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  1. hey to all goa fans, it was a sunny weekend in the israeli winter,so PSYSPIRIT decicde to make a small goa friends gathering,to friends only,in jerusalem mountains... the track in the movie is "Afgin - dreams in motion" for the video from the party: next event: 7/12/07 AMANITA WINTER SEASON Itay.c - BADOLINA Ras dudu - funky beats MFG - retro set Afgin - suntrip rec for more deatails : http://www.myspace.com/amanitawinterseason Keep the goa vibes alive Afgin/suntrip records
  2. Goasia new album... totally great samples...well done for a GREAT JOB!!! for sure u know how to bring the GOA VIBES... from israel, i wish you good luck and ALL BEST TO GOASIA... thanks for your album...and big respect... AFGIN/suntrip records
  3. hello to all goa fans.. in the link below,u can listen to a short samples from my new tracks: http://www.o-zen.com/art/bands/896/music.php the first is TRIBUTE TO THE SUN part 2. the second is FROM THE HEART. the 2 tracks are with a lot of positive sounds & atmosphere,with the GOA tune all around. thank u ALL. AFGIN/suntrip records
  4. the other man from MFG is Aharon segal,nowdays he is a religious jewish,he is no longer produce goa trance. only the last album of MFG they produce together again music,since then Aharon is no longer produce any kind of trance music.
  5. hello Joske...i checked my mail...it is great news ..thank u very much...i will talk with u very soon
  6. hello there all goa fans... well in the last couple days i worked on a video clip to my track OLD IS GOLD (part 2),i collected some favorites parts from the party i played in israel and belgium,and mixed them into a video clip. this video is a symbol for me to a great Goa parties in israel,summer 2007,and to the goa trance scene in the world,it is start growing,and it is sounds good :-) so i want to dedicate the video clip,to all pepole who keep the spirit of the goa trance,to the artists that doing a great work, ,to the labels for a professional job,and to the great great crowed,that coming to the parties,you made that thing happend... Thanks to NOVACRON for design the OIG logo in the video clip.. so thank u ALL! enjoy... AFGIN/ suntrip records that is the real link to the VIDEO CLIP
  7. hello to all goa fans... last weekend i played in MOONDROPS party,an old school goa party,with GUY from MFG,and it was great party... in the link below u can see the video from the party,in the video it was before i finished my set,and u can hear the track "MAHADEVA" from astral projection. in the MFG movie u can here the track "WHEN WE DREAM"...and it was realy a dream to here that track in the nature from MFG after 10 years ago... thanks to MOONDROPS production for a great party... Enjoy,and keep the goa vibes alive... AFGIN/suntrip records AFGIN DJ SET MFG DJ SET for the party reviews: http://forum.isratrance.com/il-moon-drops-...hawk/50-123424/
  8. hello to all friends... here is my MYSPACE page.. enjoy...and keep the GOA VIBES ALIVE... Elad afgin/suntrip records http://www.myspace.com/afginelad
  9. ELECTRONIC TIMES,a trance movie,was created by few israeli students,the movie is about the trance scene today,and the trance scene from the 90', the movie is in the hebrew language,but u can listen to the GOA TRANCE soundtrack in the movie,and to see some videos from parties in israel... Enjoy... AFGIN for the movie:
  10. psy spirit production,made a great goa party in the 20.7.07,israel, i played there with filteria,it was nice to see jannis face to face,thank u for a great set,and thanks to psy spirit crew for an amazing party... AFGIN for the party reviews: http://forum.isratrance.com/viewtopic.php/...112395/forum/50 for the videos:
  11. thanks..i will continue keeping the goa vibes in israel,thanks for your support,the crowd support,and the suntrip records for their great job... soon...at the 14.09.07 big festival in israel, me playing with SIMON POSFORD (halucinogen) and X-dream...more detalis soon...
