuce a new music project The Land Switcher from France, they sound is definitely unique and filled with PsyLove. They recently released this new EP Cloud 36. It has 5 excellent tracks that will put you and a groovy dubby mood! It can be described as a fine mix of psychill/psystep/glitch sound, boosted with a psytrance production techniques! you can preview it from here => http://www.psybient.org/love/release/land-switcher-cloud-36-free-spirit/
  5. Another of my monthly mixtapes. Managed to finish it sooner than I expected. https://soundcloud.com/fuluf/fuluf-psychedelic-1 1. Radiologica - Saturn - Mind Experience 2. Seamoon - A Deep Breath - Psyderweb 3. Shpongle - Shpongleeyes - Twisted 4. Yarn - U.S.M - Psylife 5. Pale Moon Rising - Across the Plains - Organic 6. Globular - Feeding Back Forwards - Omnitropic 7. Ott - Cley Hill - Twisted 8. Zoungla - Anahata - Omnitropic 9. Bandarlog - Like We Know - Psyderweb 10. Allinn - Sõjamaaling - ??? 11. Younger Brother - Crumblenaut - Twisted 12. Ra - Shift - Altar 13. Yggdrasil - Flying Sausage - Digital Psionics Australia --- Shpongle - Divine Moments of Truth - Twisted
  6. Imaginative producer duo Yarn returns with a hypnotic new EP on Psylife Records showing their diverse musical taste and talent once again. Inner Expedition features four previously unreleased psychedelic downtempo delights each carefully designed to be a perfect soundtrack for exploring deeper consciousness... Tracklist: 1. U.S.M. 06:35 2. Before Rain 07:51 3. Rooms In Mind 08:20 4. Inner Expedition 07:35 download for FREE at http://www.psylife.net Earlier releases from Yarn: QUESTIONS & ANSWERS EP (free download) http://music.psylife.net/album/questions-answers-free-download YARNIA (debut album 2013) http://music.psylife.net/album/yarnia
  7. Imaginative producer duo Yarn returns with a hypnotic new EP on Psylife Records showing their diverse musical taste and talent once again. Inner Expedition features four previously unreleased psychedelic downtempo delights each carefully designed to be a perfect soundtrack for exploring deeper consciousness... Tracklist: 1. U.S.M. 06:35 2. Before Rain 07:51 3. Rooms In Mind 08:20 4. Inner Expedition 07:35 name your price or download for FREE at http://www.psylife.net right now - coming soon to Beatport, iTunes etc... More info: http://www.facebook.com/yarnsounds http://www.soundcloud.com/psyliferecords Earlier releases from Yarn: QUESTIONS & ANSWERS EP http://music.psylife.net/album/questions-answers-free-download YARNIA (debut album 2013) http://music.psylife.net/album/yarnia
  8. Soundcloud link 1. Creotaur - Ohm - Neurotrance 2. Alba - Arising and Passing Away - Neogoa 3. Oxya - Tile - Hispanodelicius 4. Kurbeats - Sub Serum - Event Horizon 5. In Orbit - Conversations in the Past - http://matt-in-orbit.com/ 6. Ekaologik - Lake Travel - Neogoa 7. Azam Ali - Fourty One Ways - Six Degrees 8. Ra - Creation of Tefnet - Altar 9. Radioactive Sandwich - Time Dilation - Omnitropic/Radioactive Sandwich 10. Massive Attack - Teardrop (Phutureprimitive remix) https://www.facebook.com/phutureprimitivemusic
  9. Hi guys, i want to show u my chillout/psychill album "waves"! enjoy the listening and tell me what u think about http://www.beatport.com/release/waves/944194 http://dogmai.bandcamp.com/album/waves
  10. ► 26 Octobre — Secret Location — Paris (Intramuros) ► Dj’s Set by: Gagarin Project , Runa, Land Switcher, Megasame ► Visuals Shows by GYUI ► Déco by Dream Neon ► Hosted By “PSYBIENT.ORG” ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/285188718288502/ ► Official Link: www.gagarinproject.org/event-chill-paris/ ► Music: Psychedelic Chillout, Psychill, Psybient, Psydub, Psystep, World, Deep Trance.. ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▬▬▬▬▬▬ LINE UP ► Gagarin Project (CCCP) www.gagarinproject.net www.soundcloud.com/gagarinproject ► Land Switcher (France) www.soundcloud.com/landswitcher ► Runa (Ukraine) runa.psybient.org www.mixcloud.com/runa_project ► Megasame (Uk) www.soundcloud.com/megasame + Guests ▬▬▬Video Installations:▬▬▬ ► GYUI (video installation) www.gagarinproject.net www.youtube.com/user/mynameisGYUI ▬▬▬Déco Teams:▬▬▬ ► Dream Neon www.dream-neon.com ▬▬▬Teaser Photo:▬▬▬ http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.303117423125357.54067.176557555781345&type=3
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wntaT6D0QU Just wanted to show our live-set from May this year. Cheers!
