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  1. well if to judge this track on it's own - as modern hommegaish fullon, then it's preety good. really good. if you compare it to his old material then it'll probably be "omg this sux0rz!!!1111". but it's still a cool track.
  2. 4 min samples http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=5794
  3. i was thinking to get skazi too, but i'm afraid a lightning would hit the plane that does the shipping if i do lol
  4. once i figure out what my beatspace login was
  5. עידן יניב וליאור דטאוקר - חושב עליה
  6. in windows you can assign which cpu you want the program to run on affinity in task manager
  7. i'm not selling mine the first time i opened the jewel case i was like "OMG WTF" lol
  8. so that was your problem? (55 pages on a getting started manual lol)
  9. there should be a checkbox for multiprocessing somewhere where you choose the asio stuff. also try putting more load in it, so the sx cpu meter goes to 100%. see if you feel anything going wrong. maybe buffer settings? dunno..
  10. i get that sometimes rebooting helps is cubase set to use your dualcore or HT or whatever it is?
  11. http://www.discogs.com/release/63694 this
  12. 7 times the price of a motu? dunno about you, but the tc is cheaper we're talking about the konnek24d, right?and motu ultralite?
  13. what's gonna be better? i'm also considering the motu ultralite.
  14. oh really? that's nice so if it breaks i know who to talk to
  15. http://www.discogs.com/sell/byseller?seller=anenburg updated list with new prices
  16. didn't go as well actually long time after clicking buy on 2 releases in discogs he decided he wants only one of them then took a lot of time to actually get paid. the payment it self was very good - cash in post, sealed well and in good condition.
  17. m-audio delta 66 i want the tc konnekt looks sweet
  18. it's not what you use it's how you use it a synth can do so much for a bassline - saw with a fast envelope. the rest - is up to you and what you do with the bassline.
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