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  1. some of you,will remember,the original track was released in V/A PLATIPUS RECORDS VOL 3. in 1997... this track realy stay in my mind,it is a trully pure mellodic trance,with vocals. so i decide to do this track my own remix. this one is unreleased. for listening/watching the video clip: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...ideoID=50232386
  2. this one,is a tribute to WONDERBOY,his full name is GUY EDRY. he is a very good friend of mine,and one of the managers of OLD IS GOLD community in israel. this track released in the well known V/A OPUS IRIDIUM from suntrip records. for watching BEST AUDIO&VIDEO QUALITY: press the "WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY" in the youtube screen,right,below.
  3. well from me,the messege of this clip,and i hope,that music can bring the peace!!! the name is LIGHT UP THE DARKNESS,and this means to me a lot,those days in israel,as many knows,not so good. this track,with positive mellodies,and happy GOA TUNES,this is my personal messege,to all mankind,wherever you are... and i am sending message of PEACE!!! LIGHT UP THE DARKNESS IN OUR PLANET EARTH!!!! for watching in BEST VIDEO&AUDIO QUALITY: PRESS THE "WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY" in the youtube screen,right,below.
  4. AFGIN LIVE + DJ SET,belgium 3.1.09 it was my third time in BE... and again,i am always shocked from the belgium goa pepole... they are realy true goa lovers,and they have there a very big goa scene,i can say the main capital goa scene in the world. they know the music,and they dancing & jumping,this is realy amazing the belgium goa scene. for great memories,for ever...for watch: http://il.youtube.com/watch?v=QCg4iPIsejQ for best video and audio,press on WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY in the youtube screen,right below.
  5. in this video my dj set,in israel,it was when goa trance startes to up rise in israel...until today... and it still kicking and pumping... the video:
  6. AFGIN UNRELEASEDS (1999-2002) that is the third and last part of my old unrelaesed music. this release include 14 unreleased tracks. style : GOA TRANCE those tracks written when the first time i started to work on the FRUITY LOOPS,REASON and CUBASE softwares,in the begining of years 2000...until 2002. few years later,my first official album promo released under the name OLD IS GOLD... and from this release,the rest is known... now you have a full picture of my history in music,the begining...how it is progress...until nowdays.... it has been long time since those years,and by the time,i learned,improved,and continue in the long road,to the future... next stop...the album in 2009 under SUNTRIP RECORDS. thanks all the pepole for their support,and for beliving the music,from the begining until today... for download: From Sendspace: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6vg4zr From Psynews: Afgin - Unreleased (1999-2002).zip
  7. AFGIN - UNRELEASED TRACKS (1997-1999) soon will be my UNRELEASED TRACKS from 1999-2002. you can say those tracks are my begining and my history in making music... the first time i started produce music,it was when i was younger,at age 17-21 years old.. those trakcs was not sopose to be released,those days i did music for an hobby,for myself... those tracks written in those days on the IMPULSE TRACKER MUSIC SOFTWARE... in that time i was written music under the name PROTEXOLOGIA. the first album is a NITZHONOT TRANCE ALBUM...influenced by the NITZHONOT TRANCE STYLE... the second album is my first GOA TUNES producing in the IMPULSE TRACKER SOFTWARE... the quality sound is very old..that was my firsts steps on producing music....... for the PROTEXLOGIA NITZHONOT UNRELEASED TRACKS (1997-1999) From Sendspace: http://www.sendspace.com/file/oj6nx4 From Psynews: Protexologia - Nitzhonot unreleased (1997-1999).zip for the PROTEXOLOGIA GOA UNRELEASED TRACKS (1997-1999) From Sendspace: http://www.sendspace.com/file/dd8f4p From Psynews: Protexologia - Unreleased (1997-1999).zip
  8. it is less then 2 months until year 2009... for me year 2008 was very intensive,and busy on its positive way... every weekend playing all kinds of parties,HAT parties,pure goa parties,mixed parties,big festivals,outdoor and indoor,and between all this,creating and produce my music... well it was a year with not so much sleeping hours for me...but every time i went to sleep,it was with an inner big smile... from my way of point,i can say,GOA TRANCE is on the map,for sure in isreal,and in some places in the world.. in the video links below,u can watch some of my memories from those golden moments in parties... and before that,there is some pepole i want to say thanks to them,for help to create those magical times: Joske and Fabien from SUNTRIP RECORDS. Guy and AVI from OLD IS GOLD. to the goa party originaizers,in israel,and in the world. to the goa tribe in israel,and to the goa tribe all over the world. to the old goa artists from the past. to the new age goa artists. and to the crowed,that i am happy to see you again,and again,party after party... usualy i finished with the words "KEEP THE GOA VIBES ALIVE..." but now i can say "THE GOA VIBES...IS ALIVE...FOR SURE..." Thank you all,where ever you are... for the videos: AFGIN in Trance dimesions party,Belgium 15/3/08 Afgin - Old Is Gold II, Moksha Party, Israel, 21/3/08 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsyjWfAJ0Gw AFGIN'S Birthday Party,28.3.08 AFGIN in Skygravity festival 2008...his GOA moments.. Afgin & Duda @ K.S.S Full Moon Party 17.7.08 Afgin & Duda @ K.S.S 14/8/08 Afgin & Duda @ K.S.S & P.H.P 11/9/08
  9. thank you guys... the full length track is 10:30 min. the story behind this one,is to give the cllasic trance tunes... influenced from the early mellodic goa trance from the early 90'... the messege in this track is the harmonic pads,with the samll mellodies in the backround,with the old scholl sounds,built up on a cllasic trancy groove. to give a warm mellodic atmospere,to be an emotional pure trance track. those tunes are trully in my head as a person,makes me smile,and feel positive.. and that my way doing music,give feelings,and exictment to music.. thanks again,and keep it up,and positive vibes in music all the way... :-)
  10. this one,is very mellodic,warm positive sounds,with an emotional pads, influenced from the pure trance tunes at the early 90'... in those times...there were only the mellodies,when pepole drop tears of joy from the music... in this one,i put all my memories from those early tunes... for listening the sample: http://www.o-zen.com/art/bands/896/music.php enjoy... and keep shine on pepole...
