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  1. Different places, you know... Four Carry Nuts is from eBay. I got it with two other CDs, which are definitely originals. I just don't trust anyone .
  2. Hm... I just want to have another test concerning Four Carry Nuts "Mechanical age". On the backside of the CD there's only a number: 005230451, and nothing else. If the print on the CD was better quality I wouldn't doubt, but... Is everything OK with my copy?
  3. I also like Xenomorph - neurotoxin dark style intro.
  4. WTF, whyyy??? You cannot accuse me of a bad taste!
  5. Perplex - Trance Elegant (M.D.M.A. Music) A really underrated album, I think. But I like it very much! =) V.A. Joker's Files (M.D.M.A. Music) Underrated too. But why?..
  6. Shiva Chandra - Spicy Moments Not the best album ever, but considering its "shiny/ positive" melodical concept I would give it 5/5. I like the harmonics occuring on this album when one track is passing to the next one. The album is worse listening as a whole only, not by single tracks. Ubar Tmar - Macrometasomakosmos That's the killer concept! Just check the description at http://www.discogs.com/release/238294.
  7. ...and the winner is: Pink Floyd - shine on you crazy diamond!!!
  8. Juno Reactor - guardian angel - probably, one of the greatest intro's ever! Miko & Har-El - alala - the intro is much more promising than the track itself Etnica - microdrive - woah, those deep basses! =) Green Nuns Of The Revolution - cor - my beloved rolling basslines! Cydonia - lighting rods ? animal people - I don't remember which one exactly... Should I describe them? I think everyone knows...
  9. Hm... Looks like 2 different tracks, really. I was mentioning the one on Tantrance 7 in my first post. But now I have no idea which one is "Click" exactly.
  10. V.A. Teleportation - An Anthology of Psy-Trance from Organic Records 4xCD (Rumour Records) - http://www.discogs.com/release/361738
  11. I'm just listening to V.A. Exploring Another Reality from Organics, and... I should confirm that M.O.S. stuff is beautiful out there (tracks: "Spring" & especially "Voltkraft")! Not saying about their early stuff released elsewhere (for example, "Click" & "Winter Kills"). I still haven't heard M.O.S. albums, but what concerns their older stuff, it's just excellent!!!
  12. The more I listen to it, the more it blows me out! "Cartographers of the universe. Their maps, their star charts. How far does it go? Does time have an end? My personal theory is that everything is happening all the time. We're just not smart enough to see it, that's all!" I can share this opinion too! =) I would add: C.O.P. - fairy in the dragonforest - from their album Urban Alien Crop Circles - different species - from their Full Mental Jackpot EP Juno Reactor - labyrinth - from their Samurai mini album Orion - the 8th - released on Psychedelic Electronica 2 (Psychic Deli) and re-released as a bonus track on Futuristic Poetry (Avatar) Radiation - on the machine Shiva Chandra - caraman - released on their debut album Spicy Moments Tripitaka - monkey on a cloud - from Sympathy In Chaos (Matsuri) Tromesa - yohimbe - from Psychedelic Electronica 2 (Psychic Deli) Typhoon - overture . . . Oh, my! I start understanding there're too many! =)
  13. You guys eased my heart! I'll go and put the CD in my Discogs collection then . But I wonder how far pirates can get in illegal CD-copying? And here's the topic that still makes me worry (starting right from the second post).
  14. The media is a standard CD, not a CD-R. The surface is clean, no stains or anything. Looks very professional. There's no barcode on the inner ring, but it says BFLCD22 | MADE IN THE U.K. BY CD-SYSTEMS | 07957. Oldies usually do not have IFPI codes on them. Is it really enough? I wonder if there can be a fake copy, that has even the same text "near the hole on the data side of the cd"?
  15. Well, I've just received a copy of UX - Ultimate Experience that, I suspect, may be a pirate pressing. So, is there a way to reveal a bootleg? I mean, a high-quality bootleg, a nearly exact copy? (As we have many pirate CDs sold here in Russia (even psy-trance CDs), which have some high-quality artwork copied from originals, but still they're no problem to detect.) P.S.: The fact is, we cannot only judge by artwork quality, as sometimes originals may have badly printed artwork (take Flying Rhino's releases such as Psyko Disko "Psycho disco", or "Rock bitch mafia" as an example of badly printed CD-artwork).
  16. Today I got: Electric Universe - One Love Sven Vath - The Herlequin - The Robot And The Ballet-Dancer Various - Tribal Science And some tunes from my childhood : 2 Unlimited - Get Ready! Marusha - Raveland Maxx - To The Maxximum
  17. Here's a small but heavy heap of CDs I got today: Cydonia - In Fear Of A Red Planet (Blue Room Released) - my long awaited Blue Room version Shiva Chandra - Positiv (Spirit Zone) Transwave - Phototropic (Distance) Various - Destination Goa vol.2 (Why Not) Various - Re:Evolution vol.1 (Flying Rhino) Everything's new except Re:Evolution ...
  18. I've traded with Moty in the beginning of the year. Frankly saying, it was my first international trade ever . Everything went smooth except for the Russian Post always making unnecessary delays (which is not anyone's problem though)... Anyway, the CDs arrived safe and well packaged, while their condition was the same as, or even better than stated. Besides, he's a very pleasant guy! He could even bear me changing my mind during the trade .
  19. Less than 140 BPM. The craziest stuff was made at that speed. I also hold that more than 145 BPM canNOT be psytrance!
  20. Actually, Russian & S.African psy... er... sorry, but mostly it sucks... And, there are at least 2 tracks at the comp. discussed, that I would add to my collection: Aldus B / Hot Data Catatonic Despair / Realm Of Lunacy Mind twisting stuff, that leaves a black hole in my head after only few minutes of listening %)).
  21. Ahh... I remember one! Cwithe - memory foam - an absolutely petrifying and captivating piece of music!..
  22. To add to the above I've just discovered another masterpiece (you may disagree, but I consider this track very conceptual and deep): Quirk - el molino de viento
  23. They were always the same for me. I don't know why people started using "Goa" for melodic stuff and "Psy" for anything else. It was not always like that, I suppose. And I don't understand such trends. Goa is just where it came from, even if it started in UK...
  24. Not listening to the track itself I would say the review reminds a lot of those pompous glamour reviews using many strange words to say nothing... Another example of the overall scene degradation...
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