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  1. Actually at first I thought of GMS because of the bassline and the psychedelic sounds, but yea, its more likely UK
  2. The hi-hats are indeed very darshan-like. I doubt its from them also.. Sounds UK to me though
  3. I know its not this track (could be mixed though?) but has similarities
  4. I love this album! Very refreshing with a modern take on goa thats not full on melodic madness, but indeed as others before me mentioned: carefully engineered psychedelia with high attention to detail. Big ups
  5. Hi guys and girls, Thought I'd share a mix with you, with some of my favorite french goa tracks! have a nice weekend, /Aske
  6. Just wanted to let you know that this is still relevant
  7. Great review, looking forward to dive into this album! Will add feedback later
  8. Deep, floating goa trance! It is by no means the most acidic or intense album you'll hear, but its warmth and emotion makes me very happy while listening Standout track for me is "Sacred Sands", very nice buildup and beautiful layering of melodies. Also the production/mastering of the album is amongst the best Rating: 4/5
  9. Looking to buy your oldschool goa trance vinyl collection! I'm mostly looking for a big order, since buying from discogs ends up in me spending too much money on individual shipping costs. So if you've been considering to sell, let me know best wishes, Aske
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