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  1. My top 10 goatrance tracks (in no order of priority): Cosmosis - Gift of the Gods Cosmosis - Howling at the Moon Crop Circles - Antonomasia Crop Circles - Different Species Hallucinogen - Angelic Particles Pleiadians - Electra Pleiadians - Maia Psychopod - Dreampod Shakta & Moonweed - Micronesia Subcouds - On Red My top 10 psytrance tracks (in no order of priority): Cosma - People on Hold Cosmosis - Inside Yourself Infected Mushroom - Mush Mushi PHI - Don't Need Your Justice Psykovsky - Indigo Child Psyside - Virtual Reality Sonus - Reisefieber Synsun - Zygote Talpa - The Moon Vibe Tribe - Albert Balbert (Rmx) My top 10 chillout/downtempo tracks (in no order of priority): Astral Projection - Electronic BotFB - Marsmellow (Meditation Mix) Etnica - Deep East Planet B.E.N. - Trippy Future Garden Shpongle - Behind Closed Eyelids Shpongle - Vapour Rumours Space Tribe - The Source Energy TIP - The Answer TIP - Under the Overtones Total Eclipse - Welcome to All Extraterrestials
  2. Stunning album, one of the best I own. Along with KoxBox and Psychopod, Technossomy has made the most psychedelic music in Goatrance IMO. The favourites: Synthetic Flesh is among the weirdest, trippiest tracks I know. I almost laugh out of joy every time I hear it. Kozomotron 1 & 2, mindbending full-on psychedelia, great track! Pyramid, beautiful, mystical Pyramid. VTOL, though it has lost on me over the years. It started out as unbelievable perfection, but has declined to sometimes feeling a bit too harsh and lacking in sound quality for true enjoyment.
  3. CD ordered! I've been wanting Transdimensional for ages, and I'm really thrilled. Thanks for making this possible!
  4. The best track ever. I have to say PLEIADIANS - MAIA. I actually doubt I will ever hear anything better than this one. Also, the rest of my top5 tracks is easy, since there are about 5 tracks that stand out significantly for me: COSMOSIS - HOWLING AT THE MOON PLEIADIANS - ELECTRA CROP CIRCLES - ANTONOMASIA SHAKTA & MOONWEED - MICRONESIA
  5. I agree most heavily on that one. One of my all time favourites and very little mentioned I think. Contains possibly the best arabesque synth-lines in the history of goa. I have sometimes fantizied of making a flash video featuring this track... With people in white robes and fez turning the town square into a rave party.
  6. I loved Over the Moon the first time I heard it. Marveled at its perfection of provision. But the brighter the star at first glance, the quicker the fade, or so it often seems to me as a rule of thumb.
  7. I cannot agree about Luna Overdrive. I just love it, my favourite of all of EU. Wish there were more of that kind of stuff to find.
  8. Another KILLER one. Shanti Druid - Insectattraction
  9. I have a tip for you, which I actually think you will appreciate if you aren't already aware of it. Slinky Wizard - The Wizard This is a seriously psychedelic and emotional tune. It seems rather overlooked in general I think. Great stuff! The true reason for me writing in an old thread like this is actually, that I'm very taken by The Wizard at the moment, and want others to hear it.
  10. Astrancer - Dzog Chen is truly great. Long, epic, emotional, with melodic lines that makes me want to cry of joy.
  11. Southern Oracle is a piece of firework. When I listened to it yesterday, I couldn't keep from start dancing. Played it over and over again, dancing lika a madman in my room. Extatic. My friend was really taken by it too. I love the break at 2:55, and even more that "arabish" melody to follow after it. The turns and trills, I love the spirit of those. Made me think of Subcouds - On Red, even if On Red is somewhat more refined, its melody stays firmer in your mind. Thanks!
  12. I like it too. Spacy is the word I think. It's very good acually, a quite rare form of Ambient to my experience. Reminds a little of TIP - Mystical Experience. Walk on the Milky Way is really deep.
  13. Subcouds - On Red One of my favourites. It's so thamn good. Those arab lines and the Mijwiz imitation sounds... For me this is core-level goatrance.
