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  1. Bump! For great justice! Got the Suntrip issue of this through today. Crisp remastered sound (Tim never fails), an already perfect album gets a sorely needed chance to reach more people. Bravo Suntrip! Edit: Continued here.
  2. + a billion. See? A good lead melody gets you far. VGP instantly gets my vote as the best track because of this. :drama:
  3. Chis

    Tea Chairs - Selftitled

    I know, I know. That's why I love it. And why it's such a highlight: an instantly memorable, fun lead melody. Hülsbeck created some great game soundtracks! Lucky for PC owners they kept the original TFMX modules for the PC port of Turrican 2.
  4. Chis

    Tea Chairs - Selftitled

    Yeah, one thing about this album is that it doesn't have the ULTRA PRISTINE MASSIVELY LIMITED MORE TOP-END-THAN YOU REALLY NEED sound that most modern psy albums have. Caps because it gives me that much of a headache listening to these over-mastered releases. Tea Chairs - for yet another reason - is a breath of fresh air because it has a much warmer, softer sound than this. Yes, it sounds like you're expecting 8-minute tracks that build and breakdown the same way as thousands of other psy tunes. But no, Tim likes to *sharp breathe in* break this desperately-needed-breaking mould. Some of the best tunes on here are 3 minutes (Turrikaner ).
  5. Excellent choice... I've heard them, would like to eventually replace my already pretty good (for their price) Event TR5s. Currently have them paired to an Adam Sub 8, and want more of that Adam sound! :drama:
  6. Chis

