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  1. My advice is Ableton Live + Akai APC40 Ableton is the only DAW (well, there is a new one released few months ago) that let you play your music in a no-chronological way. It's not about tracks that are playing one after the other but it's about looped clips building the whole track and this sounds very good but the reality is other. A huge problem is: making a real live and manage all these stuff without touching the wrong fader and avoiding your brain to explode could be extremely complicated where you are playing in front a lot of people An other problem is: Mixing and Mastering. If yo
  2. you are right ..it's not a timing problem.. and yesterday I had a lot of fun exporting the backbone, putting some effects, glitch, exporting again and so on...crazy!! thanks Luis! see you soon
  3. After trying, tweaking and listening, I found the better way is exporting audio @ 32 bit and googling about Ableton I found that this DAW has a timing problem with resampling. Thanks again Luis for your help!.. and I know this is offtopic but it's really funny.. we are going to play at the same party in Spain [MIGTUOSITY] in a few weeks
  4. maybe ISM Bazzism cal help to get out that kick
  5. Sure!it helps I just tried the 3 ways recording a small clip..and I found a weird thing. Here is the Rendered clip (it's 1Mb): http://depositfiles....files/2dkv1fjf5 I grouped Kick and Bass and then I tried the three way: - Recording the group in an audio track setting the input to the Backbone group - Rendering the Backbone group @ 32bit - Resampling the Backbone group and the 3 waves starts at different points...is it a bit strange?
  6. Yes! I use Groups! an probably it's better to say: I abuse of groups I work in IT and I tend to group whatever and in Ableton I follow the same path.. group group group... I used to have 8 groups (for APC40 purpose) and with your advice you made me realize a weird thing I do: - Group Kick+Bass+HiHat - Route the group o a send channel as a sends only.. It simply has no sense...the effects can be applied directly on the group Thanks a lot for your advice and the compressor trick! I'm going to make some cleaning in my projects.. But what I'd like to know if you bounce your 'Bac
  7. I mean Kick + Bass + Hi-Hats + Percussion (maybe backbone is a more appropriate term )
  8. ouch!you are right! I can simply export the tracks I'm trying to bounce the master track just to apply some effects at the end of phrase. And I made a mistake because is not the master track but a Group Track made of Kick-Bass-HiHats-Percussion and some more synths. Till now I grouped all these tracks and routed them to a return channel as 'Send Only', so I could have a channel with only the Base Tracks and there I can apply filter, grain delay and all the crazy stuff. Thanks a lot for your advice LuisBSF! and just for curiosity.. how do you apply effects on the Base tra
  9. Hii! I'm producing with Live 8 and I've some serious problems bouncing the Master Track... I tried with two teks and the only difference is the input setting (step 2) : 1) Create an audio track 2a) Put the input as 'Master' or 2b) Put the input as 'Resampling' 3) Turn off the track 4) Set Monitor to 'In' 5) Arm and record! and with these 2 teks I get some weird issues: - if I put Master as input, the bounced track will be lower in volume - if I put Resampling as input, the bounce track will be a bit delayed soooo How do you bounce your Master Track?
  10. Great review! Till now I did have only 1 Ekoplex track (from Entheos Audio Archive v3.0) and i don't know how many times I listened to it...and each time I was thinking the same:
  11. Another delay that looks very good is Loomer Shift V2... I didn't try yet, but seems to be a good one.. it's like ricochet basically (and for the same price)
  12. My favorite one is AudioDamage Ricochet.. it's easy to understand and it gives a lot of control over your delay... You can set pitch/filter/modulator/... for each tap...it's simpler than Timeless..but cheaper and easier
  13. Ace is a very gooood synth and now it's only for 69 eu...and it worths the price It'll demand a lot of CPU, but you can do amazing sound with this vst http://www.u-he.com/cms/ace
  14. It would be nice, but look at the FAQ of G-Sonique: 5. Is there a MAC/OSX version of your products? Unfortunately no. No at the moment. We simply don't have such a developmnet power to do both PC&MAC vesrions. Anyway we like this idea but we are not able to tell when the MAC/OSX version will be available, if any. I used to make the bass with Alien...and now I'm running a Mac..thus, no Alien available
  15. ouh yes Sir!! Psychedelic!! :D I'm lovin' this VA!! Thanks PIxan
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