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  1. Hey, Dont know of any parties on that weekend yet, They will pop up on this website : http://www.accessallareas.org/ Just to let you know its the weekend of the notting hill carnival aswell as "south west four" ( a more commercial outdoor trance (not psy-trance) event. Hope you find what you looking for, Cheers Ryan
  2. is any 1 going 2 the Psychedelic Spring Ball in london this weekend ?????????
  3. Please let me know if any1 is going this saturday in london, this one seems very hush hush and was wandering if its actually happening? cheers dudes
  4. ****** Went to the last party they threw at Jax, proberly one of my best parties in London!!!!! This one's UNDERGROUND BABY!!!! Skip the antiworld party!!
  5. Psychedelic Spring Ball - 24 hour Bank Holiday Gathering - 29th April In collaboration with PsySociety (Denmark) Givng you that full-on Psy wiggle: Nicolaisen (PsySociety, Denmark) - 1st UK appearance Shrek (PsySociety, Denmark) - 1st UK appearance Kristian (Transient records, Psygate) Josco (Neurobiotics) Gacid (Far Side) Flip Flop - live & DJ set (Far Side/ Nano Records) Compressor (Ethnica.net) Niquid (Ajuca Records) Spragga (MDMA) Santan (Wildthings Records) Fordy (Looney Magnet) Room 2: 'Free Form Shake Down' - Expect nothing, get everything Sound: Acid Monkey Decor: Tombalina, PsySociety Deco Team Visuals: MINDSCAPES, Javu, Extradimensional Space Agency Live bands, Fresh food stalls, Chai, Healing Area, Fluffyness, fun and frolics abound. 'Magic Music Circle': We'll be cultivating a magic music circle, so come one and all and contribute to the magical mysticism - any and all acoustic instruments welcome (discount on entry if accompanied by an eclectic instrument ;-) ) There will also be filming of a music video for one of the live bands for MTV, so come get famous Info numbers: 07904 071 181 or 07922 249 286. Lines open after 9pm on the night.
  6. Hey People! I have to start producing music! I need some advice on a keyboard that has taken my facy. Is the korg microkontrol a good option for working in reason 3,or am i waisting my money ? thanx to everyone that replies ! The Cape Synth
  7. seven in the morning and you still waiting for a fucking coat!!!! what happend?
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