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  1. that track is on the album Antistat (same name). Midi Miliz have a new album coming out soon on G Plus Records. www.gplusrecords.com
  2. my fav psy breakbeat track would be Midi Miliz - Antistat
  3. Im a big fan... seen them live. fav album is electro theatre. John 00 Fleming seems to play alot of their stuff in his sets.
  4. me too! Probably going to be similar to X-Dream - Slim Drum.
  5. awesome... comes with a live Midi Miliz dvd. Will definately buy this one.
  6. i got this before 'Nothing Lasts' was announced.... so definately nothing to do with the new album. Someone's obvisouly made this album up.
  7. Source Unknown is another good one.
  8. Shpongle - Nothing Lasts Midimiliz's new one The Delta's apparently got one on the way (spoke to Marcus late last year)
  9. yes please is it in good condition?
  10. Im with ya!! love that track!
  11. done... link above. (sorry didnt know how... had to figure it out)
  12. Ive seen Dick Trevor on flyers for parties and he has a track on that tsunami fund raiser cd. He did work with Danny Howells?will have to check that out.
  13. yep, if I remember... theres a couple of other cds i want to buy first and dont have much money.
  14. Just goes to show you shouldnt bag out a genre of music without having a good listen to whats out there.
  15. hi, I downloaded a mix called psychedelic mushroom clouds. Not sure who it is mixed by. The mixing is a little sloppy in 1 or 2 parts, so this might be an amatuer's mix? Anyway, what I really want to know is what the first track is. Anyone know? EDIT: sample here... http://users.tpg.com.au/adsll7pk/sample.mp3
  16. 2001 I saw 5000 fingers of Dr T live. A friend showed me Infected Mushroom, The Delta, Wizzy Noise, Hallucinogen and X-Dream.... then I went from there...
  17. yeah DC is the best. Ive got sets from X-Dream, Wizzy Noise, Hallucinogen, Infected Mushroom, Astral Projection and Son Kite. Still wish it had more though. Wouldnt mind a set from The Delta or Midimiliz.
  18. www.australiens.net I go to mainly to find out about events and stuff. I find more interesting topics on psynews. Recently signed up for Isratrance. It seems ok, but still prefer psynews.
  19. wow, thanks for the tip. We might go see The Delta in a different country then. Maybe Japan.
  20. I prefer the look of this festival! http://www.transitfestival.com/ My mates and I are thinking of flying over to Spain for this. Sick of waiting for The Delta to come over to Australia! Prime Suspect, Downhill, Midimiliz and Ott would be nice to see too. Arne and X-Dream again would be great too
  21. I just had to re-read that.... shit I didnt notice it. mushroom, you're pulling our legs arent you?
  22. dude, you are right, but as EP says, you dont need to be rude. I wasnt rude to you when I put you in your place about progressive and techno DJs. And you sounded like a know it all too.
  23. I went to a party on a beach on the weekend. Every part of my body is aching from dancing on the sand.
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