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  1. I see... No Chance of quantity AND still quality? it is possible as well... (see to the new Crop Circles, or Solar Fields or Ra or ...)
  2. The tracklist is indeed good looking, but 22€ is really alot! Compare this with Opus Iridium, tracklist is groupwise like 50% the same (the expensive names at least), and Opus even had an extra cd! Opus only costed 13€ for 2 cds, maybe 17€ shipping included. Is there no way to get it cheaper? I'm a student you know... Student discount?
  3. I love your track on Opus Iridium! Will there be more music on Suntrip of you soon? An album maybe?
  4. Is this Goa trance Dj Anoebis from Belgium? As he spins goa trance as well? This is weird! Take another name
  5. Am I the only one who thinks the tracks are not *THAT* good? Of course they are good, but I think the best ones are released and these ones are good, but nothing more...? Maybe too maximal for me...?
  6. I just had it as well @ Isao, listen to it more often... It's a grower, the first time I heard it 2 days ago I was like "yes..." but now I like it alot more already, it's like the Ra album I think, the more you listen, the more you like... best are for me now: Chi-ad, Virtuart, Antares and Ra... Pure morning goa trance like nobody else releases it anymore, finally music with EMOTIONAL melodies! True Trance
  7. Good luck with the release! Altough I don't like Nitzhonot very much, you made me dance like mad on Shishu, when the sun shines and the atmosphere is good this music is really appealing! @ Shaman of Sound: he is Belgian and played his first gig on Suntrips yearly open air party called Shishu, but the rest he will tell himself I guess
  8. What does Suntrip has to do with this? and more important, the best free Filipe stuff was undoubtly on Metapsychic Records, not on Phototropic I think. The whole point is that he used to make very various music, with loads of fresh ideas and changes allover the place, while this album sounds the same all the time with same samples, it sounds like fast food compared to the old music, that's all Frederik
  9. I agree with Trance2moveU I bought it 2 weeks ago and it was ok, but nothing spectacular, first part of the cd is pretty dull and boring, second part is much better, Merr0w is by far the best, can't wait for his album on Suntrip in january
  10. I think Suntrip is doing one of Afgin
  11. Electrypnose - Subliminal melodies... It's SO awesome others within the goa/trance ambient style are for sure Peace Therapy 2, also number 1 and the second cd of Opus Iridium
  12. To be honest I didn't like it too much either, I had high expectations but it sounded like goa full on, always the same structures indeed and screaming melodies that remind me too much of nitzhonot, no storytelling, no hidden melodies, perfect dance floor music... And there it ends, not for home listening imo
  13. Without any doubt... RA - 9th is thé most blisfull music on LSD, also California Sunshine - Nasha is AMAZING under that substance, the joy, the spirals, the atmosphere are UNIQUE and the best you will ever feel (and for some odd reason Ra has that softish/softer progressive feeling in his album as well I think)
  14. With the white top? it's a Belgian girl called Berdien
  15. Baloeba

    RA - 9th

    Honestly, I listen to this album every 2 days over and over again, it is simply perfect, in my top 5 EVER, one of the best trance cds ever made, period... This is almost the definition of trance, great melodies without becoming cheesy, I love it, I adore it!
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