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  1. AFGIN REMIX to ODYSSEE OF NOISES - FIREDANCE style:Melodic trance. for listening: http://www.o-zen.com/art/bands/896/music.php
  2. style : melodic trance/club trance and the messege is...RISE UP WITH MUSIC & DON'T STOP! for listening: http://www.o-zen.com/art/bands/896/music.php
  3. sure,the track i am playing is AFGIN - LIGHT UP THE DARKNESS, released on V/A Golden vibes 3,from OIG israel.
  4. thanks :-) it was great party,happy vibes all around,totaly enjoyed and about the borat...well i saw today the second movie called bruno...and the first scene was with SCOOTER - NESSAJA song,one of my favorite happy hardcore artist...it was funny,and surprise for an intro sountrack of the movie... for watch the movie bruno,with scooter as the soundtrack: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvyjVtZnKrQ
  5. style: melodic trance/club trance. for listening: http://www.o-zen.com/art/bands/896/music.php
  6. thank you i can say that this style,in some countries they call it TRANCE,in some others they call it CLUB TRANCE. and some of the old goa pioneers like MFG & ASTRAL PROJECTION they did some more cluby trance,the album EMUNA of guy from MFG,and some tracks by astral projection,like axis,and burning up mix with trilitron. also the SFX album of astral,has some pure trance tracks in there....before they do the cllasic goa trance,they begin with pure mellodic trance,and i can understand their connection to the clubby stuff in their music. so thats why naturaly i am trully connected to this tunes,with a lot of drama,emotions,and warm sounds,in my goa style,and my cluby style i put them all. always searching for the heart bit mellodies. in this link you can hear a pure club trance did by GUY from MFG,and AVI from astral under the name PROJECT MAGNETA:
  7. for youtube high quality press the HQ in the youtube screen. style: melodic trance/down tempo trance/club trance. AFGIN - WARM BREEZE: AFGIN - FLY WITH ME: AFGIN - T.R.A.N.C.E : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9My9-C3z3VM
  8. AFGIN - FLAMES OF DESIRE style: melodic trance/club trance. for listening: http://www.o-zen.com/art/bands/896/music.php for youtube listening:
  9. hello to all well,it has been long,happy,and great 3 years,since first Old is gold,until today with Astral experience... years that include the goa revolution in israel,and the amazing climax goa scene all over the world,by those years i was playing in a lot of parties in isreal,and some overseas,giving my music,and the old school goa sets. during these almost 3 years,i have the chance to work on my music,with my personal inspiration i get from what called "The sound of goa trance". and into the astral experience album i put my personal messege through the Goa trance tunes. in that point i would like to thank some pepole,who helped.support,all over the long way: to joske & fabien,the suntrip records managers,that worked in very high proffesional & taking care for all the details by the years,i can say that in every step i did,they were there for help,support,in they free time,and for that personaly i thank them in this forum,thank you to the goa crowd,in israel,and overseas,for their big love & smile in parties,it was great to see all those guys,every party & events,they make this music revolution from dreams,into reality... thank you all,where ever you are... and see you in the future...sometime...somewhere Elad afgin.
  10. as you know,from time to time i do some trance/club melodic trance tunes... this one is a club melodic trance style... as i like to put in it a lot of emo...feelings...and warm positive sounds for listening: http://www.o-zen.com/art/bands/896/music.php
  11. it was a fantastic party,with old school tunes,great way to celebrate my b - day with MFG & POWER SOURCE... for the video: press HQ for high quality...
  12. and now for the video clip of the remix... feelings in music...and emotions...thats my goal for watch & listen in high quality press the HQ in the youtube screen. thank you all...
  13. this one is my favorite mellodic trance with vocals,original track released in 2001. for listening my remix: http://www.o-zen.com/art/bands/896/music.php
  14. well,it is not the regular goa vibes you used to hear from me... but for me,as a person,that grow on the 90's electronic dance music,it is my small tribute and respect for those eurodance tunes... i choose one of my favorite cllasic eurodance songs,to do a remix to it. for listening: http://www.o-zen.com/art/bands/896/music.php
  15. music by : AFGIN. track name : AFGIN - WAVES OF LOVE. released in : V/A compilation GOLDEN VIBES 2,year 2007. video clip by: Dheyandeva,NEPAL. for watching video clip: Feelings and Emotions in music...that is my GOAL http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...ideoID=49458452
  16. this one is very acidic with the cllasic goa tunes...will be release in the album... for listening: http://www.o-zen.com/art/bands/896/music.php
  17. yes ,this version in the youtube was released in 1995,on the V/A 300% pure dance,in israel,still got that original cd well,before i was into trance in 1995,i was listening a lot to those old euro-dance,italo-dance,euro-rave... until today i like very much that old dance 90' music
  18. my friend is omer malka, a radio dj nowdays in 90FM in the dance show called DANCEFORMATION,and he has all that SHELL SHOCK cllasic tracks & more then 1000 cd's & singles,of that old euro-dance,euro-rave,and old techno stuff music from the 90'. well,after checking,it has released on PURE DANCE 300%,and this compilation released in 1995,for sure. so yes..it has a very good connection to 1995.. check this out this link to the CD info: http://www.tapuz.co.il/Forums2008/Articles...7&aId=56463
  19. SHELL SHOCK - SUNSHINE ON TOKYO the name of the artist is PINI ABEL,an israeli producer who makes in the middle 90' mellodic trance & this is his GOA TRANCE. TRACK. the track released in israel on the V/A 200% pure dance compilation,in 1995. great cllasic israeli goa trance,shiny,mellodic,and very rare one. for listening: http://il.youtube.com/watch?v=kduZ8BqT-5E&...feature=related and for his PURE MELLODIC TRANCE...SHELL SHOCK - ALARM: http://il.youtube.com/watch?v=2j4usAPJg3c&...re=channel_page
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