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  1. it was last weekend,a small friends party,i played together with a local israeli goa dj called "duda". it was an amaznig party,with the very powerfull goa vibes... in the link below,u can watch the videp clip of the party: thanks... Elad afgin/suntrip records
  2. the story: year 1998 in israel,trance parties was closed in violent way by the police,the israeli trance scene was burning up. in those days words like : "trance parties" "trance music" was negetive in the eyes of the soceity in israel,not like today that "trance" is more acceptable by the israeli soceity. so a men who called ASHER HAVIV who also produced year before in 1997,the legendary goa festival called "druglles",orginaized a demonstration party in "KIKAR RABIN SQUARE" in tel aviv,under the name: "GIVE A CHANCE TO TRANCE" to protest against the police policy about trance parties.. I was there,i was only 17 years old,and until now,i cant describe the energies that was there,in that trance demonstration also preformed the most known israeli goa bands those days,ASTRAL PROJECTION,CHAKRA,TANDU,CALIFORINA SUNSHINE,XEROX and more... in that demonstration party in the middle of tel aviv was more then 20,000 pepole...... everybody was in the same STATE OF MIND,it was a realy GOA FESTIVAL IN THE MIDDLE OF TEL AVIV. i will never forget that night,somewhere in the summer of 1998,in the center of tel aviv... in the movie AVI & LIOR from astral jump like crazy when they playes,and i can realy understand how they feels in that moment,cause that goa tunes is realy powerfull,it takes all your energies outside,and you jump with the music,like you were in the crowed. in the video link below,u can watch ASTRAL PROJECTION playing in that party,also u can see the huge crowed,and how they jumping all around,amazing video shots... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hr_m0_GwG44 also,pepole who has FACEBOOK, can watch some of my old pictures from that party: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=19669&id=519663103 Keep the goa vibes alive... Elad afgin
  3. line up was: SANDMAN retro set CHAKRA retro set POWER SOURCE retro set AFGIN SHIDAPU retro set a short video of chakra set: http://sunset.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo....amp;id=MVI_6704 (also in that video me and roy from SHIDAPU in the right side of the video,it was very hot,so i am with no shirt on me :-).. a short video of my set: http://sunset.myphotoalbum.com/view_photo....amp;id=MVI_6717 in the backround FROM THE HEART is playing... also in those links,u can see some pictures from this amazing goa party...
  4. In the year 1969,neil armstrong,in apollo 11 sapce ship,was the first man that landed on the moon. when apollo 11 first landed on the moon,neil said: "Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed" and when neil first step on the moon,his firsts words was: "this is a small step for man,and a giant step for man kind" after reading apollo 11 story,that was my inspiration for that track. this one is a very spacy melodic goa trance,with a lot of emotional in it. thanks for all those who inspired my music,and for their support,all the way.. thank u all,and a big respect for me... Elad afgin/suntrip records for listening to the sample: http://www.o-zen.com/art/bands/896/music.php
  5. this track,is my favorite in the album AMEN of astral.. it has the astral melodic touch... it has the melody that makes you cry,and the same time smile. a lot of small melodics in the background,with emotional leads and pads,and atmospheric vibes,a realy dreamy goa trance,with a true story behind this... realy big respect for the astral projection music,that influenced my music so much. music that stay with you forever,in their music it is all about emotion positive melodic goa tunes,thats their magic of sound... thanks to avi & lior for an amazing vibes and music. for the youtube clip:
  6. hi, i,ve seen your tou tube videos, and i really liked that melodic goa style, im glad that this stile continue growing. nothing more to say.


