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  1. Well, it seems like that was just a provocative question from a girl (sorry, if I'm wrong here), living in Russia (sorry, if I'm wrong here too ).
  2. Well, I came across this comp once. To me it was a simple pirates' release with a cheesy cover and most of the tracks cut (you just cannot put all the 13 tracks in their full length on a single 80min CD). SpaceTime2012, where is the 'local store' located? And how much did you pay for this comp? P.S.: I have another STORM compilation named "Storm Goa Trance Vol. 2". The tracklist looks like Flying Rhino's "Singularity", but with few changes.
  3. Well, if you spend so much time on making music, something may come out of it... sometimes... But the overall percent is decreasingly low... Arguably, two bad projects still make it twice better, than one (don't know actually if Damage is a bad project).
  4. There was an amazing track that I liked very much after the test-listening: "A Place Like This"... But the whole impression: I was in doubt whether to buy it or not ...
  5. Well, after a bit of thinking... there are 2 brilliants, that are above everything: Antidote - kicking test and Rhythmystec - cathexis I can remember no other tracks, that are as important for me as these ones.
  6. Many "elite psyers" have talent at least comparable to Skazi's. But only few have such an impudence to release a mix of couple repeating sounds and call them music. If you know you can do better and have a bit of self-respect then you will never do worse. But making good music in these terms takes a huge amount of time, which is barely scarce nowadays. Now it's simple: you don't have time - you don't make music, as making some quick shit won't give you any pleasure. Skazi must be fond of what he's doing, that's what I'm a little jealous about . But do not call his music psytrance. It's neither psychedelic nor any kind of trance!
  7. Actually, while hunting for older stuff I didn't hear much released this year. Among those the only two albums were worth listening: Four Carry Nuts "Mechanical age" and Prometheus "Robot'o'chan" Special prize goes to: Sub6 "Who needs love songs" for just two tracks "Blox loggers" and "Buttersonic" (others were just OK). Electric Universe, Jupiter 8000, Astrix, Analog Pussy, Wizzy Noise, Psycraft, Lemurians, Rinkadink, Xerox and Illumnation, and some others mentioned above were nothing so special for me. I even find some of them boring.
  8. There will be no visible damages, I think, even after thousand years if kept safe. But the way data is written and read still has its physical impact on a CD. The lifetime of any CD depends on physical properties of the layer, which actually holds data. I'm not closely aware of the technologies which are used, but I think yes, CDs should "decompose" gradually: some region of a CD becomes inaccessible, then others etc. It's all like HDDs, but with prolonged lifetime. Not bad! Don't they have another copy for me?
  9. I have neither of these CDs, but one of the tracks must be Elysium - Aliens. However, it's just what my memory picks up from '97, associated with "A voyage into trance" comp.
  10. Printed CD's lifetime is limited to 50 years, I think (though up to 200 years are declared sometimes). CD-R lifetime could be limited to less than 10 years (we'll see when my first CD-R dies ): the technology is still not perfect. P.S.: By the way, where did you get the "Space Pussy" CDS?
  11. I have two of these: Juno & Infinite Excursions. But I think they are not so hard-to-find, as the Hallucinogen's EP.
  12. I've never heard a bassline greater than the old Green Nuns of the Revolution's "Cor". It varies throughout the track, but all the themes are just perfectly twisting !
  13. Well, you must have answered your question with that post. I also do not understand trends. But the first widely-spread trend was to like his music, which had nothing to compare with true psychedelia... I don't care about Skazi himself, but it's not any kind of trance music! Being so popular among masses, he positions the whole scene in a wrong way. Less talented (and less known) artists do not have such a basic impact on the scene, they follow the trends... Finally, I don't like people who say they love Skazi, but have nothing more to say about trance music... P.S.: By the way, Lemmi, why did you mention Sub6 posting of "someone using badly the sounds"? In my opinion, at least 2 tracks released on "Who needs love songs" - "Blox Loggers" & "Buttersonic" - shows they're using the sounds just right !
  14. Maybe http://www.shpongle.com/hallucinogen/life-discography.htm? My opinion, Spawn is not the worst project (while Shpongle is not the best ). And even the worst Simon's project overcomes most of the others'.
  15. The 2 tracks I have were released on the first POF cd-comp - "Nataraja vol.1". But you probably won't find them elsewhere: Joking Sphinx - cralacoffo Prana - mugen P.S.: There is also a strange comp-like album in my collection named X-Plore Sybernetic Concept "Finger's Memories".
  16. The others are: Quench - dreams - a legendary track that nobody mentioned! Jam & Spoon - follow me - once again DJ Hooligan - it's a dream song P.S.: And there are many from Union Jack...
  17. It's sandman, of course . 2 ukiro: Thanks for your suggestions! I'll try to check the releases, you've mentioned... And about the Celtic Cross track: it seems that the flute here is Raja Ram's playing . I wish I had this one instead of what was released on "Hicksvlle".
  18. Abfahrt - come into my life (S.M.I.L.E version) Blue Planet Corporation - midian Juno Reactor - high energy protons (Orion mix) Dance To Trance - we came in peace DJ Hooligan - space girl Caucasuss - our dream Sven Väth - harlequin: the beauty and the beast . . . Hm, it's harder than I thought. I should check my home records for the remaining tracks . . . .
  19. First I listened to "Feeling weird" in 97 when it was still actual but... it was a tape record, and frankly saying I didn't like the album... It was just about a year ago, when I got to listen to Infinity Project on the CD. I realised it was a killer! Almost every track was so mystical and psychedelic to me... weird tunes coming out from the deep techno-like beat! I was a bit shocked . Not so many from today's albums can compare. It sounds old, but stays MAGIC! P.S.: And I'm not going to argue with anyone here ... Boom!
  20. None of the other tracks have been identified recently ... But I still hope...
  21. This could be early Eat Static, but that's only how my intuition works , 'cause I have no idea of what early Eat Static really was...
  22. Biggest thanks ever, men !!! Another problem here is to find this comp! :huh:/// Do you have it among your 300 albums? Maybe, but it doesn't seem like 2 different tracks there (I crossfaded two parts of the track myself, but that was in the middle, actually not 0.07)///
  23. If you have problems with opening/saving the sample .mp3 files, there is an exact copy at http://unknown604.tripod.com/unknown.html
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