  12. Ayawaska production party, with SANDMAN (retro set) OFORIA (retro set) CHAKRA (retro set) well...it was amazing...3 old artist with their old music...great party... i was playing in the end of the party,after playing my music, the last track in my set i put CALIFORNIA SUNSHINE - AVALANCHE, you can see it in the link below: thanks for the pepole of the party...and to all goa fans all around the world... this weekend 20.7.07 me and FILTERIA playing in israel...i am waiting for that moment... Elad afgin
  13. amanita production did that again with a beautiful party in the forests of jerusalem, line up was: 01:00 trickit 04:00-:06:00 MFG (guy zurkel in retro set) 06:00-08:00 AFGIN (suntrip rec) 08:00-10:00 COSMOSIS (retro set) 10:00 until noon..souami trance... link to the video from the party:
  14. yes,Dick trevor from green nuns of revolution is played on that party,he play Retro style,his old music (Amanita party 4.5.07,jerusalm forests)
  15. hello to all GOA fans... here is some of my DJ sets on video i have been playing in israel,and in belgium, i would like to thank to Joske and Fabien from Suntrip records for their support,all the way, thanks to the beautifull goa party pepole in israel,to OLD IS GOLD group in israel, to Amantia production in israel for making great goa parties,and to the amazing party pepole in belgium,and to all goa fans all over the world,keep the spirit alive... soon...party i will play with chakra & edi mis (retro set) Tandu (retro set) Sandman (retro set) it will be in the 13/7/07 in israel it will be take place in a secret place in the nature ... AFGIN/Suntrip records Old is gold party, in belgium 18/5/07 Amanita party,with green nuns of revolution,israel 4/5/07 floopy production,in jerusalem forests Amanita party,with AVP,9/3/07 in israel,jerusalem forests and review,and pictures from the last party of AMANITA production in israel,it was in the last weekend for review: http://forum.isratrance.com/viewtopic.php/...110802/forum/50 for pictures: http://forum.isratrance.com/viewtopic.php/...110881/forum/51
  16. thanks pepole... you can download my full promo (include 10 full goa tracks) in: http://www.megaupload.com/il/?d=EQJ5I6XP enjoy..
  17. thanks to u all pepole, all the goa trance belivers,goa trance dj's,goa trance artists,and all goa trance fans in the world,and to the goa trance pioneers from the early 90',thanks for creating that fantastic goa tune from the early 90',the spirit is still alive,and i want to thank to the pepole who makes that goa trance tune to be sound those days: jannis - filteria fillipe - lost buddha suntriprecords khetzal ra tranceform records OIG (old is gold) team in israel, and to all i forgot... all underground goa trance artist in the world,keep beliving,and continue makes that great goa tune big respect and love Elad afgin
  18. hey my friend...that is a cool site u have,i like it,also your great goa music,continue with the good work,and keep the GOA alive.
  19. hey pepole..after almost 2 months i released "we are spirituals" and "return to the source", i bring u pepole my new goa trance track,old school tunes,and positive psychedelic vibes...thanks to the old school pepole who keep the vibes alive all over the world. u can listen and download the track in: http://art.o-zen.com/goahead enjoy...
  20. hello pepole,in that link u can download 10 full goa tracks i have made over the past year,enjoy the music and keep the goa trance alive... download from : http://www.megaupload.com/il/?d=CP1JV321 (u have to wait 45 sec,than click with the mouse after the 45 sec ends...)
  21. thanks... when i am looking back of the trance history,for me the goa trance tune is more then music,for me is a massege,and culture,that influenced on pepole all over the world,there is something on that old tune that makes me understand that this is the true goa spirit,i respect all kinds of trance styles,but for me the goa tune is the must powerfull expirience that i can get. and in this moment,i want to say thanks to all goa trance belivers all around the world,that keeps that fantastic tunes alive,thanks to you all pepole,and big respect. keep the vibes,loud and clear... Elad Afgin
  22. hey pepole... after a month from my last track "return to to the source", i have come back with my new track "We are spirituals". the track is an old school goa trance,for the pepole who like the tune... u can listen and download the track in : http://art.o-zen.com/goahead enjoy the music... and let me know what do u think about my track... thanks... Keep the GOA VIBES alive... Elad Afgin
  23. thanks riton... respect to u all pepole who still respect the spiritual GOA TRANCE...
  24. dear crazy boris... listen...that is the diffrence between me,who making music from the heart with a lot of an old goa spirit and emotion...and between somebody who try to bring something new all the time...that sound so clearly like now days music... when i make music...i dont try to bring something new with the melodies...or to be surprising like a birthday presnet...when i am making music it is came from what i feels...and i want the music to be with an emotions,but not cheezy,just like the old goa tune... thats why i makes music not for MONEY...just for me...and for the pepole who likes my music...so simple as u can see... KEEP THE OLD GOA TUNE....
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