  12. new compilation compiled by idan or aka lemonchill and aydin bz. this compilation while more dark,space trance , minimal, even has some Brian eno influences still manage to keep the downtempo vibes and atmosphere.more uptempo at times with low beat tracks and bpm. a new high quality compilation,that concentrate on both sound quality and concept. we made an effort to bring some of the most talented artists out there today on the downtempo electronica music genre. http://lemonchill.bandcamp.com/album/moving-dreams
  13. Hey guys, download this live set from Vibe Festival 2013 - Full length album in the works, but I thought I'd share this in the mean time! Thanks for all the love and support! https://soundcloud.com/a_u_r_a/aura-live-vibe-festival-2013 www.aura-sound.com www.facebook.com/auraexperience
  14. :: PRESS RELEASE :: Besides working on "Tales From The Yellow Kangaroo" together with friend and fellow artist GMO, Dense used last summer to collect sounds for his long awaited next solo album "Exhale". Accept his invitation to explore these nine amazing tracks which will carry the listener through a melodic and chilled out journey spanning a range of relaxed and danceable grooves including his remix of E-Mantra's "Silence". With "Moonflower" and "The Right Distance" in typical “chillgressive” style, he brings a warm positive energy to the dance floor while never losing that relaxed feel. Dense also delivers his chillin' versions of two tracks from the latest GMO vs. Dense release. Both "Passing Storm" and "The Law Of God", as well as unreleased new highlights from his studio in Hamburg/Germany, are here for your enjoyment. “Exhale” promises to be an unforgettable release that will please the chilled and fill the dance floor while bringing you the quality chill-out that Altar is well known for! http://www.altar-records.com/Newsletter_43.html Enjoy!
  15. http://entheogenic-usr.bandcamp.com/album/anthropomorphic Entheogenic's 7th Studio Album / EP. A tribute to & inspired by cave art 35,000 years old. After a few visits to local caves in the s.w. France & seeing the ancient art in the real & all its stunning humble beauty.. The music Anthropomorphic was seeded. After a two year break from the studio, Entheogenic is back with a very unique collection of deep cave emotional psychedelic tracks & songs <3 (Attention ! This music can be quite challenging at times & requires the full attention of the listener.. particularly on good headphones !) And a huge very meaningful thanks to Hakan Hisim for his mind blowing ecstatic eye tantalising visionary art <3 (Inlay art included with download) creditsreleased 23 May 2013 Written & Produced by Piers Oak-Rhind Mastering by Colin Bennum - colin@oood.net Graphics by Hakan Hisim - www.hakanhisim.net
  16. Spotted Peccary Music continues to expand its O3E imprint/sub-label with the release of ONE, the full-length album debut from DeeperNET. Blending extreme influences from completely opposite ends of the electronic music spectrum such as Goa, Downtempo, EDM, and Psybient, the album offers well over an hour’s worth of music across eight tracks that fuse more aggressive electronic tones and percussion with the delicate atmospherics of ambient. Intricate rhythms, constantly evolving sequences, and ‘wall of sound’ style electronics propel the listener through a deeper network of cosmic pulses and fluid soundscapes. Artist: DeeperNET Album: One Label: O3E Format: CD / MP3 / FLAC (16 & 24 bit) / Apple Lossless (16 & 24 bit) Style: psybient, psytrance Date: May 14 2013 Order CD or download: here Tracklist: 01 - Elementary Particles 02 - Mind at Large 03 - Sirens 04 - The Eagle has Landed 05 - Tiny Paper Squares 06 - Moksha 07 - Neptune 08 - The Gate
