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  1. Sinsonic Records is proud to present its first release from their artist Roger Gnos alias Mindsurfer. The EP is called “Water” and water is the creed of this first release from Mindsurfer. Focusing on the finely tuned balance between being musically challenging and having enough of a dance beat he has composed a sound that pulls you from riding a wave on a surfboard into the mystical depths of the musical underworld – without getting lost in new age samples of dolphins and mountain streams. This EP is the first release from Sinsonic Records and a lot of time and energy has gone into it. The result is a crystal-clear sound with four tracks which have been sensitively put together; a fresh water source for the quagmire of progressive trance. The EP is available right now at beatport Feel free to leave a feedback and if have any questions or comments contact as at info@sinsonicrecords.com
  2. Hello, I remember watching in the 90's Transwave live @ MCM Session. In this live performance act, they play . I searched for this live act on the web but I wasn't able to find it. Does someone have it? It's a pretty nice video... Thanks,
  3. Hi folks As a promoter of GoaTrance.pl label I officially invite you to listen to new live set of one of our artists and live acts SatanicElectro. http://soundcloud.com/satanicelectro-live/satanicelectro-set-18-06-2012 Boom, Dj Anais
  4. Hii! I'm producing with Live 8 and I've some serious problems bouncing the Master Track... I tried with two teks and the only difference is the input setting (step 2) : 1) Create an audio track 2a) Put the input as 'Master' or 2b) Put the input as 'Resampling' 3) Turn off the track 4) Set Monitor to 'In' 5) Arm and record! and with these 2 teks I get some weird issues: - if I put Master as input, the bounced track will be lower in volume - if I put Resampling as input, the bounce track will be a bit delayed soooo How do you bounce your Master Track?
  5. With new tracks coming from the lab and a new liveact in mind, I decided to share my actual 2011 liveact for your listening pleasure. 4 tracks live on guitar and 6 tracks mixed live Enjoy and, as always, comments are really appreciated http://soundcloud.com/xamanist/xamanist-liveact-2011 Peace & Light
  6. * Title: Faxi Nadu - Live @ Darkotica Waren Germany 041111 This is the set i played in Waren, Germany at a party by Darkotica crew. Specially conceived for this specific party, tracks and pieces of tracks are mixed fast from 150-170bpm. Dedicate this set to Mathias G. for making it happen :-) http://postunder.net/star/faxi_nadu_-_live_at_darkotica_waren_germany_041111.mp3 * Date: 041111 * Genre: Psytrance * Length: 2hr55min28sec * Format: 320kbps mp3 * Tracklist: faxi nadu - i am the night escape vs faxi remix faxi nadu - temporal control faxi nadu - star one noized remix xenomorph - silimaki murder toolkit faxi nadu remix noized - chainsaw paranoia faxi nadu remix faxi nadu - in 1861 faxi nadu - fight the future faxi nadu - take cover medea remix faxi nadu - second in command original faxi nadu - crisis faxi nadu - bolt from the blue faxi nadu - the others faxi nadu - looking for girls faxi nadu - star one lsdan remix faxi nadu - pace of the space race faxi and damagez - bad sugar deflo - tio mate faxi nadu - arrange my mind faxi nadu - in the soon after faxi nadu - the deep faxi nadu - missing puzzle overdream - ultramarine faxi remix faxi nadu and damagez - for the fire sandman - end of the world faxi nadu - lessions in scifi faxi nadu - remember the alamo faxi nadu - thoughts of a troubled girl faxi nadu - rambo of the mind noized - its an evil machine faxi nadu remix faxi nadu - i am the night noized remix faxi nadu - servalan wins tortured brain - the dealer faxi nadu - indian remedy faxi nadu - green dune faxi nadu - this one time at band camp noized - walking on corpse faxi nadu remix faxi nadu - spiritual gameboy quirk - ping faxi nadu - zhentarin faxi nadu - second in command chemical reaction remix melovskys - evolution number 9 syntezia - microman faxi nadu remix http://postunder.net/star/faxi_nadu_-_live_at_darkotica_waren_germany_041111.mp3
  7. http-~~-//vimeo.com/32753291 More info: http://cosmosis.co.u...ve-giger-museum Ajja and Billy are currently mixing down the multitrack recorded at the gig for release as a double live CD album.
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