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  1. Yes, the first track was recorded in 1997, and the second one was recorded in 1999/2000, but I think it was made in 1999. Yes, I am also very interested in the first track. It is definitely one of the most “atmospheric” psy-trance tracks that I have heard. The continuous, uninterrupted stream of psychedelic sound...
  2. I too would like to know what it is... By the way, this track can also be found in “Дети подземелья” (“Deti podzemelya”) 10.02.99 (the track is playing from ~20:20 to ~28:20, that acid tune starts at ~24:40).
  3. I don’t know the track at 25:00, but does anyone know the track that plays at 54:04–59:12???
  4. Thank you... this is great, this is unbelievable, this is... fantastic...
  5. Please, please, help to ID this Goa psy track! It was recorded at the party in mid-90s (I think the year is 1997), all I have is a short fragment (it is mixed into Etnica "Vimana"): http://www21.zippyshare.com/v/rH4oyEd2/file.html Does anyone know this track??? Its style sounds amazing, I think it must be classics!
  6. Thank you! How could I not recognize the unique Sandman's style?
  7. This is a short fragment of a track recorded in 1996, can anyone help to ID it? http://www109.zippyshare.com/v/k3M2adOv/file.html
  8. Is there anyone who knows this classic trance track? It's not exactly goa/psy, but probably someone could ID this because it was very popular in mid-90’s... http://www7.zippyshare.com/v/gnBZdNsR/file.html
  9. This is a very stylish psy track, all I can say is I like it very much. A nice stuff. http://www52.zippyshare.com/v/16702452/file.html Can you ID this?
  10. Yeah, unusual track... I wonder where are those voice samples taken from and what are they talking about...
  11. Oh, I've found an incredibly stylish psychedelic Goa chef-d'oeuvre... I don't know whether this is a well-known or little known track, released or unreleased, all I know is that it's something rare and special... http://www23.zippyshare.com/v/1733377/file.html (By the way, I'm not sure, but maybe Petri Kosminen was involved in its production...) What do you think???
  12. Well, I'll try to present a track (taken from live deejay mix in the year 1997) which I tried to ID for a long time. It's a nice underground goa style, and it has a somewhat "magic" impact on me. Its duration is about 15 minutes!!! (I think this is very rare feature, even for underground psychedelic tracks.) Here is an excerpt: http://www21.zippyshare.com/v/37875206/file.html I really wonder if anyone knows this...
  13. Yes, yes, thank you! Oh, I'm happy... I don't believe my eyes! How could I skip Pulse series to find #1... I'm surprised...
  14. Oh, I've found two powerful Goa trance tracks! I'm sure these MUST be classic! 1. This track is taken from live mix in the year 1997: http://www72.zippyshare.com/v/74404834/file.html Unfortunately, it may be unreleased, but maybe someone can ID this? 2. And this track was made in the year 1998: http://www38.zippyshare.com/v/36794706/file.html Absolute Goa power! What do you think?
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