    Tea Chairs - Selftitled

    No replies at all? Come on people, this album is amazing...
  7. Listeners enjoying this album would do well to pick up the Tea Chairs 3xCD. In a similar sort of area, if a more unique overall sound.
  8. Argh! I've been meaning to add this for AGES. This is a great album. Sorta-minimal melodic, space trance. Simple but effective melodies, great builds, lovely sounds. The filtered pads on I Love U are really nice, love the shuffled drums on Kombucha... but it's Villa Ghee People that's the best track, no question. A FANTASTIC trance lead riff in this, and what a build up. Get this album now. Valo has a unique sound, there's absolutely no cookie-cutter psy going on here at all. He does some nice chillout as well, Neha has some lovely flute work. Very late edit: Best cover in years.
  9. http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=46650
  10. Tea Chairs - Tea Chairs Demon Tea Records DMTCD13/14/15 http://www.demontea.com/ Discogs Entry Samples at Juno Tracklist: (From Franny's post) Disc 1 1 MentalMetalSnakeSnack 2 O Kiinni 3 Light Utility Vehicle 4 Chillingham Cheese 5 Lankey Love Herz 6 Mondo Suzuki Omnigod 7 Eye Shit On Acid 8 MondoSuzuki Omnigod (TazManiac Rmx) 9 Mt. Wellington Rock 10 Aishtemas Disc 2 1 Demon Tree 2 Pandanus Spiralis 3 Fuckin’ Alien 4 Playing With Colour 5 Beverages 6 Silver Wasp 7 BUST (find the drugz) 8 Bargrynder 9 Tzump-In (Chairs Rmx) [Originally by Weird Alchemy] 10 Cruise Wide Open 11 Friend Til’ The End 12 Chapora Sunrise 13 The Spice Deep-end-dance 14 20000 Camel Bride Disc 3 1 Microscopic Retails 2 Tube U Want Tube U Get 3 Returnofthepalu 4 Type Of Cheese in Your Bum 5 Weak Structures 6 Daves JewJew 7 Perhosiamaksassa 8 Listen Tomy Hooves 9 Sorry Reptoid 10 Weather Control 11 Turrikaner 12 Aamutakki [With the Flying Scorpians] 13 Tri You Oli 14 Heavenly Fruits Mini-Review: This is amazing, blows your psy perceptions wide open. Covers every possible side of psytrance that it's possible to cover, and makes a load of new ones up at the same time. The production isn't overblown, over-mastered full-on Sytrus/Nord/Virus wankage, there are lots of unique sounds and leads that sound psy but are not the overused tat hundreds of other producers use. Nice to hear some Ozric-ian spacey big-beat type tunes such as Aishtemas, as well. And bonus points for the Dune sample on Chapora Sunrise. :clapping: I don't think I'll ever be able to write anything more coherent about this monstrous triple album. Just GET IT. (Chillingham Cheese is particularly outstanding, though.) If you like Classical Mushroom or Pog-o-matic Pogomen, you must hear this. :clapping: Note: On the real discs there are 13 tracks on disc 2, and 15 on disc 3. As opposed to 14 on both, as the tracklist suggests. Hopefully someone from Tea Chairs or DmT Recs can clarify what happened here? P.S. Turrikaner = jawsome.
  11. Have you tried Sattel Battle? Or a bit of Safi? :drama:
  12. Finally got around to checking the samples of this. Sounds like pretty in-your-face goa with a modern production. Great! When's it out? (The flute on Moon Fishing is a nice touch, just to add insult to insanity. Which is a good thing. Honestly. :clapping:)
  13. And you know why? It has a memorable lead melody. I've seen numerous people label this track as "cheesy" because of that, all I can say is, fuck em. Book Of Eden is my favourite goa track, period. And Earth Crossing has to be one of the very best goa trance albums ever released. At least it is finally available to buy as MP3s... I would still prefer FLAC, or - I can dream - an official remaster/reissue on Suntrip.
  14. From the man that brought you the best pads in the business, and the staggering "Detection (Far And Extended)"... a new album? This will be excellent, no doubt.
  15. *sigh* As much as I love what Suntrip is doing, what they stand for, and most of what they've put out... I can't help but tend to agree with Dajek. A few of the tracks here sound like they want to be big, epic goa masterpieces... but if you go and listen to Transwave - Backfire (which is what I did soon after getting Twist Dreams), you'll see who the better composers are. Going back to Twist Dreams... samey, generic "goa" arpeggios only get you so far. Damnit Suntrip, sign up Symbiote! Or convince Aerosis to make more tracks like Spacious Endeavours.
  16. Because it doesn't have a billion sound effects plastered all over the place to mask a lack of composing ability? :drama: :wank: Seriously, the main problem - as I said - with this album, is that a few of the tracks could really do with some editing. Hell, if I could be bothered to re-rip it and break out Soundforge I would... buildups take a bit too long sometimes. But what the tracks build up TO is mostly great. And, you know, isn't it nice to hear an album that doesn't have the same fucking Nord / Virus / Sytrus / Zeta presets on it for a change? :clapping:
  17. Hola Safi. I was hoping for something new here, but this is the same Experimental Dose from Figga Nigga isn't it? Well, it's a good one, but can't quite match Tarzan & JD-J. Go on, elitist full-on heads, I dare you to try this. I'm sure you'll hate it cause it has melodies (other than generic arps) in it. Psytrance is allowed be fun, you know.
  18. Something we agree on! Rino, I'm shocked. This album doesn't get enough props... :clapping: In fact I'm tempted to say that it is, so far, the best non-VA album Suntrip has released, with the first Filteria album following hot on its heels.
  19. This was a nice surprise, if anything because Benza seems to be one of the few psy artists these days that has bothered to craft a (fairly) unique sound. No cookie-cutter-psy (hello Xenzodiak) here! Lots of good melodies, great production, tasteful builds and samples. The three-track "piece" of Fabric / The Overture / The Switch is awesome. And that's a point: on The Switch and Everyone's A Pornstar, Benza goes all big-beat. And it's good stuff! My only complaint is that most of the tracks are a bit too long, with sections that go on without much changing. That's a very general statement, I know, but just listen to the start of Mechanism: 40 seconds of drums before the bassline comes in. Then a similar amount of time before the first main melody comes in... and most of the tracks follow the same sort of buildup structure. It doesn't sound so bad describing it, but when you're listening to it, it seems a bit lazy. Unless he meant for these tracks to be DJ tools as well, I guess. Anyway, if you like this, for goodness sakes go and try Dreamforce by Vishnudata. Also an awesome "spacey" psy album.
  20. In a world full of generic full-on dark psy artists that don't understand what leads are, this thread is a breath of fresh air. Can't wait for this reissue!
  21. Complete bullshit. Sorry, but it is. Hell, a lot of that stuff is barely musical - just a crap-load of sound effects. That Ghreg on Earth album isn't too bad though...
  22. Well, I've heard some extended samples of this album, and it is bad. As cheesy as (most) dark psy is mindless. If you want to hear how not to do melodic psy, here's a great example. I maintain that there's a world of difference between this and stuff like SynSUN and Safi, but just watch the dark heads try and prove me wrong.
  23. Take a look here guys: http://www.tokyo3.dk/~joachip/vst/ There's no ZIP, just a few demo tracks (that are excellent), and the DLL file. Dump this in your VST plugins folder. Some info from the coder, JoaCHIP, in this thread at KVR: http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=175021 This is a nice little bass synth!
  24. Abasio, that's the first sensible post I've seen from you. I'm shocked. Lets be honest: this album makes modern day full-on psy look unbelievably soulless. Production quality be damned.
  25. Access release v2.0.3 for the Virus TI, plus some new soundbanks, one of which is by Andi Vax of SynSUN. http://www.access-music.de/news.php4#news113 Damn... wish I had a Virus. As in, TI, obviously.
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