  17. Artist: Amiranu Title: Painting the Sky Label: Karana Music Genre: Morning / Full On / Psytrance Rel. Date: May.2013 Size: 130 MB Tracklist: 01. Amiranu – The Rainbow God 02. Amiranu – We’re All Shards Of A Fractal 03. Amiranu feat. The Prodigal Steve – Pickled Dolphins 04. Amiranu – Painting The Sky 05. Amiranu – Watching The Trees Move 06. Amiranu – Lecherous Moon 07. Amiranu – Electric Jesus 08. Amiranu feat. The Jolly Jimbah – Bos Squirm Karana Music is proud to present Painting The Sky, the debut album by American artist Amiranu. Evocative of the rainy forests of the Pacific Northwest he calls home, his music wanders through morning, full on, forest, and chilled out sounds. Inspired by adventures he's embarked on in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California and Turkey, Amiranu's songs are at times transcendent and spiritual, at others, dark and twisted (and occasionally strange and silly), and always, his music captures the many faces of the psychedelic experience. With Amiranu as your guide, Painting The Sky will lead you on a journey through the weird and wonderful realms of the mind. And keep you dancing the whole way. http://karanamusic.co.za/ https://soundcloud.com/dawnchaser/painting-the-sky-teaser-mix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkDvaepm7_w
  18. Artist: Various (lovingly compiled by Dj Zen) Album: Ether Date: 2010-11-30 Genre: Psychill, Ambiant, Psybient Ether is the fifth and final installment in the ''Elements'' series of Altar Records. All compiled by Dj Zen, each ''Elements'' album, Air, Fire, Water, Earth and now Ether, propose a unique travel through specifics colours of ambient and downtempo textures. With this last trip, the journey ends up in a marvelous selection of tracks that brings our soul in the ethereal level of consciousness and spiritual being. This album is like a story, like a poem. Each track inspires images and pictures. Each tune stimulates memories and desires. Take your seat my friends, I'm going to tell you the story of Ether…. Astropilot Feat. Chronos - Expectations 8:30 I open my eyes to the new morning. I feel the day caressing my face, I taste the life taking place in me. Slowly, I become conscious, I am awake, I am alive. Suddenly, I realize that I had always been waiting, always wishing. In truth, I realize that all my Expectations depend only of me. Flooting Grooves - Toward The Light 9:24 I begin to walk, I perceive the sky trying to speak to me. Lightly, I start to move, I begin to really move forwards. I take my feet and I go towards my life, I raise my hands towards the sky, I raise my heart Towards the light. Mr Peculiar Feat. Athena Etana- Ancient Tribes 8:00 I look around me. Nothing........so far! Gently, softly, you touch my body. Lightly and slowly, you introduce your breath in my chest. My head starts to turn, my eyes to see. My person, my own self that I am used to calling me, myself or I, is just the result of something way bigger, way older. I am the result of the Ancients tribes. Astropilot – Answers 7:21 Finally, I’m found. At last, I discover..... I have the Answer! I am not alone, and I never have been. At each second I am connected with everything. The past, the present ant the future The flowers, the animals and the soil. At each minute, at each hour, I am the Answers. Tentura – Free Your Mind 7:16 Questions disappear as answers appear leaving no doubt leaving no fear. A new energy is fulfilling me, a new power is introduced into my veins. A new way to think, a new way to touch, a new way to perceive, A new way is taking root in my humanity. My Mind is free now. Distant System – Astral Map Error 8:00 In this space, I make my way. I go further, deeper, higher. I am not scared to break the wall, to divide the truth from false, to take apart the Astral map error. E-Mantra – Emptiness 8:11 Underneath the water, within the sea.... In this Emptiness, in this submarine layer of consciousness I am making my place. I lay down on my past, let my thoughts go and enjoy the waves. Little