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  1. someone mustve already eaten it by now thats lame but eh.. wheres your avatar gone again?
  2. Can I slice it up and put it on breadfood :unsure: ?

  3. what happened to the pig eh? I see your avataar, its a little better than the former, however nothing extraordinary i must admit...
  4. lmao!!

    thanks for ruining my thread..<_< <_>

    ok. since your gay, it's ok. dont want to descriminate the homosexual comunity


  5. Now i feel like getting this one... Androcell.. is one of my fav artists
  6. try this if you havent already - VA Peaking In Tongues
  7. This is one of those albums that you will keep hearing even after years.. great quality chill.
  8. absolutely liked 'mediteran' and chilling matenda... great music for an evening on a beach.
  9. have to listen to this one :posford:
  10. Psytrance has got a lot to do with outdoor parties in nature, open spaces with beautiful people freely moving, dancing, chilling drinking smiling.. doing what they feel like doing when they do feel like doing and coming together for a single purpose, music. I remember the days when I was drawn into listening to this genre, it was only after I was taken to a party by a friend, and I saw how connected people could be. Never had I seen such beautiful people, such great smiles, and such vibrant energy in my life. I had ofcourse had a drop in that party, though I know people who came for a lot of parties and still dint do drugs, so please leave the drugs for the people to choose, and its better if its not recommended at times... let people get the groove without it.. then it would definitely be the love for the music. 2 parties and a bit of music discussion will get youre friends hooked on to this scene. Now, im not entirely sure of what kind of scene there is (if there is even a scene in malasia), so if there is.. then you should very well be in it. If there are not too many parties, then i would suggest, you play the music.. especially the mellow tracks that even non psy people (if I can term them that for now) can like. There are protoculture, older logic bomb, IM, even some older astrix & skazi.. that some people instantly get hooked on to. Also, ensure that its played on a good set of speakers.. the kick in the music is what needs to be heard
  11. I dont listen to too much dark, but if you like frozen ghost, you might like these as well.. yab yum abomination Shift slug zirkin some psy forest derango ka sol goa gil sets huxflux haltya wizack twizack also listen to electrypnose (even their chill album is simply spine twisting!) artifakt Ocelot grapes of wrath Suria I recently went for a psykovski party, and i must admit he mixed some crazy arse toons.. i was drunk out of me head with lots of beer, and a spliffy or two.. had a great time dancing to his set.
  12. best news i got this year.... even better than me getting promoted at work :posford:
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