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  1. for listening: http://soundcloud.com/afginelad/kate-lesing-neverland-afgin-remix
  2. Much respect to you all pepole !!! one thing i can say,there is a lot of chaos in our world,the only place that stay for me clear from all this chaos,is the music. thats why i do this kind of tunes,to give a shiny emotional feelings all around,to touch in every inch of the pumping heart,to excite through the melodies in the music. Enjoy the music,and continue to feel & and rise up again & again cheers to you ALL
  3. Thank you pepole... Enjoy the music & stay emotionals
  4. for listening: http://soundcloud.com/afginelad/afgin-the-sound-of-goodbye
  5. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=htgEKIGX1Ak Artist: Afgin Album: The Dream Master EP Label: Premium music Year: 2010 Genre: Trance,Goa trance All tracks Written & produced by Elad afgin. 01 - The Dream Master (135 BPM) 02 - Shine On (140 BPM) 03 - Venus (137 BPM) 04 - Feels Like In Heaven (138 BPM) 05 - Beyond The Horizon (135 BPM) Premium Music is proud to present The Dream Master, the first release of Israeli producer Elad Afgin‘s newly established netlabel. Afgin burst onto the scene in 2006 with the release of his first promo, Old Is Gold, and earned widespread recognition with several compilation appearances leading up to the critically acclaimed 2009 release of Astral Experience on Suntrip Records. Continuing the tradition, this release is loaded with musical warmth, emotional peaks, and uplifting moments that will appeal to your heart. These tracks combine the classical elements of morning-style Goa with euphoric, warm, and touching European trance to make you smile and elevate your spirit. supported and distribution by: Ektoplazm.com Old Is Gold,Israel Premium Music for download in WAV,FLAC,MP3: http://www.ektoplazm.com/2010/afgin-the-dream-master
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFiq-MUTkfg
  7. well about normal trance/epic/euphoric/uplifting/euro trance and etc...i can say that from day to day i'm more into this style. i found it very emotional,like it's real playing music on its way,you realy have to know how to play music,cause the basics of that music is about chords,playing leads on the right way,know how to put the piano stuff,and the bass line tone has to feat to the whole playing in the track and change the baseline part when you need to,every intruments has it's place to create an harmony. you cant false,there is basic rules,it's not psychedelic music that you can put everything you want,there is no disharmonic,the main is to create harmoney,everything has to feat,like in a regular song. the baseline has to feat to the lead parts,and the piano,and the pads,it has some wierd sounds,but it's not the main part of the track,usualy it is in the background and in the few minutes in the begining of the track and when the track start to elevate and progress you can here the melodies coming and then the whole harmoney blast you over in the climax,the main in this genre is the melodies and harmoney stuff,thats way in this genre you realy have know how to play music right following the normal music rules. there for i dont surprised that i'm into this style cause my goa stuff has also it's epic part,it's more goaish,but still it has the melody/harmony,i think my crossover to this genre start when i did the track "northern exposure" from my album Astral experience,in some parts in this track you can here normal trance influences. so for me it's normal to move on to more epic trance style,it's more feat to me as a person and as musician nowdays. for an example,this uplifting part from the track "mumbai" by dan stone,amazing uplifting part,and all the melody stuff around,with warm positive feeling: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zw1hfM3wpiQ
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3ge4q_0tK4&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KYKGFeMAQ0
  9. sure there is a lot more,but those artists with their special touch in those tracks,cathc my ears from first sight realy euro trancy emotional,from one side it has the powerfull groove,and from the other hand it keeps the floating dreamy,euphoric,vibes... warm layers,leads & pads with dreamy pianos...with the well known high quality production of the trance scene genre artists,pleasure to my ears my next EP will be inluenced by those tunes,truly inspired by these euro trance anthems... Enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3EukmZFM-s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bhD3Y_Z4rM
  10. thank you guys This will be a full EP free release,about the future,well maybe a cd release of an album,but it's still only an idea,as i like to do step by step,no rush...by the maia calender i have time until 2012 and the story about the name "the dream master",first the music,is trully dreamy floating and euphoric type.. and second,if you check this short intro video from minute 0:48 ,you will see what "the dream master" is connected to also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5DUoZJPVac
