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  1. Another track has been identified: Deedrah - le hazard et la necessite! Enourmous thanks to vlnik! =))
  2. You got it right! =) And his 2nd Concert for Piano and Orchestra!
  3. I've listened to Kaya Project's tracks, and... I'm not so impressed. The guitars are mostly looped or use some simple harmonics... I doubt they use their own melodies here . Actually, I like very few remixes of well known melodies.
  4. spacemuchi, check your PM! Tox, Mushroom Trance is already reserved, sorry.
  5. Hi, there! Here is what I have for trade. The overall condition of CDs is given, but you may ask for thorough explanation. CDs [ALBUMS & SINGLES] Chakra & Edi Mis - The Promised Land (Distance) SS Dreamweaver - Lord of llusions (Tsunami Productions) VG (backcover is a bit damaged) Electric Universe - Stardiver (Substance) M- Eon Project - Brain Filter (Transient Records) M Joking Sphinx - A La Recherche De La Banane Pyramide (POF Music) M Planet B.E.N. - Test (Hadshot Haheizar) 2xCD M X-Dream - The Frog (Blue Room Released) CD5" VG CDs [COMPILATIONS] Various - A Voyage Into Trance Vol. 3 (Global Trance Network) 2xCD M Various - Catcher (Aurinko Records) M Various - Hypnotic Trance Vol.1 (Fairway Records) VG+ Various - Mushroom Trance Vol. 1 - The Spirit Of Nature (Cameleon) 2xCD M- Various - Sun Tribe 2 (Psysolation) 2xCD M- (* reserved items, if any) The items I'm looking for are on my primary & secondary Discogs wantlists.
  6. Genetic - We Are... Genetic (Dragonfly Records) - the original Dragonfly release ...
  7. I got something this week, at last... That was Rip Van Hippy - Waking up is hard to do! (Psy-harmonics)...
  8. SINGLE CDs Various - First Flight (Flying Rhino Records) There was nothing better in those beautiful times ... Various - White Rhino (Flying Rhino Records) It seems very shiny to me. The first two ambient tracks are great. The last two are the classics. And the others are perfect minimal. Various - The Truth of Communication (Matsuri Productions) I consider it the best from Matsuri, mostly for Typhoon & Pleiadians tracks. Various - Fourth Flight: Velocity (Flying Rhino Records) That's what I call progressive psy, best in its grace! ))) Various - TIP Singles 2 (TIP Records) what concerns TIP, that's my first time I like almost all the tracks. Various - Dementertainment (Twisted Records) This comp is perfectly over-balanced with brilliant tracks, thanks to Simon . Various - Balagan (Symbiosis Records) A myth compilation. Sandman is awsome ))! Various - Psychedelic Electronica 2 (Psychic Deli) There are at least two tracks deserving a hall of fame: Orion - the 8th (the best one of him, I suppose) and Tromesa - Yohimbe (a less known track that blows out my mind). DOUBLE CDs Various - Psychedelic Visions Vol. 3 - The Best Of Koyote Records (Tua Records) Koyote is the great label itself. And the above comp. is the collection of it's finest tunes. Various - Goa Räume Vol. 2 - A Journey Into Psychedelic Trance (ID&T) A very rare stuff. But I adore Goa Räume series and those men who were to compile them )). Various - Tantrance 7 - A Trip To Psychedelic Trance (Sub Terranean) This of is the best of Tantrance series, in my opinion. Almost every track is an awsome trippy journey. A morning prog-like style comp. Various - Sun Tribe 1 (Psysolation) From what was released after 2000, I think, this one is the best! An analog to the previous one.
  9. Yeah, I thought about it also after I started the thread. I even used to know the cords once, they are very simple though...
  10. Anoebis, didn't you receive my PM? I'm waiting for an answer!
  11. Now that the forum has changed, and new members arrived, I decided to put this thread back on top. There are many unidentified 'challenges', still ...
