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  1. Re: Identify: Thanks for the suggestion Great track!!! Haven't found Tracker (Tacker?) yet...
  2. Restless + Depressed kinda sucks ass --- feels like you want to do something, but absolutely nothing sounds appealing LOL So I'm sitting here smoking a cig, smoking a J, drinking a glass of red, and occasionally poking around on Reason 7 (which isn't yet a typically fruitful activity for me). I'm not in a self-destructive depression or anything, just still in a funk after a chaotic month, I think. Things'll look up soon, I'm sure In the meantime... puff puff (drink) poke
  3. I have no experience with Nepal.. but I am very jealous you are going I hope you'll bring back pictures, and have a great time!!
  4. Beets are roasting in the oven, fudgy brownies are fudging up in the fridge, whole wheat pita dough is chilling in the fridge as well waiting for its time, and future-hummus chickpeas are soaking away for a few more hours. Today was a kitchenish day Hey, Veracohr, it was nice to learn you don't eat meat, either Not that I hold grudges against omnivores, but it's always nice to meet another vegan/vegetarian!
  5. If you actually get this to happen, I better get an actual invitation!!!
  6. Thanks. I'm doing okay with it, I think he's still "with me" in spirit, giving me more peace than I expected I'd feel. On the way home from the emergency clinic (I had to take him in for an emergency euthanasia), just as I was thinking to myself that I didn't feel his presence with me and was feeling down on "God" (whatever that means to each of us), there was a beautiful shooting star that I'm certain was his energy
  7. My favorite has always been Union Jack's remix of Simple Minds' "Waterfront." Can't seem to view any youtube vids of it in my country, although here's a link, maybe you can view it where you are: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDo1NFr6dF4 I listen to it in Spotify.
  8. Thanks, man. Hope your nosebleeds are nothing serious, and are getting under control by now!
  9. One of my two cats died on Monday night, after a brief but heartbreaking illness. That sucked pretty bad. Ormion, I'm sorry your whole life sucks atm Hope things get better for you soon!!
  10. aliendna99 -- all I really want to say is, :D May you be blessed, and enjoy your self-rediscovery!! I feel and know your enthusiasm Hope you have a stellar month!!! Keep us posted!
  11. Me, too, man -- when it comes to drinking, I don't seem to have a shutoff valve. I don't think my personality really changes (although I do lose some inhibition and allow myself some "questionable" decision making), but the terrible side effect is being basically out of commission the next day, followed by a somewhat deep depression on the second day out. Maybe I should just stick to smoking, there don't seem to be any bad aftereffects there. I actually finally tried "liquid" the other day, too, and BOY was that amazing... A general stocking of the freezer just might be in order there For the record, though, vodka and soda down the hatch at the moment
  12. So sorry to hear, I know what you mean about feeling like it's all working against you And your mother working against you to financial frustration, that's gotta be real hard to take!! I'm sure things will get better eventually, I'll keep you in my thoughts hoping that it's much sooner rather than later!!! Breathe deep, and try to see the beauty in life around you, friend
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