  11. Premium Music is proud to present to you Afgin The Dream Master , the first release of Elad Afgin's newly established net label. Premium Music is a label,who committed to deliver to you top-notch quality music, in order to satisfy all music lovers out there with enchanting listening experiences of vast and varied musical styles. This release brings you 5 new original tracks made by Afgin who started his way back in 2006 with his first promo album Old is Gold, an album which had embarked his world-wide successful way in the Goa-Trance scene. Up to this day, 4 year after Afgin's first break-through, there are very successful, solid and organized parties in Belgium called "Old is Gold". Afgin's work has made its way up to its culmination in 2009 with the release of his Astral Experience album under "Suntip Records". Since 2006 up to now, while working alongside and producing music, Afgin has managed to play at numerous parties and festivals in Israel and world-wide, leaving a positive remark and much positive energy everywhere he performed. These 5 new tracks combine the greatest classic elements from "sunrise" Goa Trance to the classical, euphoric, warm and touching European Trance. The result is this EP, containing 5 tracks loaded with musical warmth, emotional peaks, uplifting tunes and soulful music that will appeal to your heart. Each and every track holds a story of its own, a story told by music which will have you smile and will elevate your spirit high. This music will take you up, hovering with positive energies and vibes throughout the whole journey. And to all of those who are already familiar with Afgin's work, should immediately recognize his distinct musical characteristics of high production standards and techniques. Together with full-spectrum melodic and multi-layered sounds this music fuses much euphoria and atmosphere, providing that beloved humane aspect of Afgin's works. All that's left is to wish you a pleasant musical journey...enjoy...and stay premium!! Approximately release date: 25.7.10
  12. thank you guys i can say that now it's time start collecting my tracks that i've published in the almost one year back from now,and choose the best of them,as i see it now,it will be first an EP of 5 new brand tracks. still there is time,no rush,but yes starting to think which tracks will be released in that EP. until then,enjoy the music Cheers everyone
  13. for listening: http://soundcloud.com/afginelad/afgin-venus
  14. well sure i agree and feels like you about this kind of music,it has the same effect on me. and it will be my pleasure if you can send me some of your music,i like and very open minder to listen to other artists music,so it will be intresting to hear your stuff to you can send me the music to my private acount,also you can find me on my facebook page,thanks
  15. thanks mr. beat addict,and you are right on this one mate daniel kandi is one of my favorite artists on this style,very talented artist,very trancy euphoric,uplifting and emotional,also in my list oceanlab/above and beyond,i realy connect to this style. also i play those tunes in psytrance parties,and pepole realy like it,in the late morning hours,it's feats perfect,very emotional effect on the pepole,positive vibes,like i always love to play,and sure it can come together with floating morning goa tunes and here is my favorite daniel kandi track,amazing tune:
  16. Thank you there are more tracks coming soon,and when the time will come,all of them will be released,where...when...how...it's a matter of time
  17. for listening: http://soundcloud.com/afginelad/afgin-feels-like-in-heaven
  18. for listening: http://soundcloud.com/afginelad/afgin-beyond-the-horizon
  19. thanks again... and few things about my music evolution,as time goes on i'm more into euro trancy floating tunes mixed with morning goa anthems more or less. i think it will be less psychedelic from my old music,this time i will put more focus on the warm gentle melodies built up with trancy sounds... it will be more dreamy...more emotions with positive euphoric vibes. and using a lot of the happy friendly side of the 303 acid sound like this one "shine on",and "the dream master",you can check both tracks in my soundcloud page. more upcoming tracks soon... have a good dreams,enjoy the ride,and float safetly
  20. for listening: http://soundcloud.com/afginelad/afgin-the-dream-master
  21. thank you,& enjoy the music
  22. for listening: http://soundcloud.com/afginelad/afgin-shine-on
  23. hello to all... i want say a one major big thanks to the pepole & crowd who followed & support my music by the years,and for voting for my music in this Best of psynews 2009,i'm totally Appreciate that...thank you pepole also i want to thanks the pepole who incharged of making this Best of psynews,for their efforts & their great work all in all,i wish all the best to all the artists/Dj's in their work/making/produce music now and in the future... Thank you all...and see ya around Elad afgin
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