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  1. Yollo people I also had the joy of waiting for my coat.. but i think that was more my own fault for losing my ticket... I had a wonderful night... it was a plesure waiting in line with you nice people but.... it was a HELL of alot better than the Stratford Rex... that place was pure evil!!!! I dont suppose any of you guys took any photos.... bell-end here lost his camera.. have fun
  2. Yollo people.. I have a small request. I love good nights out, but I have a very bad memory.. As such there is so many nice bits of a night that I will forget, so I try to take pictures to help me remember.. But sadly I seem to have lost the memory card for my camera and don’t really have the money to get another one before the night.. If anyone else is going I would be really grateful if you’re taking pics if you could mail some to me or put them on the web please... Thanks people
  3. Yollo I also madly love the dark stuff.. when theres a good set in a club i almost cream my self.. have a look at this DJ's site.. http://www.adamwiggins.com/ live internet radio performance archive: theres a bit near the top to download a set he did and its spot on... just ashame its in LA other wise i would go to see him for non psy things have a look at covernant http://www.covenant.se/ hope this helps a little
  4. Yollo people This is looking like a really good night... never been to the Wandsworth Palais before... anyone know what this place is like? What’s the betting that Kristian is on last thing, as normal.. He’s dam good but at that point the spirit is more than willing but the flesh has died Saving the best for last isn’t always a good idea...
  5. Yollo I afraid i have no idea what that song is.. but seeing at the they probably put the promo together them selfs, you could try mailing them nothing to lose http://www.voov-experience.com/c_contact.html thats the web site.. good luck
  6. Yollo.. The Journey Man right there.. that site has sooooooo many bits loaded on to its website its unreal. 100's of artists with long samples.. have a listen to ether http://www.philosomatika.com or http://www.psyradio.org both stream Psy 24/7 and are a wonderful way to find new tracts and artists But as i found out by accidentally. The best thing about psytrance is the club nights. Nicer and friendlier than any anything i have ever come across. Have a look at these sites for nights out. http://www.goatrance.de/goabase/parties.php3?saAtt[country]=United+Kingdom http://www.spraci.com/listings.php?parea=u...trance&x=10&y=8 Not sure where you are but both cover Europe and most of the world Hope this helps a little
  7. Yollo I do soo love the Orbital - Halcyon and on and on track. Other gems that make me want to stop what im doing and give 100% in the listening department are: (the first 4 are sooo soo wonderful for me) Daft Punk - Life is sweet. Apoptygma Berzerk - Kathys Song (vnv nation mix) Aphex Twin - IZ-US Covenant - Edge of Dawn Bolt Thrower - Ritual Talamasca - Illusion World Smuhg - Decode Gigmorphosis - The Goa Abyss < (only track i can find by them) But it dose everything for me Normally I get to listen to these songs on the way home after a night out of sweet psytrancing. (3 hours thanks to British Rail), this always seems to leave me in a semi emotional, relaxed state. They also have a lot of memories for me. So im not sure if I find the song beautiful or the memory’s, or both
  8. Yollo people The one i listen to mostly is http://www.philosomatika.com/ Its nice because even though its streamed its quite high quality.. And it has the last 10 play list which is quite a nice feature Its win amp and media player.. But media player is a bit fragile i have found.. It does tend to repeat a bit, but it also plays mixes which are free to download. It has had some dammmm good ones.. http://www.audiognomes.com/gnometones.htm the Necrognomes. one was spot on..... Other than that its the standard ones in the win amp radio list Hope this helps a little
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