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  1. Hello. I have 'Trance Experience 2 & 3' for sale. Trance Experience 2 : Media Condition (VG). Has some visible scratches but it doesn't affect how it plays. Has been checked various times with CDCheck and it always gives no errors. Sleeve Condition (VG+). Price : 30 euros plus shipping. Trance Experience 3 : Media Condition (G). A lot of scratches on the surface but it plays without any problems. Also checked with CDCheck, zero errors everytime. Sleeve Condition (VG+). Price : 28 euros plus shipping. I can provide photos for both items. My feedback on Psynews is here. I accept Paypal.
  2. This has almost happened with 'Aqua Line Spirit' track.
  3. This is true but you can always try to write something more uptempo and (oldschool) full on. Also there are labels like Zion 604 that release various styles of Goa Trance. At that point, my suggestion is to not think about labels and how to release your music but spend a lot of time working and experimenting with your set up. If you succeed, it all depends on the hard work you are willing to do! That's just my opinion.
  4. Radi, I really enjoyed those two tracks of yours. Nice ideas, true oldschool spirit. Of course there are things you could improve IMO like production or being less repetitive in some parts and finding your own sound but talent is there! I wish you good luck!
  5. Hi! It's 'Encens-Orgasmatronic'.
  6. Hehehe, yes it makes sense now! Thanks for clarifying this because i thought Astral Projection took the wrong path with their new music! As for the Greek part, I agree!
  7. Haha, certainly it is! But we can't remember the order of the tracks! It was a full two hours live/set!
  8. That's '1200 micrograms- Shiva's India (Astral´╗┐ Projection rmx)' But are you sure that was the first track? I think it was the second!
  9. I'm afraid I can't remember but now that you asked, i 'm curious to find the answer too! Of course, Radi! If you compare them to some other legendary acts, A.P. are still alive and kickin'! But i would like to hear some totally new tracks from them and not so many remixes of classic tunes! 'One' was pretty good track imo!
  10. And here is a video from yesterday night! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wb9XOQwy0ww
  11. I was there too! From their new tracks they played '1200 micrograms- Shiva's India (Astral´╗┐ Projection rmx), Blue Planet Corporation - Over Bloody Flood (Astral Projection Remix), Blue Planet Corporation - Midian (Astral Projection Remix), The Infinity Project - Feeling Very Weird (Astral Projection Remix), Astral Projection- One. This is what i remember! The track that opened their live was a generic progressive one, i was not so impressed! Personally their new remixes didn't touch me. On 'Shiva's India' the result was great, i can say it's much much better than the original but for the rest....hmm. But we are talking about classics and i realise how hard is to remix them after so many years and achieve something great! That's again my personal opinion! About their old tracks, Trunksan said it all! Avi and Lior were friendly with the crowd and many people took pictures with them! As for 'Liquid Soul'.... I thought i was listening to this track for 90 minutes.
  12. For me it's 'Party Droid'! Insane track!
  13. Mark Allen has been three times in Greece the last 2 years, playing mostly old music (retro sets). Last time it was before one month, playing together with Mike Maguire. Also he will be back in Greece during August (Aurora festival, Samothraki Island). Probably he is still active as a dj but not as a music producer.
  14. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbJ-YskV0u0&feature=player_embedded I first heard 'Atmosphere' on that show... I discovered many great tracks thanks to 'Rave On, The Eye Tech'. A legendary program and those Amiga visuals were so mind tripping
  15. Thanks for your info Kris! I really enjoyed the tracks you had together (Kaaya)! Looking forward for the new 'Elysium' and 'Wombatmusic' albums!
  16. I'm really curious about Paul Jackson, one of the true pioneers of our scene (Genetic/Voodoo People)! As about 'Lunar Asylum' project, i heard that they prepare their second album...
  17. 3 years after and i'm still looking for the names of those tracks! Take a listen please First Track Second Track http://www.zshare.net/audio/68463830e83666d6/ http://www.zshare.net/audio/68463897f0654d8c/
  18. Luminus- Galaxy To Galaxy http://www.discogs.com/release/428786
  19. I'm here too! I have the same passion for this music (oldschool psychedelic trance) as i had 12 years before.
  20. And of course No7 is 'My Dear Medical Assurance'
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