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  1. yeah for my resolution.. its good now, spreads just across whole page but not over.. take your time with norton.. I am here till half five..
  2. zuorna.. I have another one but cant remember the name now..
  3. First of all, cut the signature, its too long, or divide it into two rows if u really need all those pics Send a link for norton, I can try it,.. I got sandra and I will try her, but I have QDI mainboard, only dont know which model.. Ah yeah, what Is my job, well actually nothing, sitting in front of computer and surfing the net.. And they pay me for that
  4. Not much going on my job too, everday, all day.. Well I went to the Phoenix.com page but they redirect me to esupport cause they dont have bios for download there.. I dont know, seems like award bought phoenix or something, but anyway u got pay on their site.. I havent got the number here since I tried to download driver but with bios number they asked me credit card number too so I erased it.. I quit trying to update it online since I cant download exe even if I payed them and I was thinking to go to some computer shop and physicaly change bios(buy new one), but maybe it has to do something with windows like nemo said, one friend told me that too, he was having same problems but he managed to get a copy of some version of xp that supports large hard drives and installs service pack 2 automatically but I tried that and it doesnt work.. It works with his 250 Gb drive.. Now he tells me I should install win 98, then format hard in dos to clean it all and then try with that windows.. But maybe they sold me 136 Gb hard with 250 Gb sticker on it.. But I doubt that..
  5. I have Phoenix AwardBIOS and I searched and looks like the only place to find that BIOS is at esupport and it cost 25€ or something but I know it must be somwhere for free.. I didnt heard about mobo.. Thanks, I will try to call microsoft support.. I
  6. Yeah I have 6 or more instances running and its better to have them more cause it runs faster.. Divides procesess.. But anyway, last night I typed format c: twice, well actually I typed only once cause in XP theres no DOS, but I formated 2 hard disks, backed up my files, VSTs on one DVD, samples and projects on other.. No sleep.. I managed to install all drivers but still I have tons of programs to install and third hard to format.. And I will do like I said, bigger hard will be exclusively for audio and smaller for all other stuff.. Only thing that bothers me now is that my mainboard doesnt recognize 250 Gb hard drive, it only recognizes 136 Gigs.. Strange, maybe update of BIOS should solve that? Does anybody know where to find Phoenix BIOS update for free? On their site you have to pay 25$ but I dont have credit card.. Anyway a bit off topic..
  7. Not one, but I got some info on the svc host and how to mess with it in registry editor.. Maybe that will help.. Anyway, well see what happens when I format it.. Actually I have another idea, I will install cubase and all the music related programs on big hard with 250 Gigs and that 40 Gigs I will leave for everthing else.. That should do the trick, my only concern is that I dont infect my new 250 Gigs hard..
  8. No, actually its not histeria, the guy mentioned svchost I warned u about in "infected vst" topic and if thats it than it is bad.. I performed scan, removed some stuff but I cant remove two files I have on hard nor the one in my operatin memory.. Bad, bad, bad.. But friend told me that this sucker from operating memory will go off only if I remove the battery(on motherboard, for system clock), and I will try that while reinstalling.. I have SX zone version and SX3 H2O version.. My nod 32 cant do nothing against those 3 suckers..
  9. Guys from isra-trance suspect it is a virus, and it could be, since I warned all of u about infected VSTs.. But the problem persist, how to copy all the files for backup without burning virus/trojan on DVD?
  10. No, post a link with the file in zip, else I cant download it.. But if u cant do that my friend will bring me some new asio drivers from creative, so maybe that will work, I already have one but I couldnt insatll it, wrong version, I suppose.. Yeah we all have to upgrade sooner or later, but I really love my 1.8, I bought it from a friend who was in need for money for only 150 €, almost free
  11. No problem, I already arranged a copy of it, but if that turns out bad I gotta have someone in reserve who has copy..
  12. I know, i know more RAM and yeah its a crap but its better than some Holywood 5.1 card I had before, it will serve till I manage to buy M-audio Audiophile 192.. Actually I changed sound cards with my friend just cause Live! has gameport and I thought it is faster then MPU-401, now Im not sure cause it says SB Live! (emulated). But f***ers in creative say that live has <2ms latency.. grrgh Is 1.8 GHz enough? I dont want to buy RAM and then realize I have to change mother board and RAM again and the CPU.. U cant imagine how much troubles I had with that Cubase, now I have SX and SX3 installed cause the ASIO drivers with SX3 are not working so Im using the one from SX.. Man I hate that bold guy who shows up everytime I open SX, is that Steinberg? Ugly m*****f*****
  13. Yeah I though it is the RAM, but I set virtual paging file to min. 512 max. 1024, but nothing changes.. Well actually I can open whole MIDI song and add 4 decent VSTs and let my synth play by some MIDI channel/pattern and play at the same time but that is almost overload, I have to tweak it good to achieve that.. When it comes to playing with synth I messed with asio drivers and after one day of tweaking I got 20-40 ms input latency and about 150-200 output.. And we can say I can play on synth with that latency but anything above 40 ms is bad, I have to wait a second when I remove the finger from the keyboard to hear the sound.. But I think that SB Live! should have much lesser latency, should it? So first thing to do is to buy more RAM?
  14. I just found out that my Cubase SX3(with nothing opened, no project, no nothing) uses 100% of CPU power (according to Windows Task manager), is that possible? Reason v3.0 uses only 1%.. What is more important to Cubase, CPU or RAM? What is recomended CPU and RAM values? What to upgrade first CPU or RAM? I have Intel 1.8 GHz with 256 Mb RAM and 250 Gb hard disk, but Im only using 40 Gb hard for now and its almost 2/3 full, I defragment it but maybe thats the problem.. Or sound card drivers.. I recently installed Sound Blaster Live! and according to specifications I should have no problem.. Is it better to plug synth onto Sound blaster game port or into MPU-401 on my system board? What is lowest latency for Sound blaster Live!?
  15. megaupload or filefactory, rapidshare sucks.. and please make sure u upload in zip format, otherwise I cant download it..
  16. On Cubase but according to Nemo on Pro tools it isnt.. Is it or is it not then?
  17. Cubase worth 700 and Pro tools 300$? Well doesnt that makes Cubase better? Stupid dongle.. Is Logic for PC cracked till now? I will go a bit off topic but since u have 10 years of exp... I just found out that Cubase(with nothing opened) uses 100% of CPU power is that possible? Reason uses only 1%.. What is more important to Cubase, CPU or RAM? What is recomended CPU and RAM values?
  18. I listened it long ago and as far as I can remember it was good. But I havent listened nothing new from him..
  19. I dont know why but I cant open your page.. Maybe its myspace problem, I will try later..
  20. Its getting better and better.. What would I do without Reason? Ups, I just saw the price, twice as much as the sound card, no its not getting better.. Did anybody cracked M-Powered version of Pro tools 7.1 till now?
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