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    I admin this Facebook community about all styles of tripped-out, interesting technoid music: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Psychedelic-Techno/112922275431710
  1. William Strong - Romance Equals Conspiracy (1h16m40s). Recorded on September 6, 2011 Style: psychedelic techno, psytekk, oldschool tech-trance, some EBM/industrial. Bitrate @ 320kbps, size @ 175.42MB. Recorded using Traktor DJ Studio 3 + Hercules RMX midi controller. Download or stream here: Comments very welcome! Tracklist: 01 autoaggression - lisa's song 02 833-45 - outremer 03 autoaggression - deus-x 04 le saboteur - corroded 05 x-dream - fall out dong edit 06 triac - treshold pt1 07 platform - conveyer 08 trimada - darkness falls 09 boo-reka - in hell x hell 10 opsis - phoenix rising 11 trimada - son of the devil 12 opsy - dig a hole 13 phasetech - phazer 14 trimada - calling in calling out 15 triac - discharged 16 phasetech - vibrasonic 17 trimada - outcoming 18 autoaggression - iir filter 3 19 nuclear ramjet - athodyd 20 rotersand - shelter rmx 21 dismantled - anthem I play (for free ONLY) in the Netherlands (for now). For bookings, e-mail ROTTERDXM { at } gmail.com Find me online: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rotterdxm
  2. Some fantastic acts that I haven't seen mentioned are: Octave (truly psychedelic fusion between minimal and psytrance... lots and lots of little touches like simulating a CD skipping, staggering attention to detail). VX (Virgil Enzinger & Xavier "Prime Suspect" Morel): Nachtstrom's Schallplatten wunderkinderen). Brian Burger (does a lot of work with Enzinger/VX. Highly recommended, he really knows how to keep things interesting. Max Pollyul (if you like Burger, you will like this guy. Period.) AnGy KoRe (Italian minimal trippy psy/tech/house. Not everything is good,) Cisco Arias (check out The Hole or Tetraktys. All around solid dancefloor grooves.) Alejandro Trebor (great minimal techno stuff that meshes well with the psytech sound.) Worakls (French psy/tech/house. Their track "Future Echoes" is wobbly dancefloor dynamite. Equal to Fuzzion/Extrawelt in diversity of tracks and production skills.)
  3. The psytech/trance style as a whole is criminally underappreciated. The artists I've listed below have gone over really really well on psy-dancefloors while I was DJing, but even many fans of the style don't know who they are! Trippy dub/hard minimal techno: --- sgnl_fltr (AKA periskop, AKA Danny Kreutzfeldt, AKA Sectorchestra; many releases freely downloadable on Stadtgruenlabel.com and Periskop.cc) Minimal psy/tech: --- Anakoluth (minimal goa/psy/tech, 2 EPs freely downloadable @ ektoplazm.com) Cisco Arias ('Tetrakys' EPs freely downloadable @ ektoplazm.com) Brian Burger (free EP @ ektoplazm.com) Dan Rotor (free EP @ ektoplazm.com) Fuzzion Max Pollyul (free EP @ ektoplazm.com) Trevor MacGregor (AKA the well-appreciated Kalumet) Tech/trance: --- Axiomata Nuclear Ramjet (Liquified EP freely downloadable @ ektoplazm.com) Platform Tetraktys (some free releases @ ektoplazm.com) Harder psy/tech: --- Authentik (AKA Three Point Turn) Boo-Reka (AKA Hujaboy) Manibus PPS Project Source Unknown Opsis Three Point Turn (AKA Authentik) Trimada Tripiatrik (AKA/in Face, Snug as a Bug, Paps, Yumade) Triplex If you like psytechno, minimal techno, tech house, psy house or tech trance, any of these will probably make you very happy.
  4. I much prefer the now-unavailable album "Zone Tranquille", which was downloadable from Electrypnose's website in 2004. if you like "Subliminal Melancholies" definitely check it out!
  5. Check darkwinter.com for tons of free dark ambient. Really really good stuff
  6. Ah so that's where they went! I quite like Authentik's psytech work, but half of the album is just mediocre chillout. :-/ It doesn't blend very well when you switch from bangin' psytech to clicheed tribal drumming... If you like Three Point Turn, check out Opsis, PPS Project, Opsy, PhaseTech and Trimada.
  7. Well, it's not really my cuppa tea as I stick to psytechno these das ... but try the artists Duca, itaitaiko, indepth, FM Radio Gods, Extrawelt if you're looking for warm and/or techy midtempo psy-house-ish music.
  8. Well, I tried downloading it because I liked what I heard on your MySpace page... but the download link is dead.
  9. I'm not into old-style goa much. Used to listen to a LOT of stuff out of South Africa, but nowadays I'm really into psytechno. So, here's my list: 1. Triac - Mean Between 2. Phasetech - [single tracks only, Druidia, Eternity One, Sounds, Timeslot, Terrahertz, Vibrasonic. I consider these an album] 3. Shift - Redline 4. Twisted System - The Dealers 5. Derango - Tumult 6. Metalogic - Magnetic Influence 7. Analog Pussy - Vinyl Traxx 8. PPS Project - AC vs DC 9. Nuclear Ramjet - Music for Spaceports 10. X-dream - Irritant
  10. Nice work! I can hear certain similarities w/ Float & Phasetech, which, to me, is terrific! MOAR
  11. WillyTheSquid


    It's as good as Dwelling in the Void, but I am missing a track with a bassline as memorable as Achilles' Heel. I played a couple of his records at a party and people went positively crazy.
  12. You may be interested in knowing that Chromatone has a track of the same name on his ChromaConnection promo album.
  13. What an album. Words really fail to describe this for me. It's extremely streamlined, a finished product, a journey in itself. Love it.
  14. Very very nice compilation... every track is a guaranteerd brain cracker. Can't imagine listening to this in one go, but that's probably not what it was designed for. Will be spinning many of these tunes next time I play a darkpsy set. Kudos!!
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