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  1. You can sum that up that way.. I would vote for Mac but since I dont have the money to afford it I vote PC.. About that Cubase SX3, I was wandering that question: How people who spent fortune on original program can work when something is buging them all the time like the stupid dongle driver.. And I see that they cant stand that from Nemo┬┤s statement.. So Logic is best (I thought Prot tools are) but which version is for the PC since its not any more, or was he ever made for PC?
  2. So it is LE.. I didnt knew that and I dont have Digidesign but Im planing to buy M-audio Audiophile 196 in the future, will I get Protools with it? If yes I will buy it without thinking.. Then we can agree about VR virus..
  3. I heard about PSP but that virtual Viruss sounds tempting.. That is all original probably, the prog and vr viruss? I was thinking if u can send VR Viruss maybe I could get Pro tools somewhere..
  4. So no VSTs then? Only RTAs? Yeah it limits u fo shoe cause I got 303 virtual studio instruments I collected.. And not a single RTA..
  5. I dont know but other say Pro tools is the best.. I would loved to get my hands on that..
  6. My catalog can be downloaded HERE(it is less than 1 Mb) and if u dont have where is it to view the catalog u can download it here. Catalog contains descriptions of most of the virtual studio technology instruments that I have.. Most of them are freeware.. U can have any VST u like but u gotta share some that I dont have .. And If u really like software I provide u and use it a lot, support software industry and buy it from your local software dealer . Enjoy,
  7. I dont know is it still available but u can be sorry if u didnt listened it New tracks from me soon.. Get ready..
  8. I play drums(mrdanga), flute(bengal), I played tambourine and gitar and have some experiance with keyboards before.. Now Im fully into synth learning..
  9. Well actually yes.. Or go for original or hardware.. Or u can contact me and go for the freeware as soon as I filter/clean them all.. So if anybody is for exchange of uninfected VSTs contact me
  10. As I said I had no problems with pirated software, I think small shitty VSTs that dont do much cause that, so avoid them.. There are some good freeware VSTs that are clean but how can u tell the difference? So my recomendation is that u use pirated/original VSTs or hardware..
  11. The card is working, everthing is pluged now, I have some problems with syncronization still but I will solve that.. Do u have more of those records? There has to be more of samples like that, this one is great..
  12. Warning! IMPORTANT NOTICE I found that a lot of VSTs have trojans/viruses in them and most of them attach that trojan/virus on svchost.exe in windows system32 directory, or in operative memory. Some of them are really buggers but I did get rid of them all.. I have NOD32 for protection but NOD cant delete files, just report them, so I deleted them manualy (those that I can delete).. So I warned you, trojans are mostly found in small freeware VSTs but I think u should have no problem with cracked versions.. For more information about svchost.exe CLICK HERE If u have any signs of trojans on your computer u should describe it hear and if u now which VST is causeing that u can tell that too. Lets fight the trojans together!
  13. No problem bro.. I know how is it when u have slow connection.. THX anyway
  14. zip that track so I can download it.. And in future when u wanna post some of your tracks go to music promotion, this is music making thread.. And welcome to the psynews, enjoy your stay..
  15. Zip it man, zip it, I cant download mp3
  16. Zip it man, zip it, I cant download mp3
  17. No, I thought that too, thats why I was thinking I should get a new sound card with two MIDI ports, but two days ago I found the cable that has two MIDI on one side and one gameport/midi on the other. That should work fine with my old card so there is no need for buying new one.. My wallet is thankfull And buddha, your track rocks, where did u pull of that sample in the end of the track? I hear so much good samples last days..
  18. What is this? Orange and Buddha.. I have Micronizer, software for Micron and its easy to program it.. And software is free.. But it saves u a lot of time.. but I still need to buy MIDI cable to connect it.. I cant wait till monday so I can buy it..
  19. I listened to your mix (the one ziped and with 64 kbps) and Im telling u, this could turn Hare Krishna into a bad boy!
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