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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8lqwrMTK1s&feature=youtu.be http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUYa_zQBXTI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaLwpLqDwak
  2. For listening: http://soundcloud.com/afginelad/afgin-violet-uplifting-part
  3. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5HKhLzJ8jA Afgin,a renowned Israeli producer & Dj,returns to his independent imprint Premium music with Ray Of Light,the final chapter in a trilogy that began with Emotional Peaks and The Dream Master. Featuring four new tracks written in the last year,the release is split into two halves, the first half is all about elevating,heart - pumping,melodic goa trance to greet the rising sun.You'll be diving into warm and subtle sound envelopes produced with a clean and precise touch to fill open air dance floors. The second half focuses on uplifting,anthemic European-style trance loaded with harmonies and Powerful emotional atmospheres that will get your heart to open up and your legs dancing all around. This is where elegance and emotions meet your ears ! Artist: Afgin Label: Premium music Distribution: Ektoplazm.com Release date: 1.8.12 Track list: 1. Ray Of Light (140 bpm) 2. Keep Moving Forward (Tribute to Rocky) (140 bpm) 3. Soul Uplifter (140 bpm) 4. When You're gone (137 bpm) For download: http://www.ektoplazm...in-ray-of-light
  4. This video & pic,Taken from the Crash melodrama party in israel,8.6.12 media]http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQclv7l4TlM[/media]
  5. for listening: http://soundcloud.co...-moving-forward
  6. for listening: http://soundcloud.com/afginelad/afgin-soul-uplifter
  7. Thanks and about release this one...when the time will come,you will know about it till then,enjoy the music
  8. for listening: http://soundcloud.com/afginelad/afgin-remix-to-above-beyond
  9. thanks and Vocals for sure ,and "in and out of love" of armin's is one of the amazing i heard,i can say i am in the middle of working for a remix to: Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford Sun & Moon...fantastic tune from this guys,no wonder why they are number 5 in Dj mag top 100 the original track http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=ll5ykbAumD4:
  10. agree with you ,and i share big respect and love to the armin's and tiesto projects/music during the years till nowdays,amazing stuff ,and for sure i'm influenced by them on my latest music,and also influenced by the astral projection/mwnn/yahel style as well,always keeping an open mind when it goes to music keep smiling,and stay positive
  11. thank you,and i am realy flattered from your compliments,cheers & thanks again
  12. great artist. really all I can say. :)

  13. In this one,the best & greatest moments from the begining,till now... The original track you can download from ektoplazm.com on "Afgin - the dream master EP" http://www.ektoplazm.com/2010/afgin-the-dream-master and very special thanks to suntrip rec,Old is gold Israel,and ektoplazm.com,and to the crowd all over the world,for the inspiration,and for making those tunes happend....thank you ALL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEJGBPJThmk
  14. Thanks yes,i am in the middle of making new stuff like this,uplifting euphoric trance tunes,so i can see the next EP on the way till then,take care,and wish u all the best from israel and check out this one,amazing euphoric tune: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHNgT1FgUmo
  15. for listening: http://soundcloud.com/afginelad/afgin
  16. Thank you for your appreciations well at the bottom line,i always say to myself keep an open mind when it goes to music,being creative,and not putting limits when making music...let it go,let it flow,thats the whole beauty when it comes to music,any kind of music keep it UPlifting and positive
  17. for listening: http://soundcloud.com/afginelad/afgin-made-with-love
  18. / at the bottom line,we can argue about that for years...cause i have my point of u,and you have your point of view,and it will be never ending story,at the end my point of view is clearly regards to psy drugs,i choose not to take them now,not taking them in the past,and not taking them in the future,cause at the end,for the long term it will be a negetive effect,and you can preach for that the whole life,but i know what is good for me at the end. you pepole want to use psy drugs...take care yourselfs,cause u will need that.
  19. agree with you on this one,taking too much from that can kill you,but...please...dont compare between drinking few shots of vodka,and using acid,the damage that could be from acid is much worse then drinking few shots of vodka,and i like drink vodka somtimes,and i know a lot of pepole drink that,but those pepole are going to work day after,study and etc... but i know a lot of pepole that for only using one time acid,their brain just f***d up forever,only from ONE TIME TAKING IT. so i perfer drink once in a while vodka shots,then to take only once acid,that could F****d my brain,forever. now i am not saying that alchohol is good for health,neither cigarets,and i smoke cigarets,but please...makes the diffrence between drinking few shoots of alcohol in the weekend,then taking ONE TIME ACID,that could cause u fatal brain damage. ok,so cause of this research,now everybody need to stop drinks beers,and start doing mushrooms and LSD....now the world will be better. and for not eating food,well this one is good...very good,and since you like to be smart in your examples please...go try to live from this stuff...its is a real good way to live ha? yes,i am shocked how pepole dont figure to live from this stuff,who needs to eat regular food? Parenteral nutrition is the best way to live...c'mon,you are not serius,are u? again,about quantity... its better to eat a lot of appels then to try to take small one little drop of acid...my point is,that there are things that u shouldnt try them from the first time,such as psy drugs,and to be honest,its better you take one drop of vodka,then taking one drop of acid...and i hope u know why,and what is the diffrence.
  20. well i was waiting for this one...the diffrence between drinking one beer,and taking once acid...c'mon,do you think there is a place to compere between beer in Acid drops? my friend,those pepole are there cause their brain is lost cause using years of taking psy drugs,not drinking a beer in some pub once a week. mmmmmm geting clever & Sophisticated,nice Sarcastic humor...so let me make it for u more simple: u can live without using drugs,but u CANT live without eating... so seems i break your point in this one,isnt it?
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