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  1. Astral Projection - Y-Salem Ep

    I don't care too much for the original---it's not bad, just sort of plain---but I like the AP remix, and it's getting positive feedback seemingly everywhere but here. Can work well in psy, goa, or more normal trance sets.
  2. What music are you listening to right now?

    Chi-AD, "Astral Warrior" (the 9-minute version, not the longer one)
  3. Swedish Masters

    Miranda. Not really familiar with the Swedish psy scene to be honest, I only know Miranda, Ticon and Vibrasphere and not much of them at that.
  4. going-all-digital support group

    I was expecting this to be a support group for those lamenting the rise of digital-only releases. Honestly, I would buy more trance music if more was more easily available in hard format. I don't really value downloads that much and if you aren't making it available in WAV or some other lossless format why would I bother to pay for it when I can listen to it on an HD YouTube video for free? I pretty much only pay for digital music if there's no other way to find a high-quality version of it or if they explicitly offer it in WAV. I like holding the actual physical thing in my hand when it comes to music. It's totally different from the way I view movies and TV, where I would rather watch it on Netflix. There is a certain joy that comes from unwrapping a new disc and reading through the liner notes that people are forgetting or worse, for the younger folks, just never experiencing it in the first place.
  5. What music are you listening to right now?

    Blue Planet Corporation: Midian (Astral Projection remix). Those two melodies are so beautiful.
  6. Chillgressive/Deep Trance

    Only real songs I've heard in this realm are by Alwoods, this one "Sun Trap" in particularly is just really pretty: Also, a bit faster, this Atmos remix of "Morning Breeze" by vibrasphere:
  7. Neptune Project has been mixing "LSD (Astral Projection remix)" in their sets for a few years, notably at Dreamstate. Astrix and Ace Ventura played Dreamstate 2015. Psy at big American festivals has been going on for a while now.
  8. What music are you listening to right now?

    Ovnimoon producing some straight-up goa.
  9. So now Armin van Buuren is producing "psytrance"

    Well, they're pretty much the same group right? Sesto Sento just has fewer 16th-note bass rolls. Of course, Vini Vici hasn't done any The Police remixes yet
  10. So now Armin van Buuren is producing "psytrance"

    And now Andrew Rayel is getting on board the "psytrain," producing "psytrance." Chanting? Check. Rolling or chugging bass? Check. Random triplets? Check. I blame Vini Vici for this.
  11. That groovy bassline... gimme gimme GIMME !

    This count as groovy?
  12. That groovy bassline... gimme gimme GIMME !

    You know, it's not exactly full-on, but this has been my favorite psy bassline for...I don't know, 12 years? Thirteen? Whenever I first heard it, back in high school. It doesn't have the same groove feel as classic full-on but god damn does it kick so much ass.

    You know, for just once, I would like to hear the big future prog/progressive psy producers try their hands at writing something with a classic full-on bassline. Psydrop, Hydrophonic, GMS...obviously they lack the flair for melody seen in goa and the songs are generally simpler, but 2000-2004 full-on had the best bass. Imagine hearing that in a Lyctum, Vini Vici, JOOF set today. Classic full-on even sounds great at a lower tempo as well:
  14. Psynews "Best of 2016" Results

    Kind of surprised Alter Ego by JOOF didn't get a vote.