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  1. X-Dream - Irritant X-Dream - We Interface The Delta - Scitzoeffective Cosma - Non Stop
  2. Haven't seen many big live acts outdoor. I'd have to say X-Dream at city hotel in Sydney a couple of months ago was the best I've seen. Closely followed by Wizzy Noise on the weekend at Gas nightclub.
  3. Suria - Logical Evolution X-Dream - We Interface Infected Mushroom - Im The Supervisor Jupiter 8000 - Twisted Bliss Bizare Contact - Plastic Fantastic (thanks shaman) Wizzy Noise - Stereo Electric Lemurians - Secret Message Etic - Touch Ups Full On 7
  4. yep, sure do! But not too much on a album/mix.
  5. I like a variety of styles of music (but mostly psy) and think think this album is tops!! loving it!
  6. I'd like to know too. Even if I could get it on a mix cd.
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