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  1. Come on guys join me and buy Linux today, your woman will be thankfull
  2. I live in eastern europe.. They dont give a fuck, they only care about them selves, they have no respect for other people.. But the whole world is like that.. My boss pays me so little I dont even have the money for basic needs.. But the bastard is driveing Porsche Cayenne.. Its not that Im jelous cause karma works on its own so the bosses son smashed that Cayenne totally, and they took his ferrari.. He has ten cars like that but situation in the firm is so bad that two guys of my age killed them selves, and three others were killed.. You see when u have a lot of money u want more and when u have more u want even more.. Chain reaction.. Bastards are liveing on somebody elses back and making profit..
  3. Horror.. But they gotta feed their families.. BTW its Gabon.. And its HP, I just joked about ASS rocks
  4. State of the art equipment.. RoHS-polution free, save the earth.. ASS rock!
  5. When we are talking about tabla there is one program "Taalmala" which produces taalmala melodies and rythms.. Its great, I stoped playing my real drum after discovering that.. Chans you could put a link for download cracked version.. Now Im just nervous..
  6. THX I will need it for sure.. Well we will see if I managed it by monday.. I downloaded bios upgrade for Ass rock but Im little scared not to fry this board too.. That would be horror
  7. Well I didnt connected power led (green) still cause I didnt want to mess woth that 1-3 to 1-2 pin changeing till I didnt have some info, but I suspected that I must do that and I saw I was right on that faq.. So I experimented only with power switch plug and tried to connect it in ways I mentiond but nothing.. Power led couldnt light cause I didnt connect it still but I think that I dont need power led for computer to work.. Like I said I even tried to short-cut the power# and the ground pin on the panel with screwdriver but still nothing so that means problem lays somewhere else.. I know that IDE connectors can cause comp. not to show any signs of life but I think I connected them good, however I will disconnect it all and try to connect again from scratch, maybe I fckd something up in the begining..
  8. Mine is like on the picture on the FAQ.. Well u can take a picture of yours but maybe I will solve the problem till monday cause Im not working tommorow.. Yeah I thought it shouldnt be like on the picture but the other way according to black and white wire and that little arrow that shows where is the plus and I tried both sides, man I tried evertything, probably 50 combinations, and then I freaked out and go to bed last night.. So much frustration over such a small thingie.. But since I tried lots of combinations including that on the faq and yours I think the problem isnt the panel rather it is IDE wrongly connected.. What else could it be? When I press power it doesnt do anything at all.. There are two options, system panel and IDE connectors, do u know any third option that might be causeing this?
  9. linux audio tools condorow You just gived me an idea.. Anybody wants to join in a revolution? Lets start downloading linux programing tutorials and let the revolution begins! That a good idea too, in every case, easier than first one..
  10. Well it isnt that easy, u can go to here on asrock faq and search for Question: When connecting the POWER SW, POWER LED, RESET SW and HDD LED cables from my chassis to the PANEL1 connector on the motherboard, I found that the pin holes of the cable does not match with the connector. What should I do?(3/15/2004) there u will see a picture of a problem I have by clicking on question.. But except that I cant turn power on even if I plug only power switch, I even tried short-cuting with screwdriver but nothing.. Now I suspect that maybe is some IDE cabel wrongly conected.. I will disconnect all and try again from the scratch.. Reznik u didnt have those problems on your board? U probably can post a picture how did u connect it..
  11. So yesterday I went to shopping and I was in big hurry zig-zagin with 140 kmh on the street to catch the shops before closeing. In first shop I bought ASS rock we where talking about and that flying RAM, and in second shop I supposed to buy that celeron D 3330 MHz with 533 Mhz FSB and 256k catche but they sold all of them. So I bought this little baby Pentium 4 531, 3.0 GHz, LLGA, Socket 775, 800 MHz FSB, 1MB, EM64T, box with faster FSB and 4 times biger catche which means for 20 € more than celeron I bought twice times faster processor.. Thats a good deal.. But I am so stupid ¸that I dont know how to connect fckn system panel (that pins for the power and reset butons and leds) and I cant turn it on.. At least I think thats the problem.. So how to solve that? I tried almost all combinations..
  12. And if that dont work than u can go on creative labs site and download asio drivers for SB live! I have that card too and I will first try to download those drivers then if that doesnt work asio4all must.. What is the minimum latency u can achieve with that card?
  13. yeah I would be thankfull too, I downloaded first 3 files but rapidshare sucks, anybody who has them upload them on filefactory or megaupload so we dont have to wait every time so long
  14. .ctf is a catalog file and u open it with where is it catalog viewer, first download the catalog then the where is it lite, u got all the links in my post, download link is just before the smiley.. Did u read my post? It is all explained.. Maybe I put too many pics, so u were distracted and couldnt focus on the text..
  15. maybe I will buy same celeron as this I choosed but with 3330 MHz, I just found it in one other shop, and shop is cheaper than the one I was going to buy celeron 2.8.. Ill report tommorow what did I buy and how does it work..
