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  1. Still few more days for download.. I think :-)
  2. Nice work, no comply.. expecting more comp. like this..
  3. OK another question.. Should I buy Audiophile 192 or a MIDI-->USB adapter for much less money.. Or maybe I should simply buy Hercules DJ console 2 with MIDI in/out sound card and a mixer on board? I know it sounds stupid but new Hercules Mk2 looks cool and cost as much as Audiophile 192
  4. Ill try to get Juno 60 in the future.. And link it with micron.. But thats not 100% sure cause the guy told me to call him next month but who knows will he have it still.. He has Virus B to but I bought Micron so dont have the money anymore.. And I have to buy a soundcard to..
  5. Klangformer: Our VST synthesizer product line is mainly distributed with German books about Virtual Studio Technology software and plugins. You cant download it any longer. Many thanks to all the users who actively supported us over the past 7 years. Especially to those of you who wrote indeed allot of cool music using our plugins! Does anybody downloaded this VST before the link was dead? Send it to me please if someone has it.. Prosect Im aiming on u cause u made a thread..
  6. Will give it a try, THX.. Patches and that kind of stuff are always welcome..
  7. Send me some examples of that music, preferbly playlist of some kind or some songs and Ill produce something.. Uplifting sounds good if we mean the same thing, but I think we dont.. So I need some playlists so I can judge.. And about that bashing.. Guys you suck for real, I mean its OK to bash someone who listens to folk music, its even OK to slap him but fighting about which trance genre is better sucks, so do u. Have u ever heard of PLUR??? Fuck it man, now I never want to release something on filteria, what the hell is wrong with u two.. (buddha and rezwalker) I dont know how much cyberia is in this, havent read his post but this is too much.. I think u two should have a make up sex so go f yourself.. Maybe it sounds funny but it isnt.. Do u know what is the best quality of a man? NO u dont.. It is forgiveing.. So u are nothing for me if u cant do that same to all others.. As agneton said don´t be narrow-minded. So fuck it forgive and forget what I just said and have a nice thread!
  8. I never said microkorg sucks only that micron is better.. Microkorg is good synth for shure but I personaly think Micron is better acording to reviews and specifications.. MicroKorg is easier to program, u can pick pattern quickly (list on board) but Micron is completly different structure than korg, actually patterns on micron are not sorted by number cause u can change whole pattern and replace the old one.. Its hard for someone to program it but I think its a breeze even though I havent got the program for creating patches with it. Is there any software for it btw? You are complaining about the knobs but as I said when u combine it with axiom u got power tool.. That girlie picture was just to bug spiritual carnage a little I think I have one of your songs buddha but u can send me some more to hear what u make out of microkorg.. Then Ill make my final opinion.. Atropa thanks for clearing things about A and VA and yeah VA is like a computer inside a box, I realized that cause when Im working on it I feel like working with Cubase or Reason :-) And same question for software to u, is there one? About nord and virus I know they are two different things but I quoted carnage so I mess that up, sorry for misunderstanding.. And I knew u were lazy but Im just begining to get into synths so it isnt hard for me, nor I think its hard for any begginer, u agree? And I think when I recover from paying this Ill probably buy some Juno or Moog, but its hard to find, I only found Juno-60, is it good? And what about Jupiter 8, I have one sound on micron from it? And about JP-8000? I think 8000 is the best choice from junos.. The guy who sold me micron sold it cause he is buying evolver and he needed money, I think evolver is pretty cool, dont u? But its expensive..
  9. I wouldnt wrote a better review myself. THX
  10. OK, Goa is your choice.. based on 20 votes.. Multiple choices are too hard to make for poll, simply cause there is to much combinations,..
  11. Mother of all basslines thread on isra-trance I can send u some tutorials about bassline I collected.. Leave a mail PM Bubbles u wanna share those two? I can send u my list..
  12. come on guys, who are u kiding? 145 views and only 16 votes??? Im not laughing.. This poll sucks..
