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  1. its totally cool mate ...i respect and accept your taste...its only music at the end...enjoy it
  2. thats ok mate... as a big fan of 303's, i like listen to most kinds of acidic 303's tunes,and another favorite in this section is: Hardfloor - Acperience well its true acid clasic one... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5wycI_C0N8
  3. the name of the track is: Growling Mad Scientists - Jaws one of my favorite in the crazy 303's tunes from the past...
  4. thank you guys i can say,that the time of release those things is coming,small & save setps,and when this time will come,you can enjoy those tunes... keep it positive trancy tunes
  5. for listening: http://soundcloud.com/afginelad/afgin-rushing
  6. totally love this one,great music and trance anthems,this tunes are in general my taste in electronic music: dreamy,euro trancy,with gentle goa vibes,spacy,emotional,warm and positive vibes... thanks for sharing funny, cause just lately i started to put some more trancy stuff when i play on parties/goa parties,and the result is very good.. also i can say that some of my new trancy stuff i made and published in this forum,will be released in a few monthes as an EP,for you tho enjoy :-) keep it trancy
  7. well for me,i can say i love all kinds of music,specialy electronic dance music,and in electronic music i like listen to: in the goa section i like the melodic side,& from the other hand the pure acidic 303 sounds... about psytrance in general,well i prefer more clubby trancy melodic tunes stuff then psytrance. thats why i like to listen to club trancy stuff like: above & beyond,armin,alex morph and etc...more then other psy-trance of today...cause i found that in this melodic trancy stuff there is much more melodic gentle touch,realy atmospehric but not to much psychedelic... i can say when i was younger i was able to listen to more psychedelic stuff...but by the years my ears want to listen to the more soft melodic trancy stuff,with not to much psychedelic crazy stuff... so at the end,i prefer goa trance(more the melodic stuff) & club trancy stuff more then what called psytrance of today. the best example that i can give is this track,Oceanlab - On A Good Day (Above & Beyond Club Mix) [HD] this kind of tunes i am totally like to hear:
  8. for listening: http://soundcloud.com/afginelad/afgin-violet-skies enjoy
  9. thank you well for now,i am on a work on a more melodic trancy euro trance,in the future they will be release officialy,how,when,and where,it is still have time,but it will be released for sure. until then,enjoy the music
  10. style : melodic trance. for listening: http://soundcloud.com/afginelad/afgin-landscapes
  11. its ok what you said,but for an example, i can love rock music,and to be good person,help,and respect... the point is that first i focus in music...and then the other parts,like the colture,and etc... thats why i seperate music from the colture...for an example,many pepole in the trance secene do psychedelic drugs its part of the culture,but i dont do drugs,...just for an example for what i mean
  12. well i prefer not to use the word "BELIVE" in music cause its makes music to be like religion,i prefer words "love the music",or "i like or dont like the music",cause it is more true in its way. thats way at first,i listen to music,and if it is good to my ears,then its good for me,any kind of music,from electronic music to cllasic music. thats why all headlines like old school,or new school and etc...sometimes makes pepole to jodge music before they even listen it,for good and for bad i mean sure,there is headlines for music genres,but,first listen to the music,and if its good for you,you dont need the headlines,you just love the music and thats it...this is my way of point
  13. well,after reading all the comments,we must remember that after all...it is only music. GOA,ACID,CLUB,FULL ON,MINIAML,PROG,and etc...all those are only headlines/names...the must important thing for me it is the music at the end,and if i like it or not...the name is not important,first listen to music,than deside,dont jodge music for good or bad,only because it is new school...or old school,not only in goa,i mean to all kind of music geners. now,i dont care what name you gave to music,if it is good to my ears,and a like it,thats all for me,in my case i love goa much as i like club trance,much as i like eurodance,much as i like all kinds of music that sound good to my ears. when i do music,i use the sounds i like,ryhtem,melodies and etc...the important point is not if its new school or old school or what ever...for me at the end if i like the result,than it is 100% good for me,now if pepole like it,its great,and if pepole dont like it is great also...cause pepole have their own personal taste in music,like i have,like everyone has,and i never judge pepole in their music taste,whatever pepole like,its cool. and about suntrip records,i think if some pepole put in side their bitter,and their sarcastic way of point...at the end,there is one objective and strong hold fact,since suntrip records start,until today,they are getting bigger,and get huge promotions and attention in the world trance scene,and why is this? it about the music at the end. so yes,instead of being bitter,and saracastic,you can say "well done suntrip records",even if some pepole dont like their music style and etc...at the end,suntrip records is a succses story,and that is a fact. so it is ok to give complimetns,its not cost any money,and i know some pepole it is "hard" for them to see somthing get bigger,like suntrip records in our case,and to give good words. but its cool,the facts speaks for their self. cheers everyone,and take it easy.
  14. for listening: http://soundcloud.com/afginelad/afgin-moon-disco
  15. for listening: http://www.o-zen.com/art/bands/896/music.php Enjoy
  16. style: melodic trance. for listening: http://www.o-zen.com/art/bands/896/music.php enjoy
  17. Thanks for loving the music well,i think it is too early for a new album,it takes time,and more work,and i prefer not the rush about this one. but for sure,those tracks will be released in the future,and about the question where/when/how and etc... well..it will take some time... and when the time will come.. until then...enjoy the music for the video clip of this one: thank you... Elad afgin.
  18. style - melodic trance. for listening: http://www.o-zen.com/art/bands/896/music.php
  19. location: jerusalem forests,israel. for wathcing:
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