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  1. As mentioned earlier, check out the early Flying Rhino releases...tracks by Kundalini (Placebo), Sheyba (Into the 4th Dimension), Slinky Wizard (Wizard, Lunar Juice) and Technossomy (Pyramid) are particularly good Also, as mentioned by Nemo, Spiritual Energy is one awesome track and well worth checking out
  2. Don't agree, sorry. You can't make a judgement like that based on 4 albums.....try comparing the tracks on those albums to early stuff by GNOR, Slinky Wizard, Prana, Doof, or Etnica (for example) and see if all the artists sound the same. Sure they use a lot of the same elements, but as has been said previously by antic, DnB/Jungle wouldn't be what it is without the amen break, likewise goa wouldn't be goa without certain sounds (it would just be trance)
  3. why is this listed as various artists...it's an Etnica 12"!
  4. From old Tsuyoshi mixtape from 94/95....has sample from Addams family about Voodoo Witch doctor http://media.putfile.com/mat-voodooo any help appreciated
  5. cactus is probably favourite Union Jack track....in terms of remixes, then Salamander - Tempest (Union Jack Mix) is top notch!
  6. The humble 75 euro has jumped to over 300....unless that's a different seller?
  7. Seb's quality tunes: Spiritual Beings in Physical Bodies Lepton Head Pt. 2 Repeater
  8. Hi all Track's from Mark Allen mix from 95, but tracks ID'd so far range from 93-95. Have uploaded short (~1min) and full length versions for your listening pleasure. http://media.putfile.com/BFB7-short http://media.putfile.com/BFB7-full-length As always, any help is much appreciated
  9. Hi K-BAN, second track was recently ID'd elsewhere as Choci - Come Closer ( http://www.discogs.com/release/31665 ). Still no luck IDing Track 9 though. BTW, Microbots - Sygn can be found on this release ( http://www.discogs.com/release/119065 )
  10. anyone any ideas about the remaining 3? Ta
  11. I'd have to say Accidental Occidentalism is the only album that I would take the effort to seek out. For the original poster, if you go to lavamus.com, you can "sample" all the tracks on Juggling Alchemist (and various other "classic" goa/psy-trance albums) for free. I've found it a great resource for checking out if an original item is worth paying big €s for. At the end of the day, it might save you spending €80+ on something that you end up not liking!
  12. Well I've sent an email to the great man, but in the meantime anyone else recognize any of these tracks?? Ta
  13. Kind of tried contacting him already through his MySpace page, but thanks for direct email address, much better route of contact...will drop him an email and pick his brains
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