  16. Yes of course I wanna upgrade.. The flashed bios was just the sign that I should already done that.. Review looks good: So in the end Celeron is better for raw computing power , and Sempron for gammers. I dont need gaming power but if I do I got Rade on 9250 64 Mb and that will suffice.. I have to change my Radeon 9600 with 128 Mb for this radeon cause this one has DIY so I can connect two monitors with adapter, which I need since Im working with cubase and reason and my "old" radeon didnt supported that, only TV..
  17. My first proccesor was shitty cyrix, all others was celerons and they are great, especially for overcloacking.. and yeah this one is damn cheap, I couldnt believe it.. I would buy something better but last month I bought synt so Im broke already.. Only thing that bothers me is that 1 Gb DDR 2 ram, PC-5300 flying at 667 MHz, it is expensive but I think its worth it.. And the beep are long, long, long and only long it just repeats long beeps.. Does that mean over or maybe I still have chance?
  18. Yeah it can only produce beep, beep, beep hypnotic sounds and flashes from the led on the mainboard.. And only that.. Is CPU I want to buy any good? Man, ram is expensive, 1 Gb ram costs as much as MB and cpu together..
  19. This is what I have choosed MBO INTEL, s. 775, D915GMHL, 915G, BUS 800 MHz, VGA, serial ATA, 7.1 zvuk, DDR 400, 1Gbps, mBTX Intel® Celeron® 336 2800 MHz, 256 kb c., s. 775, BUS 533 MHz, EM64T, BOX But MB u sugested is twice cheaper so I will go for that one if I dont find something else..
  20. Like I said nothing, zero, nada.. But now I can produce very psychodelic sounds from my main board speaker and only that, yeah the first led on main board blinks in the rythm also and that means bios is fried.. If it cant pass first info led(out of five, six) then it cant do nothing.. Not even a boot screen, no counting memory, nothing. Cause for counting memory there should be a bios I think.. anyway I cant find anywhere mainboard that supports my old processor so I am thinkin of buying 64 bit Celeron 3.2 Ghz and some appropriate MB for that, cpu is cheap so im lucky.. Maybe I will buy some ram too but I havent come to that, Im still searching MB for that celeron.. But soundcard will stay. and it should work with no problem with new cpu i think. And is there some mainboard that supports core duo processors and at the same time that celleron 3.2 socket lga 775?
  21. My bios is pinned to the mainboard and cant be removed, and repair costs almost like a new main board.. I think I wont have the money to buy new CPU and RAM but of what CPU are u talking about? Maybe I could manage something.. And yeah I view this as a oportunity to buy fresh gear cause that MB sucked, Ive got only two slots for RAM on her and even if I upgraded RAM I couldnt upgraded it much.. I will try to get mainboard that supports my procesor and ram and at the same time new procesors and ram but I dont know can this be possible.. My fried MB is QDI PlatiniX 2 and CPU is Celereon 1.8 on socket 478.. Can something be done? Im going shopping after work so recommend something..
  22. No more Cubase CPU problems for me.. I went to the library yesterday to download bios since I download all versions except the one I needed, when I arrived home I tried to up date my old bios.. I created boot diskete and boot the system from floppy, started that flash utility and I was trying couple of times but it didnt worked.. Then I found out how to unlock write mode in bios and tried again with flash utility.. I backed up my old bios and the flashing started and completed succesfully and the message was "remove the diskete and restart the computer, bios updated sucesfully". That was the last thing I saw.. Now its just beeping and I cant get it up.. I tried removing the battery and the jumper but nothing, zero, none.. What the F is that back up for then anyway? I flashed it up for good. Main board gone, lost, fried, burned, destroyed. No more cubase CPU problems for me.. Now I gotta buy new main board and probably new RAM and a CPU although I hope I will only have to buy MB.. What have I done? Does anybody have a gun?
  23. Is it? Well lucky me, I got Nuendo.. Which several great producers? Nemo, that means I dont have to buy Pro tool or bother with cracking.. Yupie yai yei
  24. This looks like "nitzhoshot fight for life" topic.. All that I can say is that I heard negous and cyberia tracks and both artists have kind of commercial sound but man that cyberia track rocks, melody is fantastic, really lifts u up so there is no need for explaining the root of the name of this style. Maybe if kick and hats was different it wouldnt sound so commercial but I guess that it wouldnt be that style of music then either.. Anyway keep going guys, great work, for me uplifting trance is alive..
  25. Nope, I actually called microsoft support and almost got busted cause I have a copy but they cant do anything.. But they helped me, the guy explained me the problem and it is a bios thing, I already downloaded all kinds of bioses on my motherboard manufacturer site(not on bios manufacturer site where u have to pay) and now when I come home I simply have to determine which model I have and install bios for that model, format hard, install os again and it should work.. We will see by tommorow
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