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  1. The title is self explanatory, but I wanna the volume of bass going down when the kick hits using ulrabeat.
  2. In what elements you guys use it? Lead? Bass? every one of them? try to avoid to use it? Tell about it
  3. Even Logic Pro has the option of export directly to soundcloud, but I like to have all in one place like my site, soundcloud site seems good, but has very content and is a bit distractive, but should be good to get feedback and to get in touch with more people with the same interest, maybe later when I had some work to show.
  4. Around 100 euros, I live in a residential area, I can't make noise
  5. I was studying, working, chilling, now I'm learning Logic Pro, to check what I can do and I'm back because I enjoy psytrance, here you can know more about me https://equilibrium.productions/biography/ I think I will be in here reading stuff, asking questions, sharing sounds and requesting for feedback. I feel welcome thanks
  6. What are the best headphones in your opinion, for production, mixing and mastering?
  7. I maybe wanna buy one of those ADAM - T5V, MACKIE CR8-X BT or YAMAHA - HS 5?
  8. http://cosmicequilibrium.space/music/ Some feedback would be nice
  9. I want to change my nick is it possible?
  10. http://soundcloud.com/osc_oscillation/air-guitar-1 Comments
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