sparks of sun are reaching me. Moving rays of light are fulfilling my being. In this Emptiness, I feel home. Shakri – Love and Devotion 5:52 What is the love? Loving another being or being loved by one other? Before being a state of mind, especially before being an object, love is an action, an attitude towards ourselves and the world. Love is about giving our person, giving our humanity to participate in a universal harmony of beauty. Love is about devotion. Lab's Cloud – Winds Fairy 6:29 In the middle of this field, the wind is flying through the grass. The late sunset is caressing the flowers and the day is floating away, once again. The air is fresh, the clouds are smiling. Gently, I let my fingers hover freely through the herb, like a little kid trying to catch the Wind of fairy. Asura – Everlasting 9:18 Softly, the universe has been created. Gently, the light took the place of darkness. Lightly, the life made it’s way through the divine. Suddenly, in a big bang, all creation has been spread in an ethereal vibration of love and compassion. Ether, an Everlasting kiss to our soul. Links: To listen: http://www.altar-records.com/ether.html
  19. The Neogoa netlabel proudly presents Slow Tachyon, the cerebral debut of SoulQuark (Clément Laporte), a talented newcomer from France. The music of SoulQuark can be described as deep and emotional downtempo with strong influences from IDM and tribal music, all spiced up with enchanting vocals and cinematic atmospheres. Mastering by Clement Bastiat AKA Cubic Spline (Hadra) with artwork design by Richpa at Neogoa Design. 01 - Nitrogen Narcosis (106 BPM) 02 - Soul Bruise (113 BPM) 03 - Tāne Mahuta (130 BPM) 04 - Celestine Language (120 BPM) 05 - Lost In Frozen Dream (? BPM) MP3/WAV/FLAC FREE DOWNLOAD @ Ektoplazm: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/soulquark-slow-tachyon WEBSITE: http://neogoanetlabel.tumblr.com
  20. New Akshan album released! Everything about this great album may be found here: http://www.altar-records.com/Newsletter_40.html Enjoy Thanks for reading!
  21. Psydance Records welcomes young and eager Eclise from Russia to the family! With profoundly beautiful chillout music to the likes of Disia, he brings us two of his own tracks that are sensible, majestic and winterishly wonderful! Pure relaxing music with a large touch of splendor! Tracklist: 01. Astronaut Breathe 4:33 02. Weightless Water 4:07 credits released 09 May 2013 written and produced by Eclise mastered by Stryder cover art by Eclise Catalogue#: PSD008 All Rights Reserved © Psydance Records 2013 http://psydance.bandcamp.com/album/astronaut-breathe
  22. "Erot - Thoughts From The Past EP" is now out as "Name your price". Featuring 3 tracks. The original version of "Atmos", an edit of my remix of Lemonchill's "Mantra" and a track called "Valeriana". The EP have been mastered by DJ Zen Coverart is made by Sorin Pricop. Tracklist: 1. Valeriana 2. Atmos 3. Lemonchill - Mantra (Erot RMX) 2.0 http://erot.bandcamp.com/album/thoughts-from-the-past-ep
  23. from my latest ep, here is a free download of a psychill downtempo journey... enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/meta-zen/the-obscure-project-gritty
  24. http://lemonchill.bandcamp.com/
  25. My mixes have been pretty powerful lately, so let's chill out to some funky beats. Uth - Ethereal Dream [Neogoa] Mindphoria - The Picture [Neogoa] Fingerprint - Kingstoned [Gliese 581C] Children of the Bong - Life on Planet Earth [Planet Dog] Ott - Cley Hill [Twisted] Radioactive Sandwich - Walking on Strings [self-release] Simon G - Night Shore Walk [Gliese 581C] Shanti Matkin vs Jimbo - What Vibrations [Nice Dreams] Slackbaba - Drink More Tea (Herbal Mix) [Organic] Easily Embarrassed - Slyphesizer [EE] Protoculture - Halo [Nano] Easily Embarrassed - The Old Ways [EE] Artwork credit to Elizabethe Iannone Ziptnf - Crystal Dreams (70:02) 128.24MB ~256kbps