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  1. Woohoo count me in for 2, this is great present for friend who is oldschool lover!! Preorder??
  2. Searching for vanilla x0xb0x kit, willing to pay 400 EUR + S&H. Assembled x0xb0x also OK, but I'm not going to pay 700+ EUR + S&H for it. If you are interested selling your x0xb0x kit message me and please state your preferred method of payment. Thank you!
  3. I quite like some tracks such as Psycho Goblins and Tadarinda... but who cares. That isn't the subject of this thread. This isn't a rerelease; its a promo of a previously released work. Weird eh?
  4. Especially in the begin your bass is too loud IMO. So I had to use equalizer. Its easier to put bass louder than the rest.
  5. FYI: Correct spelling. Not dark nor goa IMO though. But whatever
  6. lovely track! Very hypnotizing indeed. Every time i listen to track in the car i'm like woeiii!
  7. Hehe old punk dead punk old punk sad punk. Here another one, Crass Punk Is Dead Yes that's right, punk is dead, It's just another cheap product for the consumers head. Bubblegum rock on plastic transistors, Schoolboy sedition backed by big time promoters. CBS promote the Clash, But it ain't for revolution, it's just for cash. Punk became a fashion just like hippy used to be And it ain't got a thing to do with you or me. Movements are systems and systems kill. Movements are expressions of the public will. Punk became a movement cos we all felt lost, But the leaders sold out and now we all pay the cost. Punk narcissism was social napalm, Steve Jones started doing real harm. Preaching revolution, anarchy and change As he sucked from the system that had given him his name. Well I'm tired of staring through shit stained glass, Tired of staring up a superstars arse, I've got an arse and crap and a name, I'm just waiting for my fifteen minutes fame. Steve Jones you're napalm, If you're so pretty (vacant) why do you swarm? Patti Smith you're napalm, You write with your hand but it's Rimbaud's arm. And me, yes I, do I want to burn? Is there something I can learn? Do I need a business man to promote my angle? Can I resist the carrots that fame and fortune dangle? I see the velvet zippies in their bondage gear, The social elite with safety-pins in their ear, I watch and understand that it don't mean a thing, The scorpions might attack, but the systems stole the sting. PUNK IS DEAD. PUNK IS DEAD. PUNK IS DEAD. PUNK IS DEAD. PUNK IS DEAD. PUNK IS DEAD. PUNK IS DEAD. PUNK IS DEAD. PUNK IS DEAD.
  8. I found my gold mine last week while searching for a diet book in a local book store right in the city (Santa Cruz). They sell mostly second hand media (at least DVD, CD, records and (e)books), but some are new. My mistake was to took for the "goa trance" genre which genre didn't exist. My girlfriend reminded me to search for "psychedelic trance" and there it all was. About 100 in total. Small archive compared to the other genres. $2-4 for an EP, $5-10 for an LP. Even European stuff. Mostly old, some new too. Early Flying Rhino and Blue Room. Didn't check CDs, but they had a lot records of a wide genre and even far more books and CDs. I also checked the ambient corners out. There was no player available so i had to skip some stuff i never heard of / which i didn't recognize and i have bad memory. So perhaps, if you search for such (you say CDs though) then bring a portable player with you. The store is widely known in town, in the heart of the centre and called Logos. I didn't foresee all this and was surprised. Next time i see a second hand bookstore i'll certainly retry this trick.
  9. Hallucinogen - Shamanix after ~ 7:30, after that part around 7:00 which is saddening to me. In general, all goa, psy, psygoa which refers to classic audio or video e.g. "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" or "Dune".
  10. "Shit"? Why not listen to samples and judge? What are samples for in your opinion? Are they meant to buy an album after you listened them; without questioning if you liked it? Should one, after having listened to samples, buy an album he/she probably doesn't like enough? At least people state they listened to samples in their posted judgement which is a Good Thing IMO. Fallacy; you don't have to like full-on or repititive music to dislike this CD. For example: one can like e.g. Hallucinogen - Twisted and dislike e.g. Filteria - Sky Input just fine... Yeah and so do many other artists. Doesn't mean you have to like their work. If you can't stand the heat, don't read. If, as artist, it is your opinion that people who judge on your samples are too pre-judging because they haven't listened to the real track then just ignore their opinion (or fix the problem or make it less worse). If, as artist, you do not care about simple opinions such as "i really like it" without any insightful arguments then just ignore it, right? Just because someone reads a forum doesn't mean you have to be extraextraextra nice to them, their work or their ego, not state your criticism, or not say you like it very much while being honest behind their back. Because *gasp* thats dishonest and self-censorship. Conversely, just because someone does not read what you write does not mean it is justified to be mean about them or their art. There's a saying for that one too: talking behind ones back. I don't get the problem and blabla with all this, its simple as kissing 101. Thanks for posting your review though. It underlines what i already concluded (more of the same which is ++ if you liked the previous) hence doesn't make me more exciting because i don't see how his style changed much since Sky Input.
  11. The crossovers between goa and psy given theres no new goa anymore. There were hardly any crossovers in the 90s. As a friend of mine puts it: when goa was goa and psy was psy. Nowadays what most resembles goa is the crossovers which are less psy. Old goa artists hardly make any crossovers, they make psy because thats populair or they do mid-tempo, ambient and ethnic projects (e.g. Elysium, Sphphphhphongle). Its new artists like Filteria and Lost Buddha and new labels like Suntrip and Tranceform who do the work. Some people call that music goa; i call it goapsy or psygoa. Compare classic goa tracks to this new crossover style and you know what i mean (i hope so!).
  12. Uhh, thats very personal. And how do you measure. By popularity? Hope not... because in that way the Backstreet Boys would have won this contest 8 year or so ago. IOW really depends who your target audience you ask to is. And frankly, i find the question too hard to answer.
  13. Thank you very much for your review, very much appreciated!
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