  14. Jon Cocco: That's a very good and competent review. It's interesting to see how people commenting upon this album almost always praise Head Spin. Personally I've never taken any liking to it. It's noisy and harsh and not in a way I find very stimulating. There are tracks that does that so much better the way I see it. Crop Circles - Antonomasia for example, one of the most impressive tracks ever and yet full of discordance. But where Antonomasia have purpose, direction and a fierce personality, Head Spin seems to lack. As I read peoples reviews, again and again I listen to Head Spin, trying to like it, but still find nothing. Modulation & Moon in Your Window are often the reason I play this album, especially Modulation, there sure are no other tracks like that one. I also like Meter and Seven Sisters. Even though the skills displayed in some of these tracks are truly breathtaking, in difference to IFO, FOL has problem with flow and evenness in quality. This tends to make me reluctant to put it in the CD-player.
  15. This album is one of my favourites. It's remarkably uneven in quality, but some tracks are true singlets, not paralleled by any other pieces of music I've heard. Among these unforgettables are Omega Centauri, Deep Space 5D and Harmonic Convergence. Though there really is no other Transdimensional, there is one album I think is worth mentioning that yet hasn't been spoken of. Ra - To Sirius Christer Borge-Lunde is one of the Ra members. He joined Dimension 5 later, and was involved in the making of Second Phaze. I think their styles are similar. It's good listening, in any case.
  16. I have listened to the album a couple of times more and see that I was overly harsh in my previous post. That is because now I listened to it without thinking of it as Pleiadians and found that it is not as I said before, totally dull and generic Fullon, but actually quite decent Fullon. At least some of the tracks (I still hate Dance With Me). When I'm not thinking of it as Pleiadians, then I Believe (which has unusual high epic quality for this genre), Atlas & Starbase 11 are examples of tracks I can enjoy. There's overall a relatively good flow to the tracks which I appreciate. I could probably enjoy them even more on the dancefloor. But when thinking of it as Pleiadians, I can't really hear anything for all the blasphemy.
  17. *feeling a bit sick* It's a shame they didn't leave the celebrated Pleiadians name in peace if all they were going to release was this generic piece of dullness. I don't particularily like the fullon style at all, though there are some beutiful exceptions to that. This is not one of them. I could scarcely believe my ears when I listened to Dance With Me and heard the title samples. That sort of voice sample use, and that kind of track, represent what I find most annoying with the genre. The rest of the album isn't much better. And this is supposed to be Pleadians, my all-time favourite tranceproject. The name with witch I associate some of my top musical experiences. Old Pleiadians is brilliance and greatness, this is just boring. I can't say I'm truly surprised though. My faith is weak these days. And "their" (the whole ensemble isn't represented in this release of course) old material sound even greater after this reminder of how the scene has evolved unfavourably. I won't bother comment upon the tracks individually, they are all pretty much on the same uninteresting level to me.
  18. Well, I agree that Mind to Mind is far fetched if you trie to make a general comparison of the two tracks. However, it seemed that it was those specific synth sounds you sought, and after having listened to the part of Alpha Centauri that you mentioned, I immediately thought of the screaming guitar-like sounds of Mind to Mind. Those that enter around 02:47. That was my honest association, and my suggestion was an honest, though obviously futile, attempt of helping.
  19. Dimension 5 - Mind to Mind Is the track that comes to my mind.
  20. Amazing album. One of the most powerful releases ever IMO. Only great tracks, and big track-track variaty which makes the entire album even greater than their sum. Though some diamonds are brighter than others... I own all their albums and know them well. I have found that Trust in Trance 3 is by far their better album and Utopia and Black & White is their two all-time best tracks. Black & White is the best, Utopia second. These two tracks reside in an exclusive class of brain-twisting, full-on melodic, psychedelic non-cheese music Non-cheese, not a trace of it, and that whats make them far, far better than for example Kabalah or People Can Fly. They are among my all-time favourite tracks together with some old ones by Cosmosis and Pleiadians. 10/10, for overall greatness, inspiration and beauty.
  21. I was able to distinguish two. 1. Slinky Wizard - Supernatural 3. Chakra & Edi Mis - Barbarian Both of them great.
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