  11. the track that started in 2:00 is: AFGIN - Amanita
  12. it was in the 11.9.08 the third friends party of K.S.S productions... it was in the israeli sea beach... in the video link AFGIN & DUDA,a GOA dj set:
  13. those legendery artists from the 90'.... a tribute to the GOA TRANCE....and the GOA legacy is continue....... my personal tribute to the GOA TRANCE....... for watch:
  14. no words... this is the begining.... an early techno-goa music in the background,down tempo,hypnotic,tribal vibes,with oriental mellodies... for watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZW3w3xpCm5Y...feature=related and to the morning video from that party: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RZP3W85YQE
  15. when u say to some old GOA generation pepole in israel: "do u remember drugless festival in 1997"? they will say to u.....wowowowo........the best GOA FESTIVAL in israel at the 90'.... in the link below,u can watch the full documantry movie from the festival...no need to download....only press play.... it is almost an hour,u can see there the best goa bands in action,for sure it was the best goa festival in israel,until today... for those who want to remember...for those who haven't been there,and want to see... it is happend in the summer of 1997,israel... the name of the movie is KARAHANA... for direct watch: http://www.dailymotion.com/tag/free/video/18203
  16. in the link below u can watch a short documantry film,it was filmed in 1998... with ASTRAL PROJECTION & CALIFORNIA SUNSHINE... this film uploaded to YOUTUBE by HAR- ELL PURSKY after he did a convert from the original video cassete,the a digital media... Thank u HAR- ELL...for that piece of HISTORY... for watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eayVpIa9zI4
  17. thank you pepole.... for your nice words,and for loving the music... in this track it is all about deep feelings and emotions,with positive atmospheric vibes... big thanks to the pepole that following me from the start,the suntrip crew...the crowd in the world,the israeli crowd,and to all best friends that belive the music all over the way... thank you ALL... AFGIN/suntrip records
  18. This one is...: spacey....dreamy.....floating......mellodic...... sadness and happiness leads and bass line mixed together.... an Emotional Goa trance... for listening to the sample: http://www.o-zen.com/art/bands/896/music.php
  19. in the video link,u can watch a video clip from my set with Dj duda,in a friends GOA party in israel. after the first K.S.S party,that was a huge sucsses,the K.S.S group decide to do another one... and this is the GOA VIBES from the party... Enjoy... and the GOA TRANCE IS STILL ALIVE... AFGIN/suntrip records
  20. in the video link,u can see me and roy sason from SHIDAPU,playing together in "Shagabonza party": this link is in the FACEBOOK,so for watching this video u have to be a member in the FACEBOOK... link to the video: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=...9913&ref=nf
  21. ASTRAL PROJECTION - means to an out budy expirience..... i would like to thanks to: joske & fabien from SUNTRIP RECORDS,for their full power support,all over the way...... to the goa crowd in israel,and all over the world.... and to the old goa artists for their legacy...and to the now days goa artists,for continue that legacy....... thank you all..... for listening to the sample: http://www.o-zen.com/art/bands/896/music.php GOA TRANCE.... IS STILL ALIVE.... AFGIN/suntrip records
  22. it was last weekend, in cream,ukraine. in the link below you can watch a slide show video from my set. thanks to the SKYGRAVITY crew,and to the pepole of the festival and special thanks to Vladislav Radulovic from GOASIA,it was great time with you thanks... link to the video: AFGIN/suntrip records
  23. You are the new master of Goa my friend!

    Mindblowing music!!!

  24. in that party,we played all kinds of goa tunes: ,israeli goa(MFG,MYSTICA,ASTRAL PROJECTION and more) the old matsuri goa style (PRANA,UBAR TMAR) also we played pleiadiens & Etnica style,simon posford music,and my music as well. and some updates...soon in israel,15 hours of pure goa mega rave in the nature ,line up: local goa DJ's: SHEMESH MIND TRRPPIN PURPLE PHAZE GOA artists: TANDU (retro set) WITHCRAFT (SANDMAN feat. CHAKRA) in retro set UX - Full live act,first time in israel, retro set MFG - retro set AFGIN/suntrip records California sunshine - retro set SHIDAPU - retro set Soon in israel...
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