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  1. Yes! Asia 2001 is in desperate need of re-releases! (Chi A.D. too, dear Dave, why won't you take my money?)
  2. So Spoiled Brats blows my mind. Really quirky and creative. That key change? Amazing. My fav on the mix so far.
  3. I'm no Filteria fan. I think his first two albums are not very good. Non-stop climax with melodies that don't sound very good. And overall those albums lacked soul. Daze, however, was a strong step in the right direction. Filtertraces is one of my favorite trance songs ever. The songs had so much more character. Even so, the melodies still sounded a bit random and unenjoyable at times. Lost in the Wild is better than previous efforts in every possible way. Through and through, this stuff rocks. It's more aggressive than Daze, like the first two albums, yet there's so much passion here. There's pacing, there's subtlety. And unlike Daze, this album keeps my interest all the way through. I'm not switching disks halfway through like I was with Daze. Even the title track, which others seem to not like as much, floors me. Well done, Jannis. You've proved yourself to a guy who didn't think you could do it.
  4. Definitely some derivative modern day boris blenn fullon. Take that crap away from this planet.
  5. Honestly, I discovered Psytrance in 2010 and I didn't find it very psychedelic. I thought it sounded either cheesy or boring (or both!). Until I discovered GOA (my first track was CHI AD's 'Biocandy') and then I said to myself "Now THIS is psychedelic!"
  6. It's called Nuclear Fusion. You see the word 'Nuclear' and you say "we tried that and it's dangerous!" No. You're thinking of nuclear fission. Fusion is totally different and in the last few years serious breakthroughs have been made. Fusion power will be up and ready I think by 2030. EDIT: Nope, that's 2022. 2022 is the expected date for our first Fusion power plant.
  7. Well I already am in love with The Ancestors if only for that Myst 4 sample. <3
  8. This is something I've been thinking about for a little bit. What are some interesting ideas, people? I would like to see Filteria remix "Ensanity" by 'Aeternum.' The original track definitely has a vibe that would suit Filteria's style quite well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vt8ur0ilaaI
  9. I, too, was absolutely floored by Through the Afterlife. It's one of my favorite comps I've ever heard.
  10. Wait, you're NOT?! *puts down pitchfork* *runs and hides*
  11. Let me state the obvious here and say 'Head Spin.'
  12. Jaw, meet floor. That remix sounds insane! That can't be modern day Astral, it's too god damned good!
  13. Those Filteria samples sound flippin' amazing. Daze felt a bit repetitive for me, whereas these samples each sound different, yet still have those qualities which define Filteria. Very nice!
  14. Yes, please! I am a new member but a long time lurker, and I am very disappointed at the thought of Procyon leaving. He was one of my favs.
  15. I am not angry at different viewpoints, I welcome good discussion! I listened to Stardiver a few times and was very bored. I might give it another listen sometime soon, mayble I'll like it better. But I have not nor will ever enjoy full on. Even when I was very new to trance and did not know what I liked yet, even then full on didn't appeal to me. Different strokes, I guess!
  16. I was going to make a topic about this, but I might as well just post it here instead. I pretty much think Boris Blenn is nothing special. I think almost all of his output is mediocre at best. I loved Paradise Connection, so deep and trippy. I liked some of One Love. After that, monotonous drivel. In my opinion, of course.
  17. Some of the really early stuff like "Total Eclipse" by 'Total Eclipse'
  18. This has been one of the strongest releases of the year for me. It's so moving, so creative! I was listening to this in my car in the middle of the night on a long drive and I was totally blown away. This is amazing stuff!
  19. Yeah, I only really like the title track from the album. I did not like any other songs by him.
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