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  1. so please,go to those artists and say to them: "hey mate,thanks for your great music,and by the way your brain is mentaly got lost cause u dont know how to use psy drugs,i wish u better next time,cheers" the problem is the drugs,not the pepole.
  2. well,try to look at it more in the long term point of view,for example: how many artist do u know,that make great psy hits during using drugs in those good old days,and now days,cause of using a lot of psy drugs,their mental/mind went wrong,and nowdays they cant function as a normal human beings cause of using psy drugs? so my point of view is not only "wowowo what a great track/song he made under using psy drugs",my point of view is what happened to some of those artists years later,and what is the Implications of using drugs on those artists? i was in shock when i saw which artists who went to a Anonymous Drug Rehab program,do u think they care about the music in their status? they just want to get out from this drugs,and fix the damage they made to their brain. well i can tell for sure some of tha majors psy artists i know,they regrat on the first time they touch any kind of psy drugs,and they pay the price until today. so at the end,for the long term,using psy drugs,from my point of view,it just dont worth it.
  3. i must agree with you in most of things and i want to add...for example,lets say that "vodka red-bull" is the most common drink in the pepole who goes to club and listen normal trance...but i dont see armin van buuren writing a track called: Armin van buuren - Vodka red-bull and how many psy tracks name we know that preached to use drugs/or named on drugs and etc?....well there is a lot of them, we all know that fact. thats the diffrence between normal trance scene(and by the way,a lot of other music scenes,not only normal trance scene),and between a scene that the drugs/using of drugs is the main issue.
  4. well when i wrote "LSD" it refers to all others drugs,includes coke,include others drugs we know,using the word "LSD" was only the make myself more clearly ,for me its all the same,its bad (all the drugy stuff),no mather what. in the bottom line this is a narcotic scene,who most of things in it based on using psy drugs,and thats the main reason for this scene has not very good Reputation among other electronic styles/genres. cheers
  5. i agree 100% with basilisk point of view,especialy about what he writes on number 5,6,and i know many artists Suffered from those reasons and decided to stop making music,or go to another style if they can do that. what i am trying to say that the "peace & love" state of mind over that scene,together with heavy using of psy drugs by the pepole who are suppose to "lead" that scene forward (for example: some party orginaizers that working with them was like a hell) makes the whole business to become amaturish,unproffesional,and overated. and after many years in that scene,i can say that those are the results of a scene that the main thing on it is to gather and use psy drugs... and what about the music? well....as long there is 4/4 rythem above 140 bpm,with some psy sounds & layers,then it goes...the LSD will do the rest. sad,but in most cases true.
  6. my story in this one; during the last year and little bit more...my music become less "psy" (not that before it was hardcore psy ) and more trancy/ euro uplfiting trance,and the main reasons are: 1. first the music,as a person,i found that in this style (euro trance) you can express your emotions more clearly,it has more uses of elements that puts the emotioanl human parts in the front,such as piano,fat warm leads,vocals(singer woman or men),warm pads,the structure of the track is like a normal song,you are focus more in making regular music,insted puting a 303 bass line the whole track,and playing with the cut off, although i love the 303 sound until today 2.pepole changed by the years,and it tooks effect on the music,if in the past i was realy into this " shiva goa spiritual" stuff, lets call it the "hipi typecast" ...well no i am no longer in that place as a person,the music i still love(goa),but my state of mind is totally diffrent now,i am less searching to digg to much in making music,sure i am still puting a whole story in my music,but it is less twisted & spiritualizm...and it is more goes to regular trance music,happy,shiny,without to much "searching for other planets in my mind"...i passed this time in my life as a person,and it effects on the music. 3.well in my case,psychedelic music was sometimes the place i could be kind of a "rebel",you all know,when you are young,you want to be diffrent,to feel special and making not a regular music,and so the music u do goes to this direction,thats why psy music is a good place to be,but....when you grow up,and you understand more about life,and you are less rebel,and you dont need or want to "fight" with the world,or try to prove somthing,or feel too much special, cause life is too short for this stuff ...you just want to wake up in morning,drink my red bull,and start the day nicely ...then your music became more solid,regular,less "psy advantures" in music,and more friendly to the ears. this are the main reasons in my case,but again,it doesnt says that i will not make goa in the future,the opposite,when you grow up as a person by the years,you are more open minded about music,and to life in general,so i can do goa music if i am in the mood,and i can make a typical euro trance with vocals,i have no rulls in this case,always keeping open mind,and follow what i want to do in the same time & enjoy music,cause after all...its only music and for the record,i am still love goa trance,as much as i love a lot of other kinds of music genres & styles,if its good to my ears,so it takes anyway...hope not digging to much in this one...but i think i am more understood for some pepole now so cheers everyone,enjoy life & good music
  7. Thank you beat addict i saw your'e from denmark,and i must say that one of the artist who influenced my latest music is a danish artist called daniel kandi,one of my favorite trance artists today,his music is powerfull & emotional in the same time,realy talented guy...big respect to this danish artist one of his trance bombs,amazing stuff http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfiBgH3tX3s
