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  1. ive got a feeling this is gonna be a cd that takes time to get into dunno why, but very anxcious about this album ordered it already..couldnt wait to hear it first that + a load of ambient...finally a new infusion
  2. dont worry, most ppl are to busy looking at your avatar ... no time to actually read your posts
  3. matenda - energy loader [spiral trax] i cannot believe im listening to progressive... but damn, i like this album
  4. or mebbe its a perk for the ambient l33t ... others may never know!
  5. idd!!! becoming one with the muzic...and gradually drifting to the portal to the dreamworld
  6. i rather pay 15! i think ill wait a while before i get a copy of this cd [absolutely love elve - infinite garden ... really curious bout the atmosphere of this one ]
  7. yes idd!!! long live delays quality muzic we want dammit and so much cds yet to discover...let them take their sweet time... .. about that new Ishq album : is the one under his Ishq name that is upcomming and i am not aware about? or are you talking bout virtualworldcd003?
  8. i dont think its readily available anywhere [if i am wrong, please let me know plus the spiffy details of where it is available ]
  9. dogma - blue moon so simple, so honest, so hartbreaking
  10. etnica - the juggling alchemists under the blacklight just puuuuuuurfect *happy grin*
  11. he knows his stuff allright! i love the way he can combine beautifull melodies with madness, acid and good rhythms... i.e. silicon trip / temporal shift i like enlightned ape too , its different which is good... i feel its more flowing and going with very nice psychedelica and from time to time he drops a beautifull melody in there....gotto love it .... esp the human life track still gotta check somaton out ...
  12. that whole cd rocks so much its silly my fav classic for the moment : In Trance [the complete cd] ... absolute pure bliss [well not a classic maybe, but it should be!]
  13. all of em , khetzal being my favorite hell, i even have the new Ra cd already heh now that is some darkpsy i can handle never goes over 180 BPM
  14. thank you very much for your kind offer BUT... due to some magical events.... just ordered infinity hz 2 :D now that is a sweet christmas present [cant really believe it ... "found" infinity hz 1 & 2 in just two weeks...there goes my waiting 10 year plan grmmblll ;)teeehee] on a lighter note....that joking sphinx album is pure gold!!! not that normal melodic, euforic , brain mending oldskool...but more chill out beautifully constructed acid adventures through time and space
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