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  1. http://soundcloud.com/osc_oscillation/air-guitar-1 Comments
  2. Because chemical crew pay them to not add decent and original electronic music legit releases, because if they add ppl will have access to good music and never will buy them shity cd's. I did a joke.
  3. Noooooooo, it's adam 7 are that price because is just one unity. damn...
  4. Please help, i wanna buy my first monitors and i wanna to waste my money better possible, to make psytrance, techno, electro with reason 4 and ableton live, there is one friend saying the adam 7 are ugly but are the best ones saying adam is always better, i'm confuse that adam has better frequency response but the woofer texture is realy wierd, what should i buy around 350 euros ? my audio interface is m-audio 24/96.
  5. One of the last with something new and good.
  6. For me isn't almost Dark, but sounds good.
  7. I'm going well ? http://osc-place.freehostia.com/?Sound i try made something close to zik matutero style
  8. I like both but i think progix_space_angel.mp3 is more pure goa then the gox one the gox.mp3 is more dream i think.
  9. Maybe you already know this vst but if you don't check this vst fx http://illformed.org/glitch/ very good for dark almost indispensable weird and bizarre noises and you can do combinations check it.
  10. And panorama too i just know the kick and the bass is always in the center but the another stuff where should we put in the pan? Someone good at internal mixing in cubase should help us
  11. kbbbkbbbkbbbkbbb k=kick B=bass
  12. I only agree with the 16-notes lol, full on basslines sounds very cold they are very synthetic, boring and humm let me think, ok it just suck's... for goa basslines you need 303 emulators and for drums 909 or 808, more 303 acid sounds, that's the way i like to hear and i will do it one day i hope, this is my opinion.
  13. I'm in if you want, i have much to learn...
  14. Very cool continue the good work
  15. Check www.milkytracker.net is free and have video tuts and more documentation.
  16. Yes renoise is the more hi-thec but i realy like the madtracker old and soft school style.
  17. http://clientes.netvisao.pt/cr1st0/oscilla...ng_in_space.mp3
  18. Try this, open fl, press F10, go to audio section and try configure it, choose you output audio device from the list, if you choose asio for all, you should not use anything more playing audio in you computer, when you will use fl.
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