  7. he he he.. no,no my friend,no ecstasy for me,only music,thats all...the music is my drug something about my music and etc... when i am writing a music,it is 100% from my inner feeling,thats why my music is emotional,floating,and dreamy goa style,my inspirations come from my heart,and from my mind,from the memories from the old goa music,that makes me so happy when the first time i listening to it,until now when i produce music... i think we are as a pepole,we have feelings,so when we hear something melodic,we can connected to the music,and realy get exicted from the tune,the melodic goa tune... that is the reason i make the music,to give an emotional goa dance floor,like old days
  8. thank you pepole for your nice words...thanks from my heart... and about sandman set,and chakra set,well it was 100% old school goa.. during the last year in israel, i can say that somthing big is happening,somthing good.. almost every weekend an old school party,with old israeli artist,playing their old stuff.. that was my vision in my dreams,and now it is a reality.. and i am happy to see that happend,after many years that goa trance not playing in parties in israel,it is coming back again.. in that point,i want to thanks some pepole that make that dream becoming true: to guy "the wonderboy" from OLD IS GOLD,that doing so much for the goa scene in israel.. to joske and fabien,from suntrip records in BE,for their great job in suntrip,and for doing their best for the goa scene in the world,and for beliving in the goa music,they worked hard for this,and they doing a perfect job,big thanks from me,and WELL DONE!!! for the goa artists all over the world,you are doing an amazing music,with the true goa spirit,keep it up!!! and thanks to all goa crowd,in israel,and all over the world,you pepole have a big part in the goa scene nowdays,it is great to see you pepole in parties every time,THANK YOU ALL... keep up the goa vibes pumping,and see you at the GOA DANCE FLOOR... AFGIN/suntrip records
  9. last weekend was my birthday party,a goa party in the desert, link to the video from the party: AFGIN/suntrip records
  10. in the link below you can see the video from the Moksha party i have been played last weekend 21.3.08. it was a very big rave in the desert,between 2000 to 2500 pepole,and a great dancefloor,also preformed Texas faggot,and EAT STATIC live. link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsyjWfAJ0Gw AFGIN/suntrip records
  11. hey to all goa fans... in the link below,u can see the video from the trance dimension party i have been played in the 15.3.08,in belgium. it was an amazing party!!! big respect to the belgium goa crowd,to see you again in the party,and thank you pepole for coming to the party... and also thanks to: Joske and fabien from suntrip records. chris and steven from trance dimensions,for a great party,keep it UP!!! and to all DJ's and artists who played in the party, and to the beautifull belgium goa pepole...THANK YOU ALL!!! link to the video: AFGIN/suntrip records
  12. what for sure,that if i will visit in spain one day,i will let u know
  13. i can see that you and me have common feeling in that style,good to know that u are invited to my place any time,as u said mybe we can remix some of those great trancy tunes
  14. wowowo...!!! that is a great ONE!! from the CLASICAL IBIZA 013 with SASHA MIX!! u can read my mind..i have been thinking remix those tunes for a long time...the IBIZA 013 tunes in SASHA MIX..a cllasical compilation!!! i think my next remix to those tunes will be to the track - SASHA - XPANDER,also released in IBIZA 013 ,it is a realy good deep trancy track,with a hypnotic atmosphere and with the perfect melody in it i realy like the GLOBAL UNDERGROUND sasha&digweed style,it has kind of a trancy feelings in some of the global compilation,and has a good potencial to remix it..
  15. thanks nemo & pavel for your commentes.. i am happy that you like the remix... the story behined the key changes in the bassline,is to put more "color" in the bassline when it running,not to be a monotonic bass line,the idea is to make a nice moving bassline that makes the track more emotional,as i like to do when i make music,combine with the other dreamy trancy mellodies in the background,that was my vision in that track. again,it is great to hear you pepole like BT music also,a great musician,with great music for sure..
  16. thanks for like the remix.. that track was in my mind for many years from the first time i listening to it,BT has another cllasic track called REMEMBER,a beautifull one.. i like the trancy style,the floating dreamy sounds,the melodic trance tunes from the early 90',so i put that style into that track.. i am also like to listen to the early pure trance like PARAGLIDES,ENERGY 52,and etc..with their pure mellodies from the begining of the 90',great music.. thanks again... and have a beautifull day..........and keep the GOA vibes alive everywhere you are...
  17. Libra presnets Taylor - anomaly - Calling your name, the known version of the track released in 1997 at PLATIPUS RECORDS VOL 3, the first track in the compilation. the artist is Brian Wayne Transeau AKA BT, he is one of my favorite electronic artists of the melodic trance style from the mid 90'. my remix to the track is a Down tempo melodic trance,emotional,floating,and dreamy. link to the remix: http://www.o-zen.com/art/bands/896/music.php Afgin/suntrip records
  18. hello to all goa fans.. in the link below you can listen to my new track called "Light up the darkness" enjoy..and LIGHT UP THE DARKNESS wherever you are... http://www.o-zen.com/art/bands/896/music.php Thanks... AFGIN/suntrip records
  19. Thank you pepole for your nice words, well it was a great year 2007 for the goa trance in israel.. here in israel,we are working for some goa events that will take place in summer 2008,updates will be soon.. for the pepole who wanted to see to movie "ELECTRONIC TIMES" you can see it in the link below: thanks again..and keep the goa vibes alive... AFGIN/suntrip recrods