  13. You actally made me do some research.. Here is the explanation.. DEFINITION OF SPEECH AND LANGUAGE DISORDERS Speech and language disorders refer to problems in communication and related areas such as oral motor function. These delays and disorders range from simple sound substitutions to the inability to understand or use language or use the oral-motor mechanism for functional speech and feeding. Some causes of speech and language disorders include hearing loss, neurological disorders, brain injury, mental retardation, drug abuse, physical impairments such as cleft lip or palate, and vocal abuse or misuse. Frequently, however, the cause is unknown. Sounds cool, I think I have one I cant spell letter R right sometimes Its just a joke man.. Dont take it hard.. Like one psy trance sample goes "Thats the whole point"
  14. Quote from isra-trance ""Nizhonot" = The cheesy, pretty simple and happy Goa-trance, the most famous Nizhonot producer is Holy Men" Ive got some of those tracks, will listen to it but can u be more specific with playlist? Cyb- u know already.. just zip it Buddha- who was first space buddha or you? Lots of buddhas in trance..
  15. Hehe.. Chiquita bananas.. No, no.. Im from balkan
  16. yeah we call it bananas here.. that 1/4 big jacks.. I think Ill go for the 192.. I already spent too much on synth so what the heck.. And its not actually about resistance, its more up to heavy adapter who always gets out somehow and u have to correct it till u get the stereo.. I had too much truble with that since I started to use them.. Avoid adaptors as much as u can, my recomendation.. Rather buy a cable 1 in/2 out or or 2 in/1 out and there is no noise, no click, no messing with the adaptor for half an hour till u get it right and then after u play one sound and accidantally hit the cable u start again.. Anyways 192 is choice.. If I will have that much money, otherwise 2496..
  17. Now Im in doubt.. Which one to choose Audiophile 192 or Audiophile 2496.. Now Im on the 192 side cause it has 2 big banana inputs and 2 outputs.. 2496 has cinch.. And my synth has big bananas so if I took 2496 which is cheaper I will have to use adaptor from banana to cinch.. And I have tons of cinch cables and not one big banana-both sided.. will I lose the quality on adapters? I mean cause of resistance.. If Im loosing to much on adapters its better to buy more expensive 192 right? I cant decide really..
  18. It is ridiciulous to compare it to virus and nord of course, Ive never said that.. But it has some sound from Moog, Jupiter, and even some kicks from 909.. But let us clear this up.. Why does ALESIS states this "Industry-leading analog-modeling sound engine in a lightweight and portable keyboard" ??? Can u guys tel me the difference betwen analog and analog-modeling.. Modeling means to shape something right? Analog modeling should be shapeing analog sound.. So that isnt analog or what? Analog sounds cant be modeled? U guys are confuseing me.. Orange.admit it. you are just lazy.. The title of the topic is "Alesis Micron: Is it any good for trance?" And I think we all agree that it is good for trance but it can be used in techno and electro too..
  19. Access to this web page is restricted at this time. Reason: The Websense category "Adult Content" is filtered. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- URL: http://flowerpowder.over-blog.com/ Its just my stupid administrator so dont worry..
  20. Just a few days more for download and then the file will expire so catch it while u still can
  21. I have one synth, sold my hardware mixer but I think I will rebuy it from my friend cause I need it now.. Ill buy a midi keyboard too.. THX a lot man.. Im going off now, feel free to post something else if u have more to add..
  22. Hm, well actually I need MIDI IN/OUT and that is most important but in the future I will maybe cooperate with someone so u never know.. one guitar here, one flute there, one drum here.. but 10 outputs is a lot.. I dont know maybe its better to buy more from start not to have problems in the future if I buy some more equipment
  23. OK, so the choice is narowing.. Which one to choose from (ONLY) these two cards: • Audiophile 2496 • Delta 1010 ? Others are not an option since I dont have dealers in my country abd/or the price is bad.. So only these two cards for my question but u can write small review of rest of cards so others can know which to choose if they had decision to make like me.. THX for feedback.. Im more on the 1010 side but 2496 is cheaper so.. Bubbles u had extensive use of both of them but which one is better and why?
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