  8. Thank you guys well during the last years i realised that keeping an open mind as an producer regard to music , you just progress & follow your mind,and improve your skills and you are not locked up in one style,and if an artist can produce other styles so,,,,,,,why not? thats why i`m keeping an open mind in life and especialy in music and i love goa such as i love trance such as i love rock and such as a lot of any other music styles that my ears like to hear and in the same point i would like to say thanks to alexander from ektoplazm for his help in all levels,in a very professional way, and to old is gold israel for supporting the music all over the way
  9. 01 - T.R.A.N.C.E. (138 BPM) 02 - Without You (137 BPM) 03 - The Sound Of Goodbye (135 BPM) 04 - Touching Paradise (137 BPM) 05 - Lonely Hearts (135 BPM) 06 - Warm Breeze (130 BPM) All tracks written & produced by Elad afgin. release date: 10.2.11 label: premium music genre: trance/uplifting trance/goa trance supported & distribution by : Ektoplazm.com Old Is Gold,israel After the phenomenal success of The Dream Master, Elad Afgin returns with his new instalment on his independent Premium Music imprint: Emotional Peaks. This release continues Afgin’s exploration of the fusion between new school Goa trance and uplifting European trance, reaching new levels of emotion with this approach while maintaining the warmth and soul that has characterized his music since the beginning. Expect beautiful melodies with the use of piano and guitar together with celestial, dreamy, and floating sounds, all made with clean and modern production techniques. The resulting style has strong crossover potential with positive soundscapes that will appeal to fans of “sunrise” Goa and anthemic trance music alike. For more info & download: http://www.ektoplazm.com/2011/afgin-emotional-peaks
  10. Soon will be announced the track list... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwQqqGjb59w And more from my latest shows...enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oH6aW82lD5U
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWS19wq7qvA&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8NdRtCJOr8
  12. thank you this one is more with happy pumping kick drum tune & it's great for me playing all kinds of trancy tunes,some with more goa,some with more emotional euphoric tunes,and some with happy uplifting tunes...creativity & open mind...thats the key leading my music all those tracks i shared here (sound of goodbye,lonely hearts,without you,touching paradise) will be realesed officialy somewhere at 2011,and there will be more new tracks for sure... cheers everybody
  13. for listening: http://soundcloud.com/afginelad/afgin-touching-paradise
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0288m97ZOQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpQIvGx2uCw
  15. well for my point of view,and to many others i know,they would be happy to hear some uplifting trance in the morning sets... and yes,i know the word "club music" is like a taboo in the psy trance scene,i mean sometimes those "rules" remindes me it's like a fanatic religion,espicialy when its goes to "psytrance VS club music"...some pepole even told me that only because it's called "club music" they dont want to listen to it(you see how much it is more psychologic stuff then realy to listen the music) c'mon...put the tags you do to music in the side...let the ear judge,not words:) put the Traditional rules and etc...in the side...open your mind,and let the music do the job well here there are some tunes,that works perfectly if you put them in morning psytrance party,i put them myself severel times,and it works perfectly...just open your mind,thats all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zw1hfM3wpiQ&ob=av2n http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KYKGFeMAQ0&ob=av2n
  16. your words...to my heart ...thanks for your full support & keep exciting from music,wherever you are
  17. i did so already my friend......where...when...who...well time will say thanks for your positive vibes on this one... cheers mate
  18. thank you guys emotion in motion,dreamy & uplifting... i'm trully happy to make those tunes,the piano mixed with the giutar,the mixed melodies layers that create a special harmony,with the gentle warm pad played all around,and changing the bassline tunes most of the time,and you have this euphoric emotional feeling all over the track so,it's for you pepole to enjoy cheers everyone !!!
  19. for listening: http://soundcloud.com/afginelad/afgin-without-you
  20. Definitely love it !!! a special the first part,it's realy floating trancy dreamy stuff....... i think the first track is from human blue,from the album ice. the second track is Blue planet corp,the second track from their album,amazing track (from where you got this album?? its realy rare one ) and the third track i think it's one of the tracks who released on the Sun tribe compilations (zoomica music) if i recall right... great mix,i'm totally enjoy it thanks for share
  21. thank you sfx doing my best in searching & find the right chord & melody,to create a whole full symphony & harmony enojy the music
  22. well i can say that only now i see and noticed of this follow option stuff,infact i didn't know about this option until now,usualy in the facebook is my main work,and in the soundcloud i know less about their options,& i use it mostly to upload the music,but all in all thanks for noticing,it's important,starting to use this option as well
  23. thank you guys keep it up with "emotion in motion" cheers everyone,and stay tune !!
  24. for listening: http://soundcloud.com/afginelad/afgin-lonely-hearts
  25. Afgin feat. Kate lesing - neverland (radio edit) an exclusive radio edit only to "dance4mation" radio show 90FM,this program is the most wanted dance radio show in israel genre:dance,eurodance. for listening to the recorded show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLy6AzOrJDE
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