  20. hello to all goa fans... i was translated my interview to the israeli news paper.. i want to thanks all pepole for their support,and beliving the goa music,thank you all... Afgin/suntrip records the translate: This week,the music section of the newspaper,would like to talk about what called trance music. We choosed Elad Afgin AKA AFGIN,a local producer,he has a main place in the revival of the goa trance scene in Israel nowdays. Afgin is producing his own music in the Suntrip records label. GOA TRANCE IN ISRAEL 2007 THE - REVIVAL an article by Elad afgin. In the past 7 years,the Goa trance scene is almost vanish from the Israeli trance scene,and the global trance scene,the 90 trance generation was replaced by another trance styles such as the Full on trance. But in this year,2007,something happened,and that is the story: In the start of summer 2007,some party orginaizers worked under the names AMANITA&PSY SPIRIT,took the things to their hands,and decided they want to give an alternative to the Israeli GOA crowd,and that idea seems to be more like a dream than reality. The summer started with a few small goa parties,and by the time,there was a rumor about trance parties with an old school goa trance music playing on those parties. And from reality of years with no Goa parties at all,the goa music start raised up again,and found its place on the Israeli trance scene. Old school goa parties was happened almost every weekend,with an old goa artists from Israel,and abroad,and those artists played only their old goa trance music. From party to party,the crowd became bigger,until it was like a goa tribe,with hundreds of people coming to the parties. As a goa producer myself,and the Israeli member of suntrip records,that is the most GOA leading label nowdays,I was invited to play in those parties. And in those parties,I played my own goa style I produce,and for me it was big honor and excitement to be on the same stage with the old goa artist that I was grow on their music when I was younger. And almost after 10 years from the golden goa days,seems that the goa is coming back,more than people can expected,more than I can expected. Seems that the summer is finished too much soon for the goa parties,but the Israeli crowed has the feeling of WE WANT MORE..so the future looks promised. In about 3 months from now,in march,I am going to play in a big goa event will take place in Belgium,together with the israeli mythological goa band called California sunshine. Also 2 months from now,in February,Suntrip records is going to realese a double cd compilation,with the most leading Goa artists nowdays. one of my tracks called From the heart will be release on that comiplation. In the compilation,there is going to be a booklet,with info about suntrip records, artists And etc,also in the booklet is going to be a review about the Israeli goa scene in year 2007. The Israeli media saw what is going with the rais up of the goa scene,and I was giving 2 interviews to a 2 radio stations in their trance shows,and talking about my music I produce,and what is happening with the retro parties in Israel. Also I was give an interview in the Israeli documentry trance movie,called Electronic times,the movie is about the trance scene,in the past,and nowdays. At the end, I can say , that year 2007 was an amazing for the Goa trance scene in Israel,people are more intresting about the music,and want to here it more in parties,also in the world there is more intresting about what called GOA TRANCE. So what is happened in year 2007 for the goa trance scene in israel,is something I couldn’t dream about in my best dreams,but it was a reality,and it happend BIG TIME!!.
  21. in the link below u can see the articale i wrote to the israeli news paper,it is in hebrew.. the headline of the article is GOA TRANCE 2007 IN ISRAEL - THE REVIVAL.. inside the article i wrote about what happend in the goa israeli scene in the summer 2007,with all the goa parties came alive after 10 years. also i wrote about the goa scene in the world,and about SUNTRIP RECORDS work,and suntrip future projects. link to the newspaper site,and to the article: (in the site, scroll down with the mouse to see the article) http://www.mnews.co.il/iton/570/insert/momu1p018.pdf enjoy.. and keep the goa vibes alive.. AFGIN/suntrip records
  22. Afgin dj set - Boom bamela festival,2007 it was in last april,in the nitzanim beach,israel. Enjoy the clip... and keep the goa vibes alive... Afgin/suntrip records link to the video clip:
  23. hello to all goa fans, in the link below,u can listen to my new track called ADEN PRAYERS. the track is a goa ambient,with oriental melodies,and with some yemens prayers vocals. for listening to the track: http://www.o-zen.com/art/bands/896/music.php thanks... and keep the goa vibes alive... AFGIN/suntrip records
  24. hey jon, first,i want to tell u,that i am enjoying reading your reviews on music in general,i think u can realy get in to the artist mind,and his messege on his track. and in my track u succeed to read my mind,and my messege perfectly.. when i'm sitting and make music,first i listen to my inner feelings in that same time,and express it into my music,i like to put the dreamy goa trance,mixed with gentel melodies that playing in the same time,with small tb 303 sounds in the background,and with emo bassline that changed during the track. in my track, the goal at the end,is to create a warm atmospheric goa track,floating all the way,track that tell a story,my personal story,that pepole could listen to the track,and understand what i've been trying to tell through the sounds. about the LSD sample,well,by the years,a lot of pepole told me about their LSD expirience with trance music,and how that expirience effect on their feelings,and emotions,so i put the LSD sample into the track. again,thanks for your professional review,and for understand my messege through the track... keep the goa vibes alive... AFGIN/suntrip records
  25. hello to all goa fans.. in the link below u can listen to my track "FROM THE HEART" the story behined the track is the emotion part,the track is with a lot of emo lines,and melodic tunes. the track is mixed with a positive psychedelic goa melodies,and floating sounds. so like the name of the track, i would to thank FROM THE HEART to the following people: guy&avi from OLD IS GOLD community,israel Joske&fabien from suntrip records to the old goa artists,that give the inspiration for the music,and for their legacy they give us.. to the new goa artists,for continue the legacy with their music.. to the goa parties organizers in israel (AMANITA,PSYSPIRIT,MOON DROPS, AYWASKA) to the israeli goa crowed,that coming to the goa parties in israel in the summer 2007 and to all global goa crowed,all over the world,and beyond,that keeping the goa vibes alive big thanks to u pepole...FROM THE HEART.. AFGIN/suntrip records link to the track: http://www.o-zen.com/art/bands/896/music.php
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