  12. Hehe, Void... Not as beautiful, but it's OK too ... Thanks, DP! I think, I should listen to Kaya Project & Aluna's albums . Is it me who wrote this track? P.S.: The ones to add to the above: Cosma - we are the same Eskimo - trills and thrills (if I'm not mistaken)
  13. Oh, how could I forget this one! Of course, seraph . And Celtic Cross' album is more than brilliant for sure !
  14. Well guys... what I should say is, I'm starting to love tracks with acoustic guitars. (Actually, I'm also playing guitar myself.) Of course, not all of the melodies would do, but I give several examples: Younger Brother - evil and harm (it's absolutely perfect to me!) Juno reactor - conquistador 1 Vibrasphere - manzanilla Juno Reactor - pistolero So, now I'm looking for the likes. What would you advice to listen to? I'd like any track names and, what's even better, album/ compilation titles. P.S.: By the way, what I wrote concerned elctronic music. Leave rock and others aside!
  15. Totally agree, and the second one to cry to is "Shine on your crazy diamond"! But that is mostly beacause the are melancholic, and such songs seem not to concern this topic, as I understand. The last melody I was crying to, and that made me shiver down to my finger tips, was Younger Brother - evil and harm. I was also greatly amazed not so long ago with the Tromesa's track "Yohimbe".
  16. Hi there, Here are some CDs I'm willing to trade: CD [ALBUMS & SINGLES] Mandalavandalz - Kamakaze (6-Dimension Sound) M Shakta - Silicon Trip (Dragonfly Records) VG+ (the original Dragonfly release!) X-Dream - The Frog (Blue Room Released) CD5" VG CD [COMPILATIONS] Various - A Voyage Into Trance Vol. 3 (Global Trance Network) 2xCD M Various - High Times - Deep Psychedelic Diving (ID&T Music Germany) 2xCD VG (digipak is VG-) Various - Mushroom Trance Vol. 1 - The Spirit Of Nature (Cameleon) 2xCD M- The items I'm looking for are on my primary & secondary Discogs wantlists.
  17. I'll try to re-listen to it from that view , but I didn't like it too much so far. To me "Questionmark" is better, for instance (can say nothing about the other tracks on "Trippy Future Garden")...
  18. I've been away for a week or so and what a surprise! /// The forum was nicely reorganized, though it may be a bit complex for a newcommer, I think ///
  19. There are many... To add to the above choices: Sandman - nostradamus (original). There is also a remix of this track, which is all the same as the original, but instead there are Van Halen guitars in the end (the ones that were used in the Appolo 440 - ain't talkin'bout dub) - that one really rocks!
  20. Once after listening for about 6 or more albums (Swirly Termination, Pyramidion, The Hidden Step & Become The Other were definitely among them) I chose only Strangeitude (the track "Sploosh!" is a classics to me) & Curious Corn... Less rock, more ambient !
  21. Very conceptual cover to me (I mean ideological concept)... a bit minimalistic but it's just different from any other...
  22. Sorry, guys, but I don not understand why anyone considers this track a masterpiece. I like it less then others on the album (more to say I don't like it at all). The best UX track, I think, is Life Suport Technology.
  23. Thanks, Dazzler! I've found one of the other tracks on V.A. Psychedelic Electronica 2 (Psychic Deli Records): Orion - the 8th! Cheers! =)
  24. The only track by Xenomorph I liked for quite a long time was Neurotoxin. But when I listened to Tzelmavet for the first time I understood that I had missed something in his music. I rediscovered Cassandra's Nightmare as one of the all-time gems and Qlippoth as one of the best releases after the millenium... Tzelmavet & Antimatter are the great tracks! P.S.: I also appreciate Mark Petrick made everything for his latest album by himself, even the cover graphics.
  25. Menis - Fluff killer... And a pair of tracks from Cwithe "I don't wanna shrink" EP: 01 I don't wanna shrink 02 I wanna expand And the best CD title is: Sinead O